I feel the real you, Kai Leu...I see the real you...- philosophy from Dianle

The Town
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Chapter 4

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Fanon:The Story of Kai Leu Chapter 4: The Spirit Storm

Chapter 3 The Town

We were soon at the edge of the town and the end of the forest.

"Guys, we are going to need fake names." Kaino said. "I will be Soung. Kyalin you can be called Lin and Kai Leu you can be called Aijou."

I soon blushed. Jane Lei taught me the native language of the Fire Nation. I didn't pick up much, but I do know that Aijou means love. Kaino smiled.

"Is everyone ready?" Kaino asks.

We all nod and cross the small dirt road into the town. There are lots of people marching around, but I can't even see a market. A girl about Kaino's age is carrying a huge box to the edge of a carriage. People yell around looking for passports. I walk along accidentally bumping into the girl. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay!" she says. "Are you heading to the edge of town?" she asks lifting the box down. She wore a long red robe with brown pants. Her hair looked like Kyalin's only it was about my size.

"No we are travelers. We are looking for a map to the Fire Nation." I told her.

"Oh! I'm Dianle. Most of the markets are closed. People worry the spirits will come here. No one knows why, but I think we are mistreating the earth."

I thought for a little. I must not reveal I am the Avatar. "Oh... I am Aijou and this is my brother Soung and my sister Lin."

"You don't look much like your siblings," she replied.

"I'm more like my mother," I said.

We all waved. I think Dianle found it strange I had the name Aijou, "You mother must of loved you very much. I mean... Not to make you uncomfortable... Sorry! I'm really strange sometimes. Why don't you just come by and I'll give you guys a map. We won't need it really. Come on with me."

We all followed her into her house. Her family was in the yard packing. I noticed Kaino was blushing when we entered the house.

"So why do you want to go to the Fire Nation? I was born there. I'm supposed to be a fire bender, but since we moved here I haven't got to use it much. I heard it got roughed up real bad!" Dianle asked us.

Kaino pushed himself into the conversation, "We just used pure logic. If the Fire Nation already got hit than they probably won't again."

Dianle nodded her head, "You seem very intelligent. You must have all the brains."

I stuck my tongue out secretly. Dianle nodded her head again getting out the maps, "My family is heading to the south pole. It's going to be harsh. Have you been there?"

This time it was Kyalin's turn to interrupt and give an answer, "No. I've never seen it."

Dianle nodded one more time and pulled out the map handing it to Kaino even though I asked for the map in the first place. Dianle smiled as she handed it to him, "I hope you all have safe travels. Don't forget to use your brain, Soung. I'm sure you'd all be nowhere without it." Dianle smiled and waved holding out the door.

"Good bye! Good bye Soung!" Dianle said smiling.

When we started to leave the town I started to write into my diary.

I hated the way she gave him the map. I hated the way she said good by personally to him. I hated the way she said he had all the brains. I hate it. But the one thing I liked about this is that she knows my name is Aijou. She doesn't know who gave it to me, but I do.

I soon put my diary away and as we started to walk I heard a voice stop us, "Wait! Wait! I heard there will be a storm. You should stay at my house. We are leaving soon anyways. You can meet my parents."

It was Dianle. I looked at Kaino for his response. "I think we shouldn't stop." I say. "She could jeopardize our identity. Plus think of the way she was acting earlier."

"She was being social!" Kaino said making a strange face at me.

Kyalin made a face saying I was being a little harsh, "Brr!" She said.

Kyalin led the way into their house. It was small and empty. Only a table. There were nice red carpets and lights. They had nice Fire Nation rugs. Dianle had a little brother with black spiky hair. Dianle's parents smiled when we entered. Dianle also led a bright smile.

"This is Aijou, Lin, and last and definitely not least Soung!" Dianle announced with her parents both clapping. The Dianle looked at her parents and then back at me. Her parents smiled. "Aijou?"

"Yeah?" I asked looking down at the ground.

Dianle quickly grabbed my arm and led me to the back. It was a smaller room with two small mats. I could tell this is where she and her brother sleep. She motioned for me to sit and then she began, "I have this people skill. It's sort of been taunting me though lately I think it relates to my bending. I can tell people apart and what I can do. My parents have said yes and my brother has agreed. I am allowed to journey off with you."

I stare at the mat for a little. Then I just think the girl has eaten way too many fire flakes, "What are you talking about?"

Dianle looked at me again and held my hand, "It's that people thing again. You see I know the truth. When I see someone I see the real you. You are a rich girl from the Earth Kingdom who gave up lots to save the world."

Dianle paused for a while. "Okay maybe some of that was from yesterday..."

"You're a spy?" I yelled at her.

"No. I know people. I see the real you, Kai Leu. Your real name if Kai Leu and you left the people you love to come here. But you did it to protect them. I can help you. I know the real reason you are leaving is to find a fire bending teacher. I can teach you. I know you are the Avatar!"

I looked down at myself. I nod silently. Dianle quickly gets up.

"I don't have much. I have a few clothes and spare money and some food. I only have a small bag and if it makes you feel better I will carry it myself." Dianle said smiling.

This time I smile too. We nod.

I am writing this as I see Dianle's parents leave onto the ferry. A storm is coming up. Dianle can tell. I get to like this girl more often. We remain in Dianle's house for the storm.

I am forever yours truly,

Kai Leu (Or should I just say Avatar)

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