By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.
The Thing
Iwa Kyou/The Thing
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se


Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color


No hair (As the Thing)

Skin color


Orange (As the Thing)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, His Powers


Fantastic Four, The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D


Doctor Doom, Abomination, Doombots, Doctor Octopus, Badgermole Man, Arthrosian Empire, Tong

Chronological and political information

Fantastic Four

First appearance

Invasion of Republic City

The Thing is a member of the Fantastic Four.


359 AG

Wonderful Discovery 

He and his team had discover the another dimension that known as the Negative Zone that filled with cosmic energy more than in dimension of Earth. The cosmic storm has accidentally unleashed from the portal and make them not just bending but can has the ability like it.

Joined the Fantastic Four 

After the accident, Iwa and his friends trying to hide their powers and themselves from people in the Republic City. Until the ninjas of Tong are break into apartment that they lived. Later, they four are defeated them by using their powers and became heroes. Then, Iwa call himself The Thing and join the Fantastic Four.

360 AG 

Invasion of Republic City

When an army of Doombots led by Abomination march up to conquer Republic City, The Thing and the Fantastic Four join the Avengers and help them fight the Doombots and Abomination.


He is calm and kind young man but when angry he will be a hot-headed man. He's hate when Zoku playing prank on him.




As he was born in Earth Kingdom, he can use earthbending.

His Powers

After the accident, he can bend rock to grow on and out from his body.


  • He is the strongest member of Fantastic Four.
  • He is not Hulk rival for is the strongest in the world.
  • In Japanese, Iwa means "rock" and Kyou means "strong".

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