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The Tale of Hakoda
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Avatar: The Last Airbender



At the same time that Aang, Katara, and Sokka adventure through the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation, Hakoda, Bato, and the crew of the Water Tribe Cryonic Crusader crash, smash, and bash their way through the Fire Navy.


Hakoda: The captain of the Cryonic Crusader and the father of Katara and Sokka.

Bato: Hakoda's best friend and first mate of the Cryonic Crusader.

Li: Hakoda's nemesis, a Colonel in the Fire Navy and captain of the Flaming Frenzy.

Kuzik: A Fire Nation guard, Li's right-hand man and the first mate of the Flaming Frenzy.

Dek: One of Hakoda's crewmen.

Kori: One of Hakoda's crewmen.

Sarrik: One of Hakoda's crewmen.

Zhen: An Earthbender Hakoda rescues from the Flaming Frenzy.

Kya: Hakoda's late wife.


Prologue: Hakoda sails the Nan Shan River from the Southern Water Tribe, remembering Kya's death and his departure.

Chapter One: News Travels Fast in the Sea: After ambushing a Fire Nation battleship, Hakoda and Bato learn of the battle in the Northern Water Tribe and set sail for the north.

Chapter Two: Shadow of the Fire Nation: The Cryonic Crusader lands at the Northern Water Tribe to find that the battle has ended. Hakoda tracks an elite firebender to Crescent Island.

Chapter Three: Ambush at Serpent's Pass: Several weeks later, Hakoda and the Cryonic Crusader head to Full Moon Bay to restock and discover a Fire Navy ship heading to Serpent's Pass.

Chapter Four: The Lost Ship: Hakoda hears the tale of a ghost Water Tribe ship and finds connections to it and his friend and his ship that went missing.

Chapter Five: Crusade at Chameleon Bay: Hakoda confronts Li and his ship at Chameleon Bay, before spotting a sky bison flying towards them.

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