The Supreme Realm
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"The Supreme Realm" is the third chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After being captured by General Mung, Mina is brought to a Fire Nation Detention Facility, and she is again put in prison. She experiences the life of a Fire Nation problem kid. She is saved from a group of bullies by a girl named Kaila. Kaila tells Mina about how the Fire Nation won The War, and what happened to the actual people of the Fire Nation. The girls, however, soon find out they may leave the prison, and instead go to school.


The chapter begins with two men dragging Mina in handcuffs, opening a large metal door. Mina is thrown into a dark, dimly lit building, where she was put into a line with other young people, all being monitored by a large team of guards. At that moment, an old man, whom Mina presumed to be a high official, steps out of a small cell. The man is revealed to be named Adgul, the warden of the facility. He gives a small speech at how escape is impossible, and that he knows some of the people there are rebels who crave freedom. He then turns toward Mina, staring her right in the eyes, and then says, "Well, to bad". Despite seething in rage, Mina backs down. Satisfied, Adgul leaves the scene.


Adgul sees his new prisoners/students

Life in the Detention Facility quickly becomes hard, even for Mina. For three days, Mina is shown doing pointless and inhumane work, such as digging unneeded holes, cleaning up a Purple Berry Juice spill over and over again, and cleaning a dusty floor with her hair. At the end of the three days, Mina, with tears in her eyes, lies down on her bed, crying to herself, praying to her mother for freedom.

This introvert behavior is not noticed by the guards or Adgul, but it is by the members. Many of the desperate 17 and 18 year olds quickly find Mina as a shy, weak, and a frail girl. As Mina walks down the facility's corridors, her lunch is stolen by a group of mean spirited girls and boys, calling themselves, The Fiends. Mina tries to stand up for herself, but she is quickly pinned to a wall. Just before she could be punched, a sharp, yet somehow soothing voice shouted "STOP!". Hearing the voice, the bullies all scurried away, with one losing their balance and stumbling into a stairway. Mina thanks the girl, but the girl states it was "no problem". The girl then introduces herself to Mina, revealing her name, Kaila.


Mina and Kaila

Mina and Kaila quickly become friends, and Kaila decides to tell Mina about The War. She then sneaks into Mina's cell later that day. She tells her of Aang, the Last Airbender, who fought against the Fire Nation. Mina, surprised, interrupts the story by asking "Wait, the last Airbender?". Kaila confirms "yes", and goes on with her story. She describes the journey of Team Avatar, and tells of the final battles of The War, where Team Avatar failed numerous times. She then went on to tell Mina of the victories of the now Supreme Fire Lord Azula, and her father, Ozai. She also tells Mina of the Destruction of the Water Tribes, the Recapture of Omashu, the Water Tribe Rebellion and the last battle, the Siege of Kyoshi Island, the one that most affected Mina. Mina is shocked but also more self-assured than she ever was. She then knew had to free the world from The Fire Nation's tyrannic rule, and that it was her and Kaila's destiny.

When Kaila is finished with her story, two guards take the girls away to see the Warden. At the Warden's office, Adgul tells them he has heard that they attacked a they were the first two girls to face a punishment in the facility. He tells them they are going to clean the whole Facility with their hair and won't get any food or water until it's done, and that they'll do something for him later that night. Kaila, furious, gets ready to stand up to Adgul. For a moment, they are standing face-to-face as Kaila gets ready to face him, but when they are about to clash, a guard comes in, telling Adgul the girls are deemed too young, and must be sent to a school. The two girls are taken away, as Adgul watches in fury.

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