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The Tale of Kallista



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June 2011

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Chapter 2

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"What took you so long?" Meelo asked Kallista.

"Oh, I slept late - by accident," responded Kallista.

"Are you okay?" asked Meelo.

"Yeah, just tired."

"Ahh, I see. "

"Well lt's time for poetry, Let's go." And so Kallista and Meelo went off to poetry class together.

Mr. Amedeo began class with his newest poem: "We can't keep battling the past in that locks up the mistakes we've made. But we can battle the present to meet the future." When poetry was over, it was lunch time. Kallista tried to sit next to Pian but failed.

It wasn't that he wouldn't sit next to her that made her cry but it was what he said that hurt her: "What do you want Kallista? I thought you didn't want to marry me. Oh well even if you did you're so fat you stink too. You smell like rotten Penguin Meat."

At this point Kallista wanted to cry but she held back tears until she left Meelo behind and went to the bathroom. By the time she emerged, lunch was over. Kallista didn't get to eat anything so she remained hungry for the rest of the day.

When the day was over, her grandmother, Iyana picked her up. "How was your day dear?" She said in a happy jolly sweet voice.

"Pretty good." Kallista lied to her.

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