Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Third War in the last hundred years.

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It is 500 years before Avatar Aang, and Narik is the 10 year old Avatar. The Northern Water Tribe has a new leader, Talunk, who is hungry for power. He will do anything for world domination. Talunk is going after the Fire Nation first.


-Fire Nation-

Akaze - Fire Lord, a very calm man who will do anything for his country. Akaze is one who is a master firebender, and is very intelligent.

Sekez - Sekez is the prince of the Fire Nation. He has inherited his father's intelligence and composure. Sekez has already married at age 19, to Akemi. He is the heir to the throne.

Akemi - Akemi is the princess to the Fire Nation, and is married to Sekez, at age 18. Akemi is a very happy, bright and grateful woman.

Yakel - Yakel is the War Minister to the Fire Nation, and he is one of the most intelligent when it comes to strategy. Yakel served the Fire Nation in helping end the Second War.

Shigiz – Shigiz is the 14 year-old sister to princess Akemi. Akemi is Shigiz's only family, as their parents were part of the skirmish in defending the Capital City in the Second War. She is a talented firebender.

Mazaru – Mazaru is a master firebender, and the boyfriend of Shigiz. Mazaru's parents were temporary Imperial Firebenders during the Second War, yet they were not involved in any battles.

Razmi - Razami is the best friend to Shigiz, even though she is an only child, her an Shigiz bonded deeply when they were together all the time in the Royal Fire Nation Academy.

-Northern Water Tribe-

Talunk – Talunk is the newly appointed head of the Northern Water Tribe, yet only few know that he is a brutal tyrant, hungry for power. Talunk is not only the head of the Northern Water Tribe, but the greatest waterbender alive. He has bore the Avatar.

Narik – Narik is the Avatar, and he is only 10, but Talunk, his father convinced the other nations to notify him earlier so her could start mastering the elements. Narik has mastered waterbending, and started earthbending.

Manirak - Manirak is a 18 year old waterbending master. He was Talunk's student in waterbending, and as his student, he learned quickly that Talunk is hungry for power. Manirak has considered leaving the Northern Water Tribe because of Talunk.

Kannuk - Kannuk is Talunk's brother, and the prison warden. Kannuk is just learning waterbending, as it is a new ability to him. He is hungry for power like Talunk.

Arrluk – Arrluk is Talunk's best friend, who grew up with him. Arrluk has always been talented in strategy, so he was appointed Military Captain for Talunk.

Mangok - Mangok is Talunk's Bodyguard, and the brother to Cikuq. Mangok is a nonbender.

Cikuq - Cikuq is Mongok's brother, and a master waterbender. Neither of them are aware of what Talkunk is up to.

-Southern Water Tribe-

Tatket - Leader of the expedition to the South Pole. He and other members of the group wanted to start a village with freedom.

Trunpulk - Trunpulk is Tatket's brother, and he shares the same goals. He is a waterbender.

Iluq - Iluq is Trunpulk's girlfriend, and she is a waterbender. She shares the same goals as Tatket.

Quanit - Quanit is simply a master waterbender who wants freedom.

Kesulp - Kesulp is a master survivalist and architect.

-Air Nomads-

Jigme - Jigme is the head of the Council of the Nomads, and he is from the Northern Air Temple.

Sangmu - Sangmu is the representative for the Southern Air Temple on the Council of the Nomads.

Rinzen - Rinzen is the representative for the Northern Air Temple on the Council of the Nomads.

Tae Sun - Tae Sun is the representative for the Eastern Air Temple on the Council of the Nomads.

Varija - Varija is the representative for the Western Air Temple on the Council of the Nomads.

-Earth Kingdom-

Avanin - Avanin is the Earth King for Ba Sing Se

Jahara - Jahara is the Earth Queen for Omashu


1. Rise of a Dark Leader - Fire Lord Akaze travels to the Northern Water Tribe to attend the coronation of Talunk, the new leader of the Water Tribe....little did Akaze know that Talunk had more in mind then just a party...

2. Escape! - Fire Lord Akaze has been imprisoned by Talunk's brother, Kannuk when he learns of plans that could be fatal to the Fire Nation. Who will help him notify the Capital City before it is too late?

3. Defending the Capital City (Part 1) - Fire Lord Akaze has returned to the Capital City to warn them and prepare for the invasion. Will the Fire Lord overthink what Talunk is planning or underthink it and lose control of the City to Talunk?

4. Defending the Capital City (Part 2) - Talunk is invading. The Fire Lord sets up strong defense. Will his defenses fail or annihilate Talunk on the spot?

5. An Urgent Meeting

6. The Southern Water Tribe

7. The Winter Solstice

8. Taking the Offensive



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