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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

The Tri-National Showdown


Capture of the Fire Nation


Continuity of The Weatherbenders


The Second Weatherbending Conflict


5 - 15 September, 102 AG


All active of the four nations


Zorro's forces defeated, Zuko is restored as Fire Lord, members of the Meteorologists killed in battle, or later executed for crimes against their nations


Fire Nation (Supporters of Fire Lord Zorro)


  • Fire Lord Zorro
  • General Zin
  • General Fuang
  • General Shang
  • Admiral Xian

Forces involved


Several hundred forces

  • Several hundred forces
  • Fire Lord Zorro
  • Baktan


First appearance

TWB Chapter 14 (All battles in progress at the same time)

Last appearance

TWB Chapter 16


The Tri-National Showdown was the final, large-scale conflict that took place in The Weatherbenders. It pitted the militaries of the Earth Kingdom and Military of the Water Tribe, along with the Rebels of the Fire Nation, against the Military of the Fire Nation. In addition, the members of Team Avatar battled against the members of the Meteorologists.


The conflict had been forming since the successful Capture of the Fire Nation in August. Fire Lord Zorro had hatched a plan to take over the entire world in the name of the Meteorologists.

Zorro began with the Siege of the South on 5 September, the first part of his plan for global domination. He would take the Southern Water Tribe, and proceed to the Northern Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom.

In the meantime, the Earth Kingdom prepared for this occurrence, and further, generals who served under Zuko formed the Fire Nation Rebel Army, and launched the Rebellion Against the New Reign on 7 September to take Zorro out of power before he could proceed any further with his plans.

The Battles

Southern Water Tribe

Main article: Fanon:Siege of the South

At the Southern Water Tribe, the Siege of the South had been the longest ongoing battle of the three that would compromise the showdown, having started on 5 September with a Fire Nation Navy assault. For nine days to this point, the South Pole had been under siege, and was seeing their supplies and manpower shrink to the point of surrender. Zorro would send his allies, Kianna and Baktan to handle the expected surrender by Tribal chief Hakoda.

However, there were other plans. Soon, the children of Chief Hakoda, Tribal Prince Sokka, and his sister, Tribal Princess Katara, who were traveling with Team Avatar, would join the fight. This helped rally the Southern Water Tribe forces, and further, it drew Baktan and Kianna in.

Fire Nation

Main article: Fanon:Rebellion Against the New Reign

One week before the Tri-National went full-circle, three former generals who had served under Zuko launched this rebellion to take down Zorro. However, they first tried a direct attack against the Capital, which failed. They then switched to a "town-hopping" strategy, which granted them multiple towns and over a thousand additional forces to gear up for attack. On 13 September, Zorro called some Earth Kingdom invading forces back to the Capital to defend against the Rebels.

On 14 September, the final battle at the Capital began. It was a struggle between the domestic Fire Nation military on the rebels for the first day. In addition, Zuko and Aang arrived on this day, but were held back for a more critical time by the three generals.

Earth Kingdom

Main article: Fanon:Attack on the Earth Kingdom

The Attack on the Earth Kingdom was the third faction of the Tri-National, and the only one to start on 14 September. This attack was a launch from the eastern Fire Nation, intending to start at the west coast by capturing General Fong's base. They were met by a large resistance from the Earth Kingdom military, and the four remaining members of Team Avatar: Mai, Suki, Toph Bei Fong, and Reeaki.

Results and consequences

In all three battles, Zorro's forces were defeated. Zorro himself was killed in the Fire Nation. Also killed was Baktan in the Southern Water Tribe. Kianna and Ezan would later be executed in 103 AG for treasonous acts against their nations. Zuko was restored as Fire Lord after General Tizou, as leader of the overthrowing force, technically was granted the title but passed it over.

The world was forced to resume its rebuilding, including in the Southern Water Tribe, whose process took a hit as a result of the showdown. However, they would get back on their feet, and the world would rebuild itself over time.

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