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Journey to the Earth Kingdom
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The Tale of Ma Zou


Book 1: Fire



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August 6, 2010

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High Expectations

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The Eruption

At 8:00 in the morning, Fire Lady Mai woke her son up.

"Good Morning sunshine."

"Hey mom. What time is it?"


"I thought you were going to wake me up at 9."

"I was, but I couldn't wait."

"Oh, okay."

"I packed you all sorts of nice stuff like Fire Flakes, a spare headpiece AND that new necklace you wanted."


"Well, I think you should go."

"But wait, how am I going to get to the Earth Kingdom?"

"Your dad's ship."


"Yep, it'll be here in about an hour."


Ma Zou shut the door as he went out to the courtyard.

"Hey Guys!" Ma Zou said to An Kong and Shen Xia.

"When's the ship getting here?" An Kong said.

"About an hour," Ma Zou said.

"Well, wanna play Bending Ball?" Shen Xia said.

"Yeah!" An Kong said.

"I call shooter!" Shen Xia said.

"I call shooter...on other team?" An Kong said.

"What do I do?" Ma Zou said.

"You can be defense. Choose your team," Shen Xia said.

"But I don't want the teams to be unfair."

"Then I guess you'll have to sit out!"

"No! I call defense on An Kong's team!"

"Well, now the teams are fair."

"Hey!" An Kong said.

"Don't talk, just play!" Ma Zou said.

Shen Xia used his legs to shoot an earthball right at the wooden backboard.

"Score 1 for Team Shen, Score 0 for Team An Kong!"

Ma Zou shot a burst of fire at Shen Xia right before he used Earthbending to lift himself out of the fire.

"Hey, Don't be so mean!" Shen Xia said.

"There's no mercy in Bending Ball," An Kong said.

An Kong went across the court with a waterball as he made a half court shot.

"He's not gonna make it, he's not gonna make it!"

There was 3 seconds left in the game, and An Kong had to make the shot for the game to be a tie.

"3! Not gonna make it. 2! Not gonna make it! 1!"

The ball almost didn't make it in, but then, it hit the rim, and went right in.

"Good game," Shen Xia said.

"Hey guys, the ship is here! Last one there is a rotten leechi nut!" Ma Zou said.

The three walked onto the large metal ship. the crew was standing in a straight line.

"Welcome Captain Ma Zou!" said the Engineer, Cook, Helmsman, and Soldier all at the same time.

"Hello, crew. Where's the next stop?"

"Crescent Island."


"Well guys, get settled, because for the next week, this will be home!" Ma Zou said.

"Okay," An Kong and Shen Xia said together.

"We're off!"

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