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Avatar - The Story of Miku


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1 -Disbelief

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2 - 8 - 2011

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Miku is in disbelief that she is the Avatar but soon discovers that she is.


"But mom, I already told you- I don't want to be the Avatar. Why don't you get that?" I told my mother.

"It's not your decision Miku. The Avatar has been reincarnated in you. Whether or not you want this doesn't matter. You are the Avatar" my mother replied.

"Well why can't they just get someone else to do it? I don't think I exactly fit the occupation you know."

"Well Miku it may seem like that now but before you know it, you will be a fully realized Avatar." she went on. "Your training will begin soon"

"More training?! mastering Waterbending is hard enough. I can barely do that. And you expect me to learn to bend all of the other elements?!" I screamed. my mom sighs. She doesn't like to argue. She begins to speak.

"Miku it is your duty to-" I cut her off yelling-

"My duty?! Two days ago it was my duty to wash the dishes and now you're telling me that it's my duty to protect the world? No!" And I stormed out of the hut.

My name is Miku. I'm a Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. The conversation you just heard between my mother and me is a conversation we've had many times over the passed 2 days. You see two days ago, on my birthday at that, we received a letter from my father. My father traveled to the Northern Water Tribe to meditate in the presence of the moon and ocean spirits. He does this twice a year. In the letter, my father said that while he was meditating in the oasis where the spirits reside, he had a vision of me bending the 4 elements, making me the Avatar. But I don't believe it. Or at least I don't want to. I'm only 15. I can't leave all of my friends now to become the Avatar! Anyway, after I stormed out I ran into my little brother Kuei, and my best friend kie'

"Hey sis!" yelled Kuei "Wanna go snow surfing?" I love snow surfing. So I didn't decline.

"Sure Kuei!" I replied.

Kuei, like me, has brown hair and blue eyes. He's a year younger than me. And a few inches shorter. His hair is much shorter than mine because he doesn't like having long hair. He keeps it short and spiked. I have long hair that reaches close to the middle of my back. Kie' is beautiful. She has black hair and blue eyes, and is nearly the same height as me. I'm about 5'8. She has long hair that reaches down to her waist and she keeps it in one long braid. Kuei is also a Waterbender. He's not as good at it as I am, but he'll get there. Kie' however is not a Waterbender. But she is highly skilled in the martial arts style capoeira. She's also very skilled with wooden batons. She carries them in a case that she carries on her back. Their carved from pine trees.

I get my board from in front of my hut and run back to them.

"I heard the news Miku," said Kie', sounding concerned. "Are you okay?" she asked next. I shook my head left then right.

"I'm not the Avatar." I tell her half believing it. "I can't be. I've never bended any other elements. Just because my father had a day dream doesn't mean that I'm the Avatar. I'm fine Kie'."

"Good." she says smiling. "Because I don't want any 'I feel bad' excuses when I beat you down this hill." Kuei laughs. He laughs at nearly everything Kie' says. I get on my board and Waterbend the snow around my feet into ice to keep my feet attached to my board. Kuei does the same. One of us could do the same for Kie' but she prefers to ride her board without her feet attached.

"We'll see about that!" I yell and I jump down the hill and start snow surfing down it with Kie' and Kuei laughing behind me as they follow.

I'm in the lead. Behind me, Kie' sees a pile of snow formed like a ramp and grabs her board as she hits the ramp, and flies through the air and right over my head to take the lead. She's very good at jumps. Kuei who is a speed monster so to speak, begins Waterbending the snow into a path of ice under his board. He begins picking up more and more speed as he begins to pass me and Kie' at mock 10 speed. I yell to him that he should slow down. But he does the exact opposite.

He begins bending the snow at his sides into water which he uses to lather up the ice and increase his speed. Sometimes Kuei doesn't know when he's going too far!

"He's going to win the race!" Kie' yells.

"No he's going to hurt himself!" I yell back

suddenly the unthinkable happens. Kuei hits a small crater in the snow and flies off his board. I try to bend the snow into water and grab his feet but he's going too fast, and there's a tree right in his path!

"No!" I yell. What I did next must've been pure instinct. I throw my arms out. The unthinkable happens again at this point. As I throw my arms out, I fly back as fire blasts out my hands and destroys the tree. An exhilarating feeling runs through my body as I hit the fluffy white snow. Kuei hits the snow also. He gets up wide eyed as I lay there in disbelief. I stand up and walk to the bottom of the hill where Kuei and Kie' are standing. I get to the bottom of the hill.

"Did I do what I think I just did?" I ask, out of breath.

"That depends on what you think you just did." Kie' answered. How could she be sarcastic at a time like this?! I'm staring at them.

"Tell me what I did guys." I say nervously. I don't want the answer.

"Miku you just destroyed that tree...... With Firebending!" Kie' says.

I drop to my knees and hold my head in my hands. My disbelief shattered. I knew it was true now.

I'm the Avatar.

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