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  The Triad War was a turf war between the Triads that got so bad the city buckled down on law enforcement, removing and imprisoning corrupt and paid off leaders. The police and law enforcement took an aggressive stance on the bending triads and it was known that the unspoken rules of engagement on both sides was 'kill or be killed'. 


What started out as a turf war between the Red Monsoons and the Agni Kai's exploded when the two crossed into Triple Threat territory. With the three biggest triads at war. The damage across the city became daunting and soon hits were taking place in burroughs long thought safe from the Triads. 
Triple Threat Triad headquarters

The poor Burroughs bared the brunt of the bloody turf wars.

The severe loss of life and the violent bloodshed was reaching a breaking point. Previously, the Triads pressed on their bribed politicians to keep them out of trouble, including the chief of police.

But things reached a head when the Triads attacked the port when the new Fire Lord, Ma-Tin and her Regent, Rishu, were witness to a bloody attack by the Red Monsoons. While Rishu and Ma-Tin single-handedly killed the attackers, they were greatly insulted and turned around and left. They threatened to end trade with the city unless it cleaned up its act. 

Metalbending Police Force

The Captain of the police took matters in his own hands, arresting the current chief.

A captain of the police force took matters in his own hands, gathering the loyal and true officers and councilors, he arrested the Chief of police and two councilors as well as nearly a hundred corrupt and bribed law and city officials. As chief of police, this metalbender started a new war on the triads by targeting leadership and supplies. 
City Hall

The brazen attack on City Hall made clear how desperate the Triads were.

While his tactics were successful and cut the power of the Triads by half, the desperate Triads lashed out. The Triple Threat and Agni Kai's temporarily allied and attacked city hall, intending to take the Council hostage. The Chief who led the war effort was there and saved all the council members but suffered fatal wounds. The Triads were pushed back and the Chief's lieutenant, now acting-chief, called for the United Forces to come. 

The United Forces came four days later and set out to wipe out the Triads. In a brutal campaign, almost all the Triads were killed and the few remaining were imprisoned, convicted, and either sentenced to death or life-imprisonment. Only a small number of the Triads saw the writing on the wall and fled before the United Forces arrived. Among them was a powerful earthbender named Vurmaq from the Triple Threats. 


The Triad War was the bloodiest event in Republic City's history, even worse than the Equalist Revolution. It cost thousands of lives and many innocents were slain in the crossfire. However, the war effectively destroyed the Triads, leaving paltry thieves and gangs too disorganized to wreak the same havoc before. It took years before the city recovered but it has since prospered, especially in the poor burroughs where the Triads used to rule.

Most members of the Triads died in the war; either to other Triads, police, and eventually soldiers from the United Forces. Any survivors who were captured, were either imprisoned for life or executed. Only a few of the smart ones saw the doom and fled the city. Chief among them was Vurmaq. Vurmaq went on to create The Seasons, a mercenary company with a variety of warriors, both benders and non-benders.

Relations with the Fire Nation normalized slightly, but Regent Rishu never held back his harsh critique of the City's corruption and only spoke positively of the slain Chief of Police that started the war. Most historians state that this was what started the tensions between the Fire Nation and Republic City. 


The two main sides of the war were the Triads and the city. But within this were fractures as each Triad was out for itself and the city was dealing with corrupt and bribed officials.

  • Triple Threat Triad

    The Triple Threats were an infamous Triad and were aggressive when provoked.

    The Triple Threat Triads were the largest faction of the Triads and when they were pushed into the fighting, it got ugly enough that hushed events were now too public. The Triple Threats were cut down hard by the new Chief of Police and his crusade against them. Vurmaq was a high-up in the Triad but saw how foolish the attack on city hall was and fled, as did other members after him.
  • The Agni Kai's were among the first to instigate the war in what was a turf war between them and the Red Monsoons. The Agni Kai's were vicious but were still taking losses, especially under the new Chief of Police. They temporarily joined with the Triple Threats to attack city hall in a brazen assault for hostages.
  • The Red Monsoons were the instigators of the war as they fought with the Agni Kai's. They were decimated in the fighting, stuck between the Agni Kai on one side and the Triple Threat on the other. The United Forces spelled the death knell of the Triad.
  • Metalbender cops deployed

    The Metalbending Police were the frontline of the city's defense and suffered the greatest losses.

    The Metalbending police force was the front of the city's efforts to protect the people. But it was headed by a chief in the pockets of the Triple Threats. It wasn't until an attack on the visiting Fire Lord pressed the Captain to take over by force and lead the police on. They were successful, but at a price. Their own chief lost his life in the attack on city hall.
  • A special task force similar to Tarrlok's was created and run by the Chief of Police. It dealt specifically in combat and left arrest and interrogations to the main Police force.
  • United Forces bridge

    The United Forces marched in and crushed the Triads in a brutal campaign.

    The United Forces were eventually called in towards the end and finished the Triad War for good. The Triads stood little chance to formal military and were crushed in less than a month.


  • The Triad War is the worse Republic City has faced. Its veterans are the only ones with enough experience to have been prepared for The Fifth Nation War.
  • Vurmaq created the Seasons soon after adapting both his understanding of the Triple Threat Triads and the United Forces. In this way, the Triple Threat Triads lived on.

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