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The Tale of Nini





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January 5, 2013

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The Tale of Nini Chapter 1


The baby cried. Kanna walked over. "Shhhh, don't cry." A man walked into the house. The baby fell silent.

"Who are you?" the young girl asked. The girl was only 5, but she wasn't scared. The man didn't answer. His eyes darted around until they reached the baby. The little girl saw his eyes. She was a water-bender, but she was very hesitant. She took the water of a pot and froze the man's legs to the ground. The man's hands moved and the water fell. The water was frozen again almost instantly. Then, a boomerang was thrown. It missed the man, but on its way back, it was a direct hit. They dragged the man's body far away and barely made it back before their parents got home.

4 Years Later

A five-year-old Nini was singing a song about how Aang and Katara, along with the other members of Team Avatar, ended the Hundred Year War. It was her birthday and she was happy. Torun and her dad, Yerune, were arguing. All the sudden Torun got really mad. He told Nini and Kanna to beware the men in blue, and left. On his way out, Nini froze him into place. It was the first water-bending she did so everyone was surprised. Torun looked at her and said, "Nini, let me go." With that, the ice turned back into water and Torun ran away from home.

A Year to the Day

"Yeah!" Nini screamed as she jumped off the cliff into freezing cold water. Her sister looked kind of sad, but Nini ignored it. They used water-bending to get back up. Then, Kanna started to cry. She ran, jumped off the cliff, and disappeared.

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