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Omashu Wakes Up

It had been a couple of weeks since the arrival of Team Avatar in Omashu. The team started to worry and wondered whether or not Ba Sing Se would still be standing by the end of their journey. Fire Lord Zuko and Mai were planning to get married. Sokka was thinking about moving to Kyoshi Island with Suki. Aang and Katara also had plans. Toph was planning to move to a small city named Hu Xin Shu, which is north of Ba Sing Se. But before anyone in the group could make these serious changes, they had to defeat the Saviors. Sokka was the most concerned about a Savior invasion. However, since there had been no sign of a Savior invasion, then started to think about a plan to invade Zu Singe, the Savior headquarters. To do this, Team Avatar would have to enter Ba Sing Se and discuess this with head of the Earth Kingdom. Since the Earth Kingdom government was still recovering, the ruler of the kingdom was unknown. Kuei had returned to Ba Sing Se but nothing was confirmed of his rank. However, the team would still try to discuss Sokka's plans with some government official.

However, the journey to Ba Sing Se was long. Appa could not fly at a high speed with all of the people on his back. So Mai and Ty Lee, decided to stay and watch over Omashu. Zuko was sad that he had to separate from Mai. However Mai told Zuko that it was temparary. They would be reunited after the Saviors were eliminated. Then they could plan their wedding with more detail.

So the group said bye to Omashu and King Bumi. They left in the direction of Ba Sing Se. If was still dawn. They traveled on Appa for about twelve hours straight. When they finally stopped to rest, they were almost half way at Ba Sing Se. They agreed that they could reach Ba Sing Se in the morning. So they stopped and rested at an city named Ganao. Ganao was a major trading post in the Earth Kingdom. People from all different nations traveled to Ganao to trade and buy things. Ganao was also a major defense-line for the capital city of Ba Sing Se. Ganao had a long horizontal wall named the Ganao Pass. The Pass had multiple forts on the wall. Earth Kingdom guards guarded the entrance to the city. The Pass was built after the War. It was originally supposed to be small gate that guarded to Ganao entrance. However, the Earth military suggested that it be made into a wall with forts on it. The city was very organized. The city also had a police force and authority force. It was guarded by a group and warriors and/or earthbending masters named the Lai Mi. The Lai Mi guarded the city day and night.

The group walked into the city and were honored with another Upper-Class house. The people of Ganao were excited to have the Avatar and his friends at their city. The team however, was exhausted from the flight. Shiungi threw herself on the floor with a pile of blankets. Azula, did the same. The team and snoared loudly. The neighbors looked out their windows with angry faces. They then finally just fell asleep. The city slept in peace and quiet that night.

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