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Corruption and Redemption





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January 31, 2011

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The Trial is the first chapter in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption, it focuses on Azula during a trial held to determine her punishment for her war crimes.


It all begins here

Azula was walking down the main hallway of the Fire Nation Supreme Court Building, wearing handcuffs and being held and escorted by Royal Guards, for her own protection as they said it. It was just a month after her defeat at the hands of Zuko and Katara, she had lost almost all of sanity in the process.

Why doesn't Zuzu just order my execution already, Azula thought in her frail mind, We don't have to have this pointless trial, he'll obviously find me guilty.

As she was thinking this, her lawyer, a man named Kuzei, met her at the main courtroom, where Zuko was sitting at the prosecutor's booth with about four or five lawyers. Then the judge, a large man named Ji, walked up and took his seat.

"May the accused and her attorney now stand and deliver their view on the subject," Ji said in a loud voice.

Kuzei then stood up and said to Ji and the jury, "members of the jury, my client is innocent, she was simply defending and serving her nation under Fire Lord Ozai, but she now has been sent into deep mental turmoil due to her own brother betraying and attempting to murder her. It is not my client that is the culprit, it is the Fire Lord!"

"Objection!" Zuko bellowed out loudly, "Azula is evil, she tormented me all my childhood, she attempted to murder the Avatar, and she attempted to murder me and take the throne!"

The jury then started to discuss the matter, although it seemed they were favoring Zuko. Kuzei supported Ozai all of his life, he was even one of his attorneys during the War, so he was happy to serve Azula and possibly overrule Zuko. Ji, however, was loyal to the Fire Lord, regardless of who it was, so he favored Zuko and was skeptical of Azula.

No Support

Kuzei was now ready to call up witnesses, his first witness, Azula's old Captain. As he walked up to the stand, Azula could tell it was a bad idea to call him up.

"Sir, how long did you serve princess Azula?" Kuzei asked.

"About two or three years," the captain responded.

"How did she treat you aboard her ship?"

"She was menacing, frightening, and at times I though she would kill me just for the hell of it."

"I see, did she ever show compassion to you or her crew?"

"No, she did not."

The jury was now in an uproar with arguments and different thoughts they were exchanging. Kuzei then brought up his next witness, Ty Lee.

"Ma'am, you were once dear friends with princess Azula, weren't you?" Kuzei asked Ty Lee.

"Yes we were, we were once friends after meeting at the Fire Nation Academy of Girls," she responded.

"How did she treat you?"

"She would usually act kind, but she tried to kill my old friend, Mai at the Boiling Rock Prison when she betrayed her to save Zuko, I had to protect Mai. She then threw both of us in prison and after I heard she was defeated by Zuko, I couldn't help but feel sorry that she went completely insane."

"So, are you saying that she is innocent?"

"I am saying that she needs help, not punishment."

The jury then continued to argue, some saying that she should be sent to a mental hospital, while others said that she should be imprisoned for life. Zuko was talking to his lawyers, saying that she is starting to have an edge. One of his lawyers said they will call up a witness.

"The prosecutor calls the Avatar to the stage," the lawyer said to Ji.

As Aang was in attendance of the trial, he walked up and took a seat on the stage. Aang really hated these kind of trials, he felt that they go against everything the monks taught him. Lawsuits defy all of his thoughts of forgiveness and love, they encourage people to hate each other and turns people into Lion vultures, just flying around and waiting for their prey to show weakness and then strike.

Words of Wisdom

As Aang sat onto the stage's seat, Zuko's lawyer got up and walked around him like a Lion vulture, and finally started to ask him questions.

"Avatar Aang, is it true that princess Azula tried to murder you and fatally wound you in order to stop the Avatar cycle forever?" the lawyer asked.

"Yes, she did, but I assumed that she didn't know that if she killed me in the Avatar State, the cycle would be broken," Aang responded.

"But she did attempt to kill you, regardless?"

"Yes, but how about I ask you a question for a change. I can tell you are not a spiritual man just by looking at you, you prey on people who did not do anything wrong, just to get paid. I wanted to ask you, what are your personal views on Azula, are you ignoring the fact she was abused by her own father, neglected by her mother, and felt that she had nobody in her life that truly loved her? I was taught that all life is equal and sacred, even the smallest spider-fly caught in it's own web. I was also taught to forgive for even the most horrible crimes, do you see me suing the Fire Nation for killing my people? Do you see me suing the Sandbender Tribes for stealing my Sky Bison? No, I forgave them, but I will ask you, Zuko, Ji, and the jury, will you forgive Azula? I hope you all won't further be corrupted." Aang finished his speech and left the courthouse without saying anything.

The jury, Azula, Kuzei, Zuko, his lawyers, and Ji were all silent, almost in shock of Aang's inspiring speech. Then they continued the trial and eventually got the jury to reach a verdict.

The Decision

When the jury returned from discussing whether Azula should be imprisoned or not. The twelve men walked back in and sat down in their seats.

Ji then asked, "Has the jury reached a verdict?"

One of the jurors responded, "We have, your honor, we find the defendant not guilty due to mental instability."

Azula could not believe her ears, she almost started to cry for hearing that somebody actually cared for her and wanted to help her.

"Then I hereby sentence princess Azula to be sent to a mental hospital for mental rehabilitation, case closed," Ji stated while slamming down his gavel.

Before being sent away to Ember Island to the rehabilitation center, Azula stood up and said to her brother, "I am just glad somebody still cares for me," before being escorted out.

Kuzei, however, wasn't pleased as much, as he wanted Zuko to lose his position as Fire Lord and let Azula rise to the throne as Ozai wanted. But as long as she wasn't imprisoned or executed, he was okay with it. For now.

Production Notes

The title of this chapter is reminiscent of the second to the last song in the album/rock opera Pink Floyd: The Wall, as many elements in the story will be taken from The Wall, as the writer of Corruption and Redemption does enjoy listening to the album and will use it for several themes in his story. Also, Aang's interpretation of lawyers being like lion vultures is reminiscent of Pink's hallucination when his lawyer was a huge, vulture-like creature. Although the trial depicted here is real life, unlike Pink's when it was a hallucination.

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