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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Tale of Naton
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The Legend of Korra

Note: This fanon was made before Book Three: Change was aired. I apologize for any contradictions.


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The Tale of Naton!

The Tale of Naton will be divided into 3 books. The whole series will be made up of 36 chapters. Book One:Dark is completed (Yay!) and Book Two:Light and Book Three:Avatar will come soon! Pictures will be added later!

Start the adventure with Book 1, Chapter 1 here!

Book One: Dark - Status: Yes check Done read Chapter One here.

Book Two: Light - Status: No check Not done read Chapter Thirteen here.

Book Three: Avatar - Status: No check Not done read Chapter Twenty-four here.


After the unexpected death of Avatar Korra, the Avatar Spirit has been reincarnated into an earthbender named Naton Edol. But a new evil nation has risen, a nation who can bend darkness. The world struggles to fight this new enemy, and they unite to fight a deadly war. But the Avatar has not come.... Finally, Naton has realized he is the Avatar, and with the help of his friends and allies, he must surpass all other Avatars to defeat this impending threat. But something deeper is brewing, something greater than the physical darkness.


The Ben Hai

  • Naton - The Earth Avatar after Korra. He was abandoned by his parents and raised in the Earth town of Guang.
  • Onza - The Ben Hai's master, Naton's teacher, and the first light-bender.
  • Tazen - Firebender, member of the Ben Hai. Former bodyguard of the Fire governor's son.
  • Kian - Waterbender, member of the Ben Hai, leader of the Flare Rebels.
  • Beeno - Earthbender, member of the Ben Hai, former pro-bending champion.
  • Aeron - Airbender, member of the Ben Hai, son of Jinora.
  • Karrie - Waterbender, member of the Ben Hai, daughter of Ikki.
  • Kendo Gardie - Plantbender, spiritual master, Naton's mentor.

United Republic of Nations

  • Raiko - President of the United Republic of Nations
  • Meelo - Airbender, son of Tenzin, head of the Republic Guard.
  • Jinora - Airbender, daughter of Tenzin, head of the UDRF.
  • Ikki - Airbender, daughter of Tenzin, co-head of the UDRF.
  • Rohan - Airbender, son of Tenzin, co-head of the UDRF.
  • Aanna - Airbender, daughter of Jinora.
  • Shao - Undercover spy, friend of Onza.
  • Han Beifong - Leader of the Metalbending Police Force.
  • Rohan - Airbender, son of Tenzin.
  • Tenzin - Airbending master, son of Aang. Korra's master.

Flare Rebels

  • Izak - First Rebel leader, killed in combat, replaced by Kian.
  • Lan - Airbender, son of Ikki, Flare Rebel archer.
  • Zaro - Firebender, friend of Kian.


  • Terran Edol - Naton's biological father.
  • Kim Edol - Naton's biological mother.
  • Wushu Anoka - Naton's foster father.
  • Linnie Anoka - Naton's foster mother.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rokkai - Beeno's parents.
  • Chief Konron - The chief of the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Baara - Earth non-bender.
  • Chief Toko - Head of the Kobro mountain tribe.
  • Shin - Metalbender.
  • Bai - Waterbender, bloodbender.
  • Priest Choi - Firebending spiritual master.
  • Sageus Yin - Lightning-bending spiritual master.
  • Azura- Yin's blue dragon.
  • Alang - The guardian spirit.
  • Wan Shi Tong - The knowledge spirit.
  • Karana - The spirit of memories.
  • Hailo - The spirit of bending, the father of lion turtles.
  • Raava - The spirit of light and good.
  • Kai - Firebending bully
  • Bozo & Logo - Kai's henchmen.
  • Naton Anoka- Naton's son.
  • Jin Anoka- Naton's daughter.
  • Kendo- Kian's son.
  • Zakal- Tazen's son.


  • Dark Lord Mome (Orchinar, Eljero) - The leader of the darkbenders.
  • Vaatu - The spirit of darkness and chaos.
  • Kaaju - Vaatu's son.
  • Zoroz - Dark spirit general.
  • Venja - The Dark Lord's captain.
  • Zhen Wong - Leader of the SEA, waterbender.
  • Shai Do - Darkbending assassin.
  • Shang - Evil dragon spirit.


Book One: Dark

Book Two: Light

Book Three: Avatar

  • Chapter 24 - Above the Rubble
  • Chapter 25 - Finding Beeno
  • Chapter 26 - The Mind Bender
  • Chapter 27 - Treachery
  • Chapter 28 - A Dragon's Soul
  • Chapter 29 - The Assassin
  • Chapter 30 - Origins Part 1
  • Chapter 31 - Origins Part 2
  • Chapter 32 - The Sage
  • Chapter 33 - A Dark Past
  • Chapter 34 - Ruins
  • Chapter 35 - Day of the Dark Lord Part 1
  • Chapter 36 - Day of the Dark Lord Part 2

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