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The Tale of Tashi and Nima
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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After the Fire Nation's ambush of the Air Nomads, a teenage Airbender survivor named Nima finds himself responsible for his former classmate, a younger child named Tashi. As they flee their homeland and wander into Earth Kingdom territory, they experience many cruel realities of war and struggle to survive in the shadows of their enemies. They seek to reunite with other survivors of the attacks and must evade Fire Nation troops.

Story Content

On the official website, the comic has been given the rating T+/+13 for graphic violence, some disturbing imagery, mild language, and suggestive themes.


Characters Nima 248x300

Nima: A soul-searching youth on the cusp of adulthood. Raised at the Northern Air Temple under the tutelage of Elder Yongten, he is extremely well-read in his people's history, temple proverb, and sacred texts. Despite his advanced academics, he has a lot of trouble in the physical art of airbending and has failed the last few tiers of airbending maneuvers. He begins to form a one-sided rivalry with his classmate Tashi, known to many as having the makings of a master. Being held back with students much younger has caused him to develop a bit of an inferiority complex and resent the council elders.

He recently asked Jamyang, his girlfriend from the Eastern Temple, to become his spiritual partner. As such, he places great importance on earning his tattoos and being seen as a man worthy of her hand. The two plan on traveling the world together and embracing a more nomadic lifestyle after he finishes his training.

Characters Tashi 248x300

Tashi: An energetic, happy-go-lucky little boy who has transferred from the Eastern Air Temple to be trained under Council Member Aku. Descending from a long line of talented airbenders, Tashi is related to Council Elder Tashi of the Southern Temple, for whom he's named. Despite his prowess in the physical arts, Tashi lacks the discipline of being reserved and 'sitting still'. Underneath his confident persona is a scared little boy who struggles with being separated from his mother. He is very much like any other child despite his advanced classes and responsibilities. Despite his claims to fame at the Northern temple, he's actually quite lonely and misses the companionship of playmates that are closer in age.


Volume 1: The Comet

The Comet is the first of four books that will document Tashi and Nima's tale.

Chapter 00: "Prologue"
First Page  "Water, Earth, Fire, Air..."
Chapter 01: "Winds of Adversity"

First Page

On the cusp of his seventeenth birthday, Nima yearns for respect and recognition as an adult within the monastery. In order to receive the tattoos that outwardly signify these traits, he must first master thirty-six tiers of airbending. Living in the shadow of a much younger prodigy like Tashi makes it seem impossible.
Chapter 02: "Sparks to a Flame"
First Page A time of clarity and remembrance. As the Great Comet approaches, Nima recounts his experiences during the recent Summer Solstice Festival to Yongten. Tashi reflects on his life before moving to the Northern Air Temple with his longtime friend, Jinpa.
Chapter 03: "When Everything Changed"
First Page Using the power of the comet to enhance their bending, Firelord Sozin and his armies unleash a deadly massacre on the Air Nomads. Tashi and Nima find themselves in a fight for their lives as they desperately flee the Northern Air Temple. (Warning: Some images depict graphic violence and/or war brutality.)

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