Avatar Korra waterbending
The Tales of the Northern Water Tribe
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The Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


22 to 27

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What Is This?

The Tales of the Northern Water Tribe is a collection of chapters for my fanon Journey to Realization, to be more specific- Chapters 22-27, about Korra and the gang's adventures while they're staying with her Uncle Unalaq. Each chapter is one tale and I have chosen six characters to make the stories about. I based this idea off of Avatar the Last Airbender's The Tales of Ba Sing Se. After this, my writing will continue as it was before, starting with Chapter 28. I really hope you all like this idea and I can't wait for you to read The Tales of the Northern Water Tribe!


The Tale of Bolin (Chapter 22)

The Tale of Mako and Sahara (Chapter 23)

The Tale of the Dragon Men (Chapter 24)

The Tale of Asami: Sweet Tea and Memories (Chapter 25)

The Tale of Korra (Chapter 26)

The Tale of Meelo (Chapter 27)

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