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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 19

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November 6, 2011

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An Earthbender Returns

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Boli's Monster


Zaru discovers the evil Earth King Boli is in the process of creating a weapon. A weapon that could guarantee that he wins the war.


Zaru was laying in his comfortable bed. Warm sunshine was washing over him. The welcoming smell of fresh pastries came from the kitchen. And some guy was sweating on him.

"Wha?! Patola!" Zaru screamed.

"Hi Zaru!"

"Stop that!" Patola backed up as Zaru wiped the sweat off of himself. "WHY where you sweating on me?!"

"I was just watching you," Patola said in defense.

"Zaru. Good. You're awake." Erus said, "We need to start planning." But apparently, their house didn't want them to continue planning. It began to shake.

"The world is falling down," Patola said.

"Shut up Patola!" Zaru yelled.

"Sir yes sir!" Patola replied. Patola took some water, and had it float next to him, ready for an attack.

The walls crumbled, and a bunch of soldiers marched in.

"You know, a bunch of random attacks isn't that interesting. Don't you guys ever plan?"

The soldiers ignored Zaru, and they all shot boulders. Zaru shot all of their boulders down with little effort.

"Come on guys. That's not nice." They shot more rocks. Zaru returned their attack with one of his own. He blasted all of them off of their feet with one wind gust.

"Good Zaru," Erus said. "You are quickly mastering Airbending."

Erus followed up Zaru's attack with his own.

"RETREAT!" The ones that were not injured ran away.

Zaru grabbed one of them, and pulled him up so they were a few inches apart.


The Earthbender shook with fear.

"I dunno. Earth King Boli personally sent us out to... delay you."


"No. He only wanted to delay you. He didn't care about Erus the Fire Lord, OR the Waterbender."

This caught Zaru off guard.

"What? He knows Erus is just as big a threat as I am."

"He said it had something to do with Firebending. But that's all he said."

Zaru threw him into the wall, and started to freak out.

"What's going on? Boli is up to something! I know it! We've got to do something, do something I say! What are we going to do? Call the soldiers! Call the generals! Call the Fire Lord! Call the Avatar! CALL EVERYBODY!"

Erus, who was as concerned about Zaru's mental stability as this problem, stepped up. "Zaru, you are overreacting. There hasn't been one attack we couldn't handle. Well, there have been, but that's not the point! Let's just calm down, and figure this out."

"You're right Erus. You're right."

Zaru and Patola set off on a spaceship... I mean a boat, to do some detective work. After many songs from Patola, and many complaints (and eventually some fire) from Zaru, they made it. They got off, and went out to find out WHAT was going on. They figured Ba Singe Se would be a good place to start. The only problem: getting in.

Erus had them all put on earth soldier uniforms.

They traveled through Ba Sing Se until they made it to Boli. They went inside, and walked right into him eating. He was eating soup.

"Soldiers? What is it? This better be important!"

Erus turned himself into a gigantic fireball, and blasted himself directly into Boli. The most dangerous man in the world got smashed through a wall by an old guy. Boli got up, and made what seemed to be a miniature mountain range right there inside. Zaru thought it was kind of pretty. Until the mini-mountains decided to kill him.


Zaru shot himself into the air, and blew apart the mountains. Then, he shot a gust of air at Boli. Boli easily blocked, but then decided gloating was more fun.

"Do you know what I am capable of? Do you know what I have created? I am currently having a weapon built that is so powerful, it will allow me to wipe out the ENTIRE Fire Nation! And... I've said too much, haven't I?"

"Yeah." Zaru said, "You did."

"ANYWAYS," Boli held up folded up paper. "THIS is the order to execute operation 66." He walked next to a mail shoot. If he dropped the paper in that, the order would be sent. Zaru sent a wave of fire at Boli. A rock wall came up between them. Boli twisted his feet, and all of them were encased in rock.

"Oops!" said Boli sarcastically. Though he couldn't see through the rock (that would be so cool), Zaru knew what just happened. He had sent the letter down the shoot. Then, the rocks began to constrict them. Erus was too powerful though. He blasted through the rock in a powerful explosion. The fact that Boli just got knocked through a wall kind of ruined his concentration. Zaru blasted through his own rocks, and helped attack Boli. But, the ground swallowed him up.

"RRAGHH!" Zaru said.

He kicked the ground, which accomplished nothing.

"Zaru, calm down!" Erus said. "Guards are coming, we have to leave!" Zaru opened the door, and saw guards coming up the hall. He shot bursts of fire, but the earth under him rose up, and shot him into the air. Fortunately, that made a great exit. Right through the roof! Unfortunately, it hurt. A lot. Erus and Patola followed him, also shot out be Earthbenders. They ran away.

"Boli's gone!" Zaru said. "Next time we see him, he'll have his... super weapon!"

"Yes, Zaru. This is not good. There's no way we can find out what he's doing in time. We just have to wait, and hope we can fight it when he comes."

Zaru looked grim. "Yes, Erus."

And they went back to the Fire Nation, to await Boli's arrival. Erus put the entire Fire Nation on lock down. Every border was guarded 24/7. Zaru just laid in bed. Throwing up from the stress. Days past. About a week after their confrontation with Boli, a messenger delivered to Erus personally. He told about a "Giant boat, flying through the sky. Bigger than the entire Fire Nation!" Erus did a spit-take at this.


"Umm... yes sir. Should I be concerned?"

"About the weapon, or my sanity?"

"Both, sir."

"Then yes. Be concerned."

"Yes sir."

Erus got up, and yelled for Zaru. He ran in, and asked, "WHAT?! WHAT?!" Erus told him of the massive thing flying through the sky.

"What's he going to do? Have it crush the Fire Nation?"

"No, he wants the Fire Nation as part of his kingdom. He doesn't want it destroyed. Besides, the Lightning Empire is in the Fire Nation, and they are useful allies of his."


The thing that was flying through the sky was making a shadow over the palace. Over the entire Fire Nation.

"This is not good. Not good at all! Do you know what this means?" said Erus.

"What does it mean?"

"I don't know. That's why I asked."


They went outside, and watched as this thing covered the Fire Nation. Erus walked outside, and jumped into the air. Zaru recognized this as him turning into a fireball. But, he didn't burst into flames. He hit the ground. He tried again. And again. He looked like a bunny. Then, "ZARU! I can't Firebend! That thing! It's... a solar eclipse! Boli has made an artificial solar eclipse!"

Zaru got up, and tried to Firebend. He couldn't. "This is bad. This is very bad! No Firebenders! We'll be wiped out in a day! What are we going to do Erus? You're Fire Lord!"

"Umm... Zaru, I appoint you Fire Lord!"


"Now you decide!"

"I'll take it on! That's what we'll do."

"No Zaru! Do you see the size of that..." Erus said, but Zaru had already left. Erus chased after him, and saw him flying. Great. Erus ran after him, and saw him flying up towards whatever that thing was.


Zaru ignored the old man's shouts of complaint, and continued flying up with his Airbending abilities.

"ZARU! YOU STOP RIGHT NOW!" But he didn't. He flew up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and... well, you get the idea. He went really high, until he made it to this odd flying thing. He crashed through it with such force that three soldiers blew through the walls on the other side of the room he broke into.

"INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" This is what guys were running around screaming. Unfortunately, the ship was so large, nobody really heard, and Zaru started throwing guys through the floor, into the Fire Nation below. Zaru kept shooting air through the ship, but it was so large, this accomplished nothing.

He'd probably use the Avatar State to blow it up, but that's WAY too overused, so he's on his own.

Zaru ran through the ship, looking for the room they used to control this massive ship. After twenty minutes, he winced at his own stupidity when he realized they were Earthbending to control the ship. He solved this problem by blowing a hole in the roof, and shooting up to the top of the ship. Here, he saw hundreds, maybe even thousands of Earthbenders. It looked like the entire Earthbending army was positioned on this large UFO.

Zaru started by using Airbending to his full skill, but he soon realized this wasn't enough. If only he could Firebend... Then, the idiot realized he COULD Firebend! He's above the ship! Zaru went crazy with his fire, to a level he would never dare try on land. He shot enough fire to blow several cities to rubble. Of course, this represents a good sized chunk of the ship.

The center of the ship cracked open, and fell apart. Now, the Earthbenders were just making several city sized pieces of rock float through the air. With Firebending restored, the "snipers" (Firebenders) below easily took down the flying rubble. Only one slight problem. IT WAS FALLING ON TOP OF THE FIRE NATION!

BANG! There goes a city. BANG! There goes a city. BANG! There goes a city. It was a disaster. A terrible terrible disaster. Several Fire Nation cities destroyed in seconds. It was all Zaru could do to send the Earthbenders in with it.

What do you know? The good guys don't always win...

Behind The Scenes

When this was being written, there were so many ideas, the chapter got too long. Some had to be cut. They are:

  • A birthday party for Zaru
  • An attack from Blowdart
  • A comical argument between Zaru, and a guard of the Ba Sing Se walls
  • Joo Dee

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