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The Tale of the Dragon Men
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The Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


Chapter 24

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July 28th, 2013

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Desna and Eska sat outside of the palace enjoying the afternoon breeze. Eska was practicing some waterbending forms, the twins were both experienced benders. She paused and looked at her brother. Desna's face was blank.

"What is wrong, brother?' Eska questioned. Desna gave her a look.

"Something is not right." He replied.

"Do not state the obvious, brother." Eska explained. "We already know. Korra's parents are missing." Her brother shook his head.

"No. It is not the matter of Korra. It is the spirits. Something is off." Eska dropped the water she was bending and listened more closely.

"There is a great battle coming." Desna continued. "Involving a spirit."

"Oh, please brother, stop with this nonsense. Everything will be fine." Eska replied frustrated. She rubbed her temples, careful not to smear her eye makeup. Her brother didn't answer, so she went back to her practice. Sometimes, I worry about him. She thought.

They both weren't aware that a large issue between the spirits was going to come, however later on.

Eska began smiling. She was thinking about someone special. Ever since Korra and the gang had arrived, she had been able to conceal all evidence of her developing feelings towards Bolin. Eska admired all aspects of the earthbender, but kept it to herself. She believed with the many women in the group, he was probably already in a relationship. Eska decided to forget of such ridiculous feelings, but couldn't forget entirely.

They ran as fast as they could through the snowy forest and they didn't stop until they went as far away from the enemy as they could. Senna put her hands to her knees and bent over. She was exhausted. She and her husband had just escaped the dangerous clutches of the Dragon Men. They had been trapped in large metal boxes sitting on top of Sato Mobiles. Tonraq wrapped his arms around her as you could see his chilled breath come out of his mouth and nose. The sky was bombarded and filled by clouds, therefore they couldn't find out what time of day it was.

"We need to find shelter." Tonraq encouraged. He helped his wife to her feet and they commenced searching.

"Sir! The captives have fled successfully. We've scouted the entire forest!" a Dragon Man informed his leader. Shin Shu clutched his fists. They were at the Dragon Men headquarters and Shin Shu was looking forward to hearing that Korra's parents had been transported to the destination.

"Tell the search party to search once more!" He ordered.

"But-" the man argued.

"Go!" Shin shouted. The mad hurried off and left Shin alone. If we keep looking for them it will delay the plans I've plotted out. Shin thought. He stroked his scar and paced around the room he was in. The Dragon Men have been able to sabotage the Avatar's stay in the Fire Nation and with all the trouble we have caused for her, Korra hasn't been able to continue her training properly. There was a knock at the door of the room.

"Enter." Permitted Shin Shu. A figure trudged in rather angrily.

"Shin!" The figure called out. "As your partner, I should let you know I am very disappointment with our fail to capture the Avatar's parents. You promised me-"

"Hiroshi, please be calm." Shin interrupted. "I understand your reasons and desire for revenge, however we cannot wait till we finally capture the two for good. We need to found out what exactly we need to accomplish and set that as our priority."

"What do you mean?" Hiroshi questioned puzzled.

"I am going to put a stop to our search for Tonraq and Senna." Shin paused. "Confronting the Avatar is more important. The situation has gone farther than just trying to break down Korra through her parents." Hiroshi stood motionless.

"Um. Okay sir." He accepted. Shin Shu nodded and smiled.

"Now, tell the men to halt and report back to our headquarters for a new set of orders." Hiroshi stepped out and Shin was alone again.

There was a dark cave slowly revealing itself through the think, white blanket of snow. Senna pointed it out to her husband and they went to it. It wasn't a big cave, but at least it was dry inside. The gray rocks that made up the walls were cold and smooth. The cave was empty and did not go so far down as it looked. Senna lay down on the hard, freezing floor and shivered. Her teeth violently chattered against each other and Tonraq leaned over her. She felt sleep coming.

"I'm going to look around..." Her husband said, rubbing her face. Senna couldn't make out exactly what he was saying, but he got up and left. Before she dozed off, she caught one last glimpse of her husband as he went in search of materials to start a fire.

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