The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island is the fifth chapter in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny fanon.

The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island
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Somewhere, Sometime

Azula woke up among the giant roots of the largest trees she'd ever seen. She clambered to her feet and looked up into a red sky. She knew where she was and it made her want to scream.

"Zhao!" she yelled as loud as she possibly could. Birds skittered out of the trees above her and Azula stared in shock. Were birds supposed to be that big?

Kyoshi Beach

Liang and Wuoyan were still laughing loudly, leaning up against the statue of Avatar Kyoshi and watching the Unagi roar in anger at losing its prey.

"Hey, Wuoyan?" asked Liang, pausing in between his laughter.

"Yeah, kid?"

"How are we getting off this island?" he asked, looking around.

Wuoyan stopped laughing for a second. "I have no idea," he said, and then burst into laughter once more as he intently watched the angry sea serpent.

Liang didn't join in. "Hey, Wuoyan?" he asked. There was little humor in his voice now.

Wuoyan tried to stop laughing and failed. "Yeah, kid?" he managed.

"Have you realized that there are a bunch of armored women wielding fans right behind us?"

"What?" yelped the older boy; he panicked and spun around quickly, but found a golden metal war fan less than an inch from his face held by a rather mean looking member of the Kyoshi Warriors. Three other warriors stood behind her and a fourth had her own fan held on Liang.

"So you didn't notice then?" said Liang.

Wuoyan growled. "No, kid. I didn't."

"Perhaps you shouldn't have made such a bang when you arrived," said yet another Kyoshi Warrior who approached from the back. The other warriors stood aside to let her through. "We couldn't exactly miss you."

Wuoyan spoke up, even though the fan was still in his face. "I'm here to see the swordsmaster. Take me to 'im!"

The lead warrior spoke up again with a snide smile on her painted face. "The swordsmaster doesn't just see anyone. You've got to prove your worth."

"I just fought off a sea serpent! I'm worthy!" he yelled.

"Please. I have a saddle for the Unagi," said the leader dismissively. "Who were those soldiers? I won't have you bringing your own little war to this island!"

"Jeesh, lady, who died and made you boss?"

"The last mayor of Kyoshi."

Wuoyan snarled. "I came here all the way from the Fire Nation! Ah, get yer fan out of my face!" he yelled, using his hand to shove the Kyoshi Warrior's fan away from his nose.

It all happened very quickly. The Kyoshi Warrior whose hand was knocked away swung her second fan back, but Wuoyan blocked it and punched her hard, knocking her to the ground. The four other warriors were on him in a second, and after a whirl of war fans, four fans now pointed at Wuoyan's face instead of one. He growled.

At the same time, Liang protested Wuoyan's actions. Now, that the fan of a Kyoshi Warrior didn't pin him down, he ran towards his companion and yelled at him to stop. But, the leader stepped up and hit Liang square beneath the shoulder blade with her knuckles; Liang's entire body fell limp and he crashed to the ground face first, his rear end in the air.

"Hey! Hey!" yelled Wuoyan. "Yer beef's with me! Ya leave the kid alone."

The leader looked at him in the eye, past her wall of warriors. "Is he your brother?"

"No, 'e's just a kid I picked up in the Ba Sing Se. You alrigh', Liang?"

"There's dirt going up my nose," said Liang, his voice muffled, as he had no choice but to speak into the ground.

"Stand down girls," said the leader. The warriors folded up their fans and retreated behind their leader. "That's the first worthy thing you've said all day," she said to Wuoyan. "I'm Suki, leader of the warriors and mayor of Kyoshi."

"Good fer you, lady," said Wuoyan. "Now, will ya take me to the swordsmaster?"

"Only after you explain why those soldiers attacked you. Are you a criminal or what?"

"I've done nothin' wrong, I swear."

Suki looked him over slowly and after a moment of thinking she said: "Fine. I have a feeling he'll like you anyway." She turned on her heels and started to walk away. "You never know it might get him out of his shed," she said to the other warriors, who all laughed.

Wuoyan smiled broadly and began to follow Suki towards the village.

"Seriously? Are you just going to leave me here?" yelled Liang, still muffled by the dirt going up his nose.

The Royal Courtyard

Appa flew down to land in the courtyard of the palace of Ba Sing Se. Zuko and Aang hopped off their furry friend to land on the solid ground. They had barely touched the earth when Toph came running out of the palace.

"I knew you'd be here soon! I knew it!" she yelled as she ran. The two guys smiled at her arrival as she came up to them and punched them both in the arm. "It's good to see you both," she said with a broad smile.

"You too, Toph," said Aang, hugging her.

"Toph, there was a group of Fire Nation..." Zuko started, but Toph cut him off.

"Hi to you, hothead, but fine. We'll go straight to business," she said. "A unit of Fire Nation soldiers walked into Ba Sing Se two days ago. They claimed they were members of the Cult of Sozin attempting to overthrow you, then they attacked the Earth King."

Zuko's concern was obvious. "Is he okay?"

"He's fine."

"Take me to him. Now," said Zuko, so Toph spun on her heels and walked back towards the palace. Zuko and Aang followed in her wake. "Oh, and it's good to see you too, Toph," Zuko added.

At the Top of Kyoshi Village

The other warriors had broken off to go do other things around the island, leaving only Suki, garbed in her full battle armor and facepaint, with Wuoyan, who had the still-limp Liang carried over his back. At the very top of the village stood a reasonably sized house with a huge garden surrounding it. There was a wall surrounding the whole thing, but the whole thing was covered in flowers and vines and gates were open. It looked inviting, rather than intimidating.

"Is this where the swordsmaster lives?" asked Wuoyan. He was a little out of breath from carrying Liang, but his excitement over meeting his new master gave him plenty of energy.

Before Suki could answer, they passed through the gates into the house's estate. Suddenly, six deep loud bells rang out to their left, making everyone jump.

"It works!" came a screaming happy voice. A man in the distance appeared from behind a bush, both of his fists thrust into the air and a huge smile on his face.

Suki looked back towards the gate, then smiled. "No tripwire!" she yelled to the man. "You did it!"

The man ran towards her. He had the darker complexion and traditional facial hair that gave him away as a member of the Water Tribes, but he was garbed interjected in what looked like Earth Kingdom working robes with black soot stains all over it. He grabbed both her arms in excitement and affection. "You were right! I used the flower you mentioned and made a tripwire without a tripwire!"

"'Scuse me, but what?" said Wuoyan. The still limp Liang mumbled some sort of agreement.

"Look! Look!" exclaimed the man happily, pointing at the gate and indicating his new device and resetting it, so the bells stopped ringing. "Two mirrors on either side of the gate that make a beam of light between them. This flower is a fast moving vine that grows in one of the air temples."

"My sister-in-law told me about it when we visited her last," explained Suki. "It turns to find the best light source."

"I've wrapped that vine around one of the mirrors, so as soon as someone walks through and breaks the beam of light, the flower immediately moves away to find a stronger light source, pulling on a very thin wire that rings the bells! Ha!" said the man very excitedly. "It's a motion sensor!"

"I'm 'appy for you and all," said Wuoyan. "But can you show me to the swordsmaster now?"

Suki chuckled under her breath. "Lesson number one, Wuoyan, is to be observant."

"Wha'?" grunted Wuoyan, but Liang was mumbling something and trying to point at something with his limp arms, so he looked again at the man. Strapped to his back was a long sheathed sword and Wuoyan's jaw dropped. "You're the swordsmaster!"

"It's an unofficial title," said the man smugly. "And technically there are two swordsmasters because Suki teaches my students just as much as I do."

"Aw, thanks sweetie," said Suki affectionately. The man threw back a goofy grin.

Wuoyan didn't smile though. He threw his hands up in the air and Liang fell hard to the dirt with a moan. "I can't believe this!" he yelled. "I travel all the way from the Fire Nation to train with the great swordsmaster," he motioned quote marks in the air with his fingers, "and I find a blimmin' mad scientist and a girl with too much make up!"

"Why do you always attract the rude ones?" said Suki to her husband.

"It's not my fault," defended the man in a high-pitched voice.

"Can you deal with him? I need to go find Ty, I think I overdid the chi-blocking thing," she said, indicating Liang. She squeezed her husband's hand briefly then walking off back into town. She passed through the gates and the bells started ringing madly again, but she just sighed and kept walking.

"Yeah, I guess I'm out of 'ere too," said Wuoyan, frustrated.

"Hold on." The swordsmaster whipped out his blade in the blink of an eye and pointed it at Wuoyan. The Fire Nation boy looked down the long blade, completely black from hilt to tip, and there was a glint in his eye. "Don't you want to see if you're worthy?" he said. There was an odd expression on his face, somewhere between the mad scientist that Wuoyan had seen moments before and the serious swordsmaster he'd heard about back home.

Wuoyan drew his knives with a flourish. "Only if you turn off the bells first."

The swordsmaster smiled, then in one swift fluid motion, cut the wire to the bells with his sword to stop them ringing and charged towards his potential student, his black blade spinning around his hand, almost too fast to see.

The Earth King's War Rooms

Zuko and Aang sat silently in the war room listening to intently Earth King Kuei and Toph tell the story of what happened. Aang said very little during the whole thing, he just quietly and listened to what the Cult of Sozin had done two days past. But, all the way through their story, he could see Zuko's anger growing and the pain in his old friend's eyes.

After Kuei had finished speaking, the room was silent for a couple moments. But then, Zuko broke the silence in a quiet, calm voice. "I am so, so sorry, Kuei. I promise you, I will not let this happen again. Not to you. Not to Arnook or Hakoda either. Please know, I am devoted to peace between the four nations and this cult," when he said those words his tone was disgusted, "are going to be completely eradicated. I will not let them destroy what we've been working towards for so long."

Kuei nodded his approval, but stayed silent, so Zuko continued, a little angrier now. "I am going to send a messenger hawk to every captain in my navy and my ambassadors in both Water Tribes. I will tell them to sink on sight every single Fire Nation ship that isn't where it's supposed to be."

"What? Zuko..." Aang interrupted.

"No, Aang. Attacking my nation is one thing, but now they are attacking my allies. We know they've attacked the Earth Kingdom and you think they stole Diyi from right under your nose!"

Toph banged her fist on the table. "They did what?"

"Who's next Aang?" Zuko yelled, standing up from the table and starting to pace. "What if Hakoda's next? I doubt Katara will be too happy if that happens."

Aang looked down at the table and remained quiet. Kuei was silent; Toph looked angry and determined.

"Every single Fire Nation ship or war balloon that isn't where I tell it to be, from this point forward, is considered a part of the Cult and is to destroyed on sight," yelled Zuko. "Send out those hawks. Now."

Kuei nodded solemnly and motioned to an aide in the back of the room. The aide ran off to arrange the hawks to be sent. The whole room was quiet after Zuko's command.

Toph broke the silence. "Diyi? The first airbending child? They took her?"

Aang nodded. "Yes. I'm trying to find them so I can get her back."

"Well, it's your lucky day, twinkletoes. 'Cause I've got one Cultist tied up and just about ready to talk," Toph said with a rather malicious grin on her face.

Suki's Living Room

"Jeesh, Suki, you really did a number on this fella!" giggled Ty Lee.

"Well, I did it just like you told me to, right below the shoulder blade!" yelled Suki back.

"Yeah, but you were about an inch off, instead of blocking the chi to his arm, you blocked it to everything below his chin."

"Ah, um... woops. Can you fix it?"

"Yip," said Ty Lee, smiling from ear to ear. She took off the gauntlets that made up part of her Kyoshi Warrior uniform and looked over the boy who was lying limp on the sofa in Suki's living room. She bared her knuckles and, with both hands, delivered three hits in strategic places along Liang's back. Liang's muscles twitched violently and he popped upright with the last blow, active and able to feel his limbs again.

"Hi, little fella," said Ty Lee. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah..." muttered Liang, twirling his arms and rubbing his shoulder. "That really sucked."

Ty Lee laughed. "Yeah. Sorry, don't blame Suki. She hasn't quite gotten chi-blocking down yet."

"Sorry," said Suki.

Suddenly, the front door flew open and the sounds of loud, boisterous laughter entered the house. The two men entered the living with massive smiles on their faces with their arms over each other's shoulders.

"'Ey! Look at that! Kid's moving again!" yelled Wuoyan loudly between his laughs. "Lemme tell ya, kid; this guy's 'mazing!"

"I take it you two have a new student then Sokka?" asked Ty Lee.

"Wait!" yelled Liang. "Your name is Sokka?"

Sokka and Wuoyan were laughing too hard to even notice. The two girls didn't notice either, probably because they couldn't hear Liang over the two guys laughing so hard, so Liang jumped off the sofa and yelled even more loudly.

"Are you Sokka?" he screamed as loud as he could.

The laughter died down abruptly. "What's wrong kid?" said Wuoyan.

"The whole reason I came to this island was to find a man named Sokka, is that you?"

The whole room was looking at him now; every one of them had a look of confusion on their face. Sokka spoke up. "How do you know my name? And why are you looking for me?"

"I... I have a message for you."

Sokka stepped forward. "Well, who's it from?"

"Look, I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but you have to believe me. I am not lying," said Liang. He was so worried; it was such a crazy story.

"Who's it from?" repeated Sokka seriously.

"The moon."

Wuoyan started to laugh, but when nobody else did he shut up pretty quick. Suki was staring with worry at Sokka, who was staring in pure shock, right at Liang. There was a strange look in his eye, something Liang couldn't quite place. He guessed it was a weird mix of pure shock and pure happiness. "What did you say?" he asked again.

Liang looked him dead in the eye to prove he wasn't lying. "The moon. The moon gave me a message for you."

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