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The Task (The Adventures of Qi)
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Old Enemies

In Republic City, the sun had begun to rise in the distance and the birds had begun to chirp their lovely melody. Qi rose with the sun. Qi was seventeen years old with extraordinary airbending talents. It wasn't such a surprise really, since she was the granddaughter of Jinora and was therefore a descendent of Avatar Aang, one of the world's greatest airbenders. Qi had mastered airbending by the age of fifteen and had gotten her tattoos a year later. She had flowing, long, elbow-length hair the colour of mud and stormy grey eyes that glimmered. Qi had joined the Order of the White Lotus two years ago and was dedicated to serving the Avatar. She stretched a little before changing from her red pyjama robes into her usual attire. She looked out the window and saw the gleaming, glowing, grand spirit portal that Avatar Korra had created during the Annexation of Republic City sixty years ago. What a day... or so Qi had heard from Jinora.

"Qi!" Jinora called. "Your breakfast is ready!"

Qi's parents had sadly died when she was an orphan, so she lived with her grandparents Jinora and Kai. They were both in their eighties and therefore often needed help from Qi.

"Coming!" Qi replied before rushing down to the kitchen.

Jinora, who was now old and wrinkly with grey hair smiled. Next to her was Kai, who was just as old and wrinkly. His hair was no longer shaved at the sides like when he was young but it now covered the whole of his head.

"The White Lotus wants to see you," said Kai.

"Why?" Qi asked.

Jinora and Kai shook their heads.

"We don't know," Jinora replied.

Qi began to eat her breakfast of tofu and mince meat. She felt worried; why did the White Lotus want to see her? Was she in trouble? Qi decided to head over to headquarters directly after breakfast. She gobbled down the delicious meal and set out as fast as she could. She wandered the crowded streets of Republic City in search for a taxi. When one finally arrived, Qi told the driver to take her to White Lotus Headquarters. Qi soon arrived at the magnificent headquarters. It was a grand building that was decorated with patterns of the ancient White Lotus Tile from the game of Pai Sho. It was painted in blue and white stripes, and there were two towers at the sides where the two Grand Lotus' slept. At the very top of the main building was a colossal White Lotus Tile as large as an elephant. Qi rushed through the doors and found herself in the main lobby. Maylene, who was one of the receptionists stood behind the desk.

"Hey Maylene, I was told you guys wanted to see me," Qi said.

"Yes, the two Grand Lotus Members Ming and Tian wish to see you," Maylene replied. Uh, oh. If the two most important members of a society want to meet you, it is almost never good.

"Um... do you know why?" Qi asked.

"Sorry pal, can't help you with that," Maylene said.

Qi walked towards the office of Ming and Tian, which was on the fourth floor. When Qi reached the stairs, she found Huo, one of her biggest rivals who she never got along with, blocked it. Huo leaned casually against the walls with his hands in his pockets. He had short, jet-black hair that he gelled into a big spike like a shark fin and solid amber eyes. He was also seventeen and was a master firebender.

"Well... well... well," Huo taunted. "If it isn't for Qi, my most hated colleague."

"Let me pass Huo," Qi said steely.

"And why should I?" Huo asked.

Qi really didn't want to tell Huo that Ming and Tian wanted to see her; it would give Huo an excuse to taunt her. Nevertheless, if she wanted to pass, she would have to spill the beans.

"Ming and Tian want to see me," Qi grunted.

Qi hated the gleeful look on Huo's face.

"Ooh, looks like someone is in trouble!" Huo grinned. "I suppose I'll let you pass so I can see you in your darkest moments."

Ugh. Qi just hated Huo. She ran pass Huo and began leaping up the stairs two at a time. She had reached the office of Ming and Tian when she stopped. She took a deep breath and readied herself.

"Good luck," she sighed to herself.

Then, Qi opened the door and walked in. Qi had never actually been in their office. There were two desks adjacent to each other both filled with papers and documents. There is a maroon coffee table in the centre of the room that was in front of an emerald green sofa. Ming and Tian both sat on the sofa whilst drinking tea. Their expressions lit up when Qi came in.

"Qi!" Ming said. "Do have a seat."

Qi willingly obliged and grabbed a chair from the nearest desk.

"You must be wondering why you are here," Tian began. "We just wanted to clear something up: you are not in trouble of any sort."

Qi felt a huge surge of relief. However, if she wasn't in any trouble, why was she here?

"We have a job for you," Ming put down his cup of tea.

"As you already know, Avatar Korra sadly passed away yesterday," Tian said.

Qi already knew that, where was this conversation going?

"Yes, I know," Qi said and tried to look sad about it.

"Well, we thought you would be the perfect person to go on a hunt for the new, Earth Kingdom Avatar," Tian said.

Oh my goodness. Qi thought. Why her? What was so special about Qi?

"W-why me?" Qi stammered.

"You're the perfect person," Ming started to explain. "You're a natural airbender, you can get along with just about anybody except for Huo. You always keep your head in times of trouble and never freak out; you always know what to do! It has to be you!"

"I-I would be honoured to search for the new Avatar," Qi said.

Qi couldn't believe it; she was going on a mission to search for the Avatar! Ming and Tian thought she was worthy and trustable! Could this day get any worse? Apparently, it was about to get a lot worse.

"Good, and you must also have a partner, you can't do this alone," Tian said.

"Who?" Qi was getting curious.

"Huo," Tian sternly said.

Huo. Huo. Huo. NO! NO! NO! Qi felt all of her previous worries plummet right back into her heart. Suddenly, she was falling... falling... falling into the pits of misery and darkness. Huo was right; Qi was at her darkest moment.

"But-" Qi protested.

"I know what you're going to say," Tian interrupted. "You don't want to go with Huo. However, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know him! I'm sure you two will bond over your journeys together."

"Huo? Really? HUO?" Qi exclaimed.

"Yes! Huo!" Ming said.

Darn it! All that glory, Qi could only have it if she was to work with Huo. Huo that nitwit... Huo that brat... Huo that bully. Of every single person in the White Lotus, it was HUO.

"Fine," Qi finally said.

It was worth it.

"Good," Tian looked pleased. "We will inform Jinora and Kai ASAP and we will get to Huo and his parents. You leave first thing tomorrow."

"You are dismissed," Ming pointed towards the door.

Qi left feeling conflicted. She was happy to get to search for the Avatar, but angry that she had to do it with Huo.

The next day, Qi stood outside the airship that was going to take Huo and her around the Earth Kingdom with all her things packed in a suitcase. Jinora and Kai stood next to her smiling.

"We're so proud," Jinora smiled.

"If only your parents were here," Kai said.

They both embraced Qi for one final time.

"We love you so much," Jinora said.

"And we'll miss you even more," Kai continued Jinora's sentence.

Just at that moment, Huo came alone with his suitcase.

"Well Qi, get aboard, we're leaving!" He said.

"Goodbye, grandparents," Qi said before turning around and walking towards the airship with Huo.

Once they were aboard the airship, Qi turned to Huo.

"Look Huo," Qi began. "I know we are both very different, but I think it is time we put that behind us. If we're going to find the Avatar, we have to do it together as a team."

Huo looked away.

"I'll never be a team with you," he solemnly and coldly muttered.

Qi sighed, there was nothing she could do. Just them, the captain of the airship came running into the room.

"Qi, Huo, where do you want to go first?" The captain asked.

Qi looked at Huo, who wasn't saying anything.

"Make it Ba Sing Se," Qi commanded.

And the airship took off into the sky.

Aimei threw down the newspaper harshly onto the table.

"So a girl named Qi and a boy named Huo are looking for the Avatar..." she muttered. "I will find the Avatar before them! And I will destroy the Avatar for what a previous life did to my ancestor."











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