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The Tale of Nini





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January 10, 2013

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The Tale of Nini Introduction

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The Tale of Nini Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Nini looked off the cliff that her sister jumped off on her sixth birthday. She fingered a necklace around her neck. It was her fourteenth birthday, and she was still trying to figure out what happened 8 years ago. Everyone else said that her brother and sister died in a storm, but Nini never believed them. She knew that her sister would find her brother, and after that they would thrive. She just wished she could have had more time with them. They left her all alone and she could not get over it. Sure, her parents loved her, but she really missed them. An idea formed in her head, it was crazy, but if she followed through she could be reunited with her siblings. That thought drove her forward. Yes, she would go on with her idea. She would find her sister and her brother. No matter how hard it was, it was meant to be...

That Night

Nini slipped the blanket off her body. She got out of bed with a sense of purpose. She took with her two changes of clothes and a box with a note in it. She would have to swim most of the way, but if she found a good iceberg, then that would eliminate most of the swimming. That didn't end up happening. So, she had to swim to Republic City...

3 Days Later

Nini had been swimming for three days straight. She was so tired and she was so close, when she finally decided that she needed a break. She swam up to the first land she saw. The first land she saw was Avatar Aang Memorial Island. She swam to it and climbed to the statue of Avatar Aang. Then, she knew that her path was going to be expanded.

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