The Tale of Nini Chapter 2
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The Tale of Nini





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February 4, 2013

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Chapter 2

Nini knew that she couldn't stay in the city long. As much as she wanted to search for her brother and sister, Nini knew it would be a mistake. She had to find the Avatar, whoever that was, and wherever they may be. It was her destiny, she was sure of it.

In the City of Omashu

A thirteen year old boy was playing around with earthbending. He was perfectly content with his life. He had been an earthbending prodigy when he was young, and had easily mastered the element. He often got bored, but he never complained. For it was in his nature not to. His nature ran deep.

Republic City

Nini was about to leave. She was at the water's edge, when suddenly a voice cut across the silence. "Where are you going?" The asker was a girl, around fifteen years of age. She had long black hair which was neatly gathered in a bun. As Nini felt piercing green eyes survey her, she knew she had to answer. Nini chose her words wisely. " Nowhere in particular. Why does it concern you?" Nini was ready for anything, anything except a laugh. "My name is Laureen, and I just wondered. You passed my test though, you have some brains. What's your name?" Nini felt she could trust this girl. "My name is Nini. Actually, I want to find the avatar." Laureen nodded. I think I can be of some assistance. I'm pretty good at tracking people down." Nini was careful to leave no ends loose. "What's in it for you?" Laureen smiled. "I'm kind of bored here. Nothing really happens. I need a friend. Why not you?" "Okay just one problem. I swim everywhere." "I think I have a solution..."


Harune looked around. He may not complain much, but he had strong opinions. To him it was all so dull. Plain was the word that came to mind. Harune was never quite satisfied. It was odd, because people were never quite satisfied with Harune. Secrets intrigued him, and he had his own. nothing was quite right with the world. Omashu never changed, and his mind changed too much. Pleasing everyone was so hard. Yet he went on. That was the important thing.

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