Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Time Before The Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Aang with Lion Turtle


Kano looked around at the devastation that lay ahead. The shore was a mile away, but he could still smell the smoke. If the Aanalo could do something as terrible as this, it is obvious they lack a heart. Kano looked away at his friend Eekala seated at a nearby tree. Her face showed as much disgust as his own, but the rest of her body was locked in meditation. Kano looked back at the shore, leaned over and grabbed his spear. And those who have no hearts make a mockery of this peaceful world. Once again he looked back. Eekala looked up at him and nodded, and without saying a word the two came to an agreement. Kano looked ahead and took a breath. "The Aanalo must be stopped whatever the cost."

Chapter One

The White Lotus

Kano rubbed the cloth on the spear attempting to produce a shine. Four of the Aanalo died by that blade alone. Well, that's what you get for destroying so much. Kano liked to believe it was that simple, but he knew that it was much more complicated. When he looked at the devastation from sea he was so confident in himself, but regret was sinking in. He liberated the town, isn't that what he wanted? Eekala would know; she and Nam always talked about philosophy. Eekala sat at a nearby Pai Sho board playing the game with a local. Kano continued polishing his spear but moved to a different chair to get a better view of the game. Although he was never that good at Pai Sho, Kano was amazed at how quickly Eekala could play. She knew the move she would make in five minutes before she even finished her turn. Kano leaned his spear against a table and looked over the board. Despite the mismatch in skill, the players had managed to form a pattern around the board. Eekala looked up and smiled, then put her white lotus piece in the center of the pattern. She looked up at the other player.

"Pai Sho is a game of battle and strategy, but we live in a world of opposites, and how would we know where battle was if not for peace in the background?" Eekala asked.

The local responded, "This game of war is also a game of peace, and if two people know how they can show each other trust where once there was malice."

Eekala smiled looked over to Kano who, despite his efforts could not stop from smiling himself. "The White Lotus is a symbol of prosperity and order," she said. Eekala's face softened as she continued to speak to the young man. "It represents those who step beyond tribal boundaries to become something greater. On the Pai Sho board it represents peace where once there was battle, and in a world a divisions are so wide only the strongest of wills would dare to stretch over those lines."

The local nodded but then looked up confused "If peace and trust are so important, why did my dad die today?" His face softened from a gruff, determined look and appeared much younger and was struggling to hold back tears. Eekala had no answer.

That night they walked back to the shore in silence. Eekala began to talk without raising her head. "Nam would know to say to that kid. He would've done a better job than I did."

"Don't worry about it, Eekala." Kano's voice lightened the mood. "You'd be good at philosophy too if you were a lion turtle."

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