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The Tale of Bolin
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The Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


Chapter 22

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Katorra12 and with special, wonderful help from Korratastic45



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June 28th, 2013

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A Great Day Out

It was the break of dawn and Bolin was strolling down the smooth, ice streets past the palace. Little Water Tribe girls and boys ran around, chasing one another with snowballs. The earthbender contemplated whether or not to talk to Raina about his feelings for her. After some time, Bolin gathered his courage and made his way back to the guesthouse. How should I tell her? he thought. Korra, Sahara, and her sister were at the steps of the house doors.

"That's great!" The Avatar acknowledged Sahara.

"It really is! Now I can show both of you how to pull water out of thin air!" Raina explained. Sahara smiled and pulled her dark hair behind her ear. The three of them were discussing the miracle that had occurred to Raina's sister days ago. The earthbender approached them and cleared his throat. The females quieted down, noticing Bolin's presence.

"Hey... umm...Raina, so...uh, I was thinking-" He began. Korra interrupted.

"Heh, I'm going to talk to Tenzin!" With that the Avatar ran off. Sahara looked uncomfortable and left as well.

"Ya, um, I have to, Mako... talk...BYE!" And she took off. Raina stared at the ground blushing. Her blubber-skin boots made circles in the snow and she fiddled with her long, brown braided hair.

"Where was I? Oh, ya, um, would you like to go out with me? Like for dinner? You know? I guess..." Bolin asked, watching Raina play with her braid. The waterbender hesitated. Then she replied.

"I'd love to." She smiled and a twinkle sparkled in her eyes.

"Great!" The earthbender laughed.

Raina sprinted to her room. She was excited. It's about time me and Bolin got together! Wait, what do I wear? The waterbender had not taken any fancy articles of clothing on her journey. She wanted something nice. An authentic Water Tribe dress. I know! Raina thought to herself, I'll ask Korra!

Bolin finished grooming his hair and patted down his suit. It was the same handsome suit he had worn while living with the Satos. He smiled into a bathroom mirror to reveal a perfect set of shiny white teeth. I'm ready to go! Bolin thought. But, where will I take her? The earthbender rushed out of his and Mako's room sneakily and went to visit the chief. The firebender was sitting up in his bed and pretended not to notice a thing.

When Bolin was out of site, Mako laughed. "Such a lovebird..." And he stepped out of his room as well.

Korra opened a bag and pulled out a light blue piece of clothing. She held it up in the air and presented it to Raina. Raina gasped. It was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. It was a light blue gown with purple ribbon and dark blue silk. It had long sleeves that had white cotton fluff on the ends. There was also fluff all around the bottom of the dress.

"It's amazing, thank you!!" Raina squeaked. The Avatar handed her the gown. "No problem. Katara gave it to me, but it's a bit too girly for me," Korra laughed.

Bolin raced out of the palace after talking to the chief. Korra's uncle, Unalaq, had given him access to a very special place and the earthbender could not wait to take his date there.

Raina was ready. She had a dress on and her necklace. The waterbender got up to leave, but something didn't feel right. She peered at her hair in the mirror and sat back down. It's always the same. It has to be different this time. Raina thought. Slowly she undid her braid and let down her long brown locks. She took two pieces of her bangs on each side and put them up in hair loopies. There!

"Keep them closed!" Bolin said as he guided his partner by hand. Raina shut her eyes and put her trust in the earthbender. When they arrived, Bolin allowed her to look. There was a picnic basket in the grass and a magnificent pond. In the pond, there were two fish. It was the Spirit Oasis.

"It's wonderful, Bolin!!" The waterbender beamed. The earthbender led her to the spot, captivated by her, now shining, purple eyes.

All through the night, the couple laughed and talked. Their moonlight picnic was a success. As they finished and exited, Bolin stayed behind to lock the door to the oasis. Once locked, he stuck the key into his pocket. The key missed the entrance and tumbled to the floor. Bolin never noticed.

"I enjoyed myself so much tonight, Bolin," Raina thanked him. "You were such a hilarious date- charming." Bolin laughed and grabbed her hands.

"Well..." He paused. "I try my best." The two were quiet as midnight settled in. Raina blushed a faint pink. Bolin leaned in...

When they got back to the guest house they bid each other a goodnight. No one was still up, so it was easy for them to creep back in without any trouble. Raina pushed open her bedroom door quietly, careful not to wake anyone. She swiftly crawled into bed and sighed.

"So, where were you tonight?" Sahara asked in the darkness. Raina's heart stopped. What do I say?

"Um...uh...nothing really..." Raina answered. Her sister chuckled.

"Whatever you say..." Sahara accepted. Raina relaxed and grinned as a sweet sleep came.

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