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The Tale of Kyuu


One: Manipulation



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June 28, 2015

Prologue Part One: Avatar Korra

Kyuu was born in 157 AG, four years after Korra.

As a child, Kyuu was homeless and lived by a bush in Central City Park.

For Kyuu's 13th birthday, his father Kyon Gin saved up and brought a ticket for a pro-bending match between the Fire Ferrets and the Platypus Bears.

As the match started, the announcer said, "it looks like the Fire Ferrets have ferreted out a last minute replacement water bender, let's see if she can keep a diamond in the rough like the brothers from the school of hard knocks."

The crowd waited for the ref's call. "Players, are you ready!?" he screamed. He look side to side, checking if the players we ready yet, and then screeched his whistle as loud as he could.

The first thing the Fire Ferret's waterbender did, was hit one of the Platypus Bears' team members out of the ring into the surrounding water.

The ref said, "Fire Ferret waterbender penalty. Move back one zone."

"And we're back in action after that hiccup," said the commentator. "But I'm not so sure this replacement player knows what she's doing." The waterbender threw some water at a Platypus Bear and took a hit from a rock right to the stomach. She launched a nasty kick at the Platypus Bears.

"Foul, over the line, move back to zone three," said the referee.

The Platypus Bears got a point.

The next round, the girl took hit after hit after hit, the Platypus Bears all took aim and fired at once. But she bended two plates up to block the elements in frustration.

"Wait a minute, did that waterbender just earthbend?"

The crowed went crazy. "Is this girl the Avatar?" was the stadium's common question.

Kyuu wished so much to be like her and bend all four elements, but he was a grubby nothing bender.

Prologue Part Two: Air bending

Seven months later

Kyuu woke up, he was feeling horrible. It had rained last night, and he had caught a horrible cold. He woke up so he could have some breakfast. He stood up and felt a horrible sneeze coming on. As it happened, spirals of air shot through his nose at top speed. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Did he just airbend? Is that even possible? He didn't understand it and drowsily went back to sleep.

The next day, Kyuu was all rested up from his cold and started to accept the reality of the situation. By this time, he could bend balls of air and control them with ease along with many other things, he was quite a natural. He also had decided that this power must be a gift from a lion turtle or some other powerful beast or spirit and was meant to gain wealth from robbing or other criminal activity, so he decided to give it a try. He walked past a mansion and thought how it most have serious amounts of money inside.

He made his move, he shot a blast of air at the mansion and blasted its doors in. He made a little tornado and shot himself at the opening. Inside were a firebender and nonbender. The bender shot a blast of flames at him, but he blew it away. He blasted the nonbender with air whilst he was phoning the police and shot him away. Kyuu grabbed their wallets and ran away, but it was too late, the police were chasing him. He might have been able to fend them off, but he only had his powers since yesterday and these metalbenders had them their whole lives.

The cell door opened, it was a tall airbender named Tenzin. "I want you to come with me and join the other airbenders. It's either that or stay locked up here, rotting, your choice..."

Back at the Northern Air Temple, Kyuu met three kids, the first one was very hyper and over enthusiastic, kept jumping up and down, and said, "Hi, I'm Ikki, it's nice to meet you. Are you an airbender? You're like my Uncle Bumi, my Uncle Bumi is a new airbender as well. Are you my Uncle Bumi?"

Tenzin told her that was enough and that the new airbender needed some rest after all that had happened to him today.

Kyuu lay down on his mattress, it felt nice, he had never had one of these before, it was like he was floating, it suddenly gave him an idea. Kyuu rushed to Tenzin and asked if anyone had every had the power of flight before. Tenzin replied, "yes, but only one person ever. His name was Guru Laghima. He realised once you release all your earthly tethers, you can become one with the wind."

The lecture had sparked a thought; he was going to invent a form of airbending even more legendary than the power of flight- he was going to atombend.

Prologue Part Three: Fire

The last six months had been a wild ride for Kyuu, from being kidnapped by the Earth Queen to become part of her elite army to watching Zaheer almost kill Avatar Korra after gaining the legendary power of flight, but more importantly, Kyuu had started developing his atombending. The idea behind it was based on metalbending; how there are tiny impurity's in the metal that cause it to be bendable. Kyuu had realised air is everywhere, and it narrowed down to atoms and if the airbending was precise enough, then the bender would be enabled to not only control the air element but all of them by altering the atoms. Of course this would be far more difficult than bending the elements by using your given chi.

Kyuu decided to go after fire first, since it appeared the easiest logic wise rather than earth or water, since oxygen (air) is the main source of fire, and it would simply be a case of altering heat and controlling it. Kyuu gave it a try, though nothing happened. He had been practicing for hours and so far, nothing had happened. The others all mocked him because of his ambitions, but he knew he would eventually do it. "BOO," Mako said as he snuck up behind him. "What are you doing up so late at night, Kyuu? Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"I'm trying to firebend," said Kyuu.

Mako smirked and as a joke commented, "like this?" and shot a large streak of fire out his fingertips. "You try."

Kyuu lined his arms up exactly like Mako had seconds before and shot his wrist forward and a small but true streak of fire came out his fingers and disappeared of into the night. Mako looked in awe as Kyuu felt an extreme feeling of accomplishment of what he had just done. Tenzin would be so proud, he just had to show him. He started running towards his room before Mako stopped him.

"You may have just been the first person to bend multiple elements outside of the Avatar, but that's not enough of an excuse to wake anyone up. Go to bed, show them in the morning."

"Okay, Mako," said Kyuu, but he did not sleep, he spent the entire night working on this firebending.

In the morning, everyone was having a shared breakfast outside when Kyuu made the announcement. "Um, hello everybody, could I please have your attention?" *everyone looks* "You know that atombending 'nonsense' I keep going on about? Well I have finally progressed, and without any further ado, here is a firebending demonstration." A couple of people laughed and turned their heads away. The rest was about to do the same. Kyuu did the move he had been practicing the night before, and a more powerful shot of flame came out. The crowed just gaped in awe as Avatar Korra came closer to congratulate him.

"Finally," she said. "I hated being the only one who could do that." She gave him a high-five. "How about me and you get some bending practice tomorrow? You keen to try the other elements?"

Kyuu could not believe his luck. First, he pretty much became a second Avatar, and second, he just got invited by the real one to do some practice with her.

The next day after lunch, Kyuu and Korra met up outside the Northern Air Temple's porch to practice bending. Korra taught Kyuu some basic waterbending and earthbending, and because it was basically airbending, Kyuu picked up on it faster and soon after about two months, Kyuu had almost mastered all four, and to be honest, he felt like a boss. After sparring with Korra every day after lunch, he went back and practiced. But along with that came the urge to become just like the Avatar and travel the world like the real ones.

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