Erupting volcano
The Eruption
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The Tale of Ma Zou


Book 1: Fire



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August 6, 2010

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High Expectations

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Hidden in Disguise

"I'm bored." Ma Zou said.

"Me too," An Kong said.

"How about a joke?" Shen Xia said.

"Alright," An Kong said.

"What do you call a fishing boat that can stay afloat?"

"What?" Ma Zou said.

"A sinker!" Shen Xia said.

"Funny, I guess," An Kong said.

"How about we play some games?" Ma Zou said.

"I call Pai Sho!" An Kong said.

"So do I!" Ma Zou said.

"Whatever, nerds. I'm gonna play Solitary," Shen Xia said.

22 minutes later, Everybody was done playing games.

"So, how did your game go?" Shen Xia said.

"Tie. How did your game go?" Ma Zou said.

"I played 4 rounds, and lost 1."

"I'm bored. Again," An Kong said.

"Well, music night is at 7," Ma Zou said.

"But that's three hours," Shen Xia said.

"Well, how about what we do when I am deep need of some good ol' fashioned entertainment. BENDING BATTLE!!!

"Yeah!" An Kong said.

"No wait, that isn't fair! The boat is surrounded by water! There's an island about 3 miles from here but I can't bend from that far away!" Shen Xia said.

"Guys," Ma Zou said.


"The volcano is erupting!"

"We gotta stop it!" An Kong said.

"Alright, I'll tell the helmsman to turn the ship towards the volcano. Then I will use Firebending to slow down the lava, Shen will use Earthbending to bring the ground around the volcano higher, and An Kong will use Waterbending to try to stop the lava!" Ma Zou said.

The helmsman turned turned the ship towards the volcano.

"Stay low! Don't breathe the steam!" Ma Zou said.

"We're doing it!" Shen Xia said.

It seemed like the lava was actually going INTO the volcano.

The team's technique was working, but the lava kept coming out.

"Guys. We can't do this. The lava is coming out too fast! We need to turn around!" Ma Zou said.

Those were the last words Ma Zou said before he passed out.

"An Kong, get some of your healing water!" Shen Xia said.


An Kong and Shen Xia carried Ma Zou's body into his room.

"Okay, I can try to heal him, but I'm not sure if he's gonna make it."

An Kong then used Waterbending to put spirit water down his throat to get the toxins out.

"We should let him rest. It usually helps me when I'm tired," Shen Xia said.

"Whatever. Let's go," An Kong said.

One hour later, Ma Zou woke up.

"Hey guys, what happened?"

"You tried to fight a volcano because your insane," Shen Xia said.

"Really? The last thing I remember is playing Pai Sho."

"Well, everything is okay now. The music is gonna start in an hour!" An Kong said.

"I have something really important to tell you guys."

"What?" Shen Xia said.

"I'm hungry."

"Alright, let's go get you some food."

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