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Hidden in Disguise
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The Tale of Ma Zou


Book Two: Earth



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November 7, 2010

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Chapter 5 (Coming Soon!)

"Well guys, we are here, in Senlin Village," Ma Zou said with hope.

"Time to get in our disguises," An Kong said.

"Ugh, I hate these Earth Kingdom clothes. They make you look like mucus," Shen Xia said reluctantly.

"Oh well, these costumes will make us look like real Earth Kingdomers," An Kong said.

"Be careful though, I have heard stories of an animal called Hei Bai that attacked people like us," Ma Zou said.

"I would not wanna mess with that thing," Shen Xia said.

As the legendary three walked out of the boat, they saw the village of Senlin.


"Woah, this place is total trash," An Kong said.

"Well, what did you expect, a giant beast attacked it and everybody abandoned it. But that is a good thing, people aren't going to be able to find us," Ma Zou said.

"You act like we are criminals," Shen Xia said.

"Well, we kinda are in the Earth Kingdom," An Kong said.

"Hey, what is that over there?" Ma Zou said.

"I don't know, let's go find out," Shen Xia said.

An Kong walked over to find a statue.


"Huh, well that's stupid. Hey look, acorns!" An Kong said.

"Don't throw them at it!" Ma Zou said from the distance.

"Okay!" An Kong said.

Then An Kong threw a couple of acorns at it.

"I said don't, you nitwit!" Ma Zou said.

"Oops," An Kong said.

"OMIGAWSH, IT IS TURNING INTO SOMETHING!" Shen Xia said, petrified.Hei Bai

"Why have you disturbed me?" Hei Bai said.

"Well, we were just a statue," An Kong said.

"You think it is okay to vandalize statues, that it is okay to throw things at them?" Hei Bai said.

"No, I just, uh, MA ZOU TOLD ME TO!" An Kong said.

"No I did not!" Ma Zou said in the distance.

"Wait a minute, you look like..Aang," Hei Bai said.

"You know my father?" An Kong asked.

"You are Avatar Aang's son? Jolly good then," Hei Bai said.

"So you aren't going to destroy me?" An Kong said.

"Yes I will, but I will give you a ten minute head start," Hei Bai said.

"RUN!!!" An Kong screamed for dear life.

The three ran to the boat and started going.

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