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Spinning the serpent
The Story of Kai Leu Chapter 6 The Healer
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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 The Healer

After the setting the forest on fire and eventually fleeing from what could have been Yu Song we arrived at the smallest town closet to the Fire Nation. The real reason we came here was because Dianle's arm was starting to swell and if there was one person who could fix it, it was the healer.

"Who's the healer?" Kyalin asked getting of Nauru as we started walking toward the town.

Dianle held on to her hand as we started to walk, "She's a live spirit more than a spirit really. She's a human with the power to do more. She's unexplainable. She's...The Healer."

Kaino started to pour water onto Dianle's hand to make it feel better. We continued walking.

"Wow this town is small, I think my house is bigger than it," I say then regretting it because I start to get disturbing looks. "I mean I think. Probably not, I guess."

Finally we arrive at the town. There are small houses and tents everywhere. In the middle is a grand house three times as big as all the others. That was the house of the healer. We soon enter in quietly.

"Excuse me," I say first since I was the one who took the etiquette classes around here. "My friend is badly injured so I was wondering if you could-"

The lady in the room was old and had gray hair tied up. The room was filled with green, blue, and red mats. She didn't turn around, "Wait, you must first come back in this time without shoes and bow to elderly. Being proper is all you need in life to guide your way."

I do as she says and then she welcomed all of us in kindly. She then took Dianle privately into a separate tent in her house. She calls it the patient tent. The rest of us wait in the front.

"What do you think she is doing back there?" I ask to Kaino.

Kyalin was in the restroom so Kaino and I were finally alone, "Do you think that her healing powers will work?"

Kaino looks at me like I am crazy, "Of course it will! Did you see the way Dianle talks about her, why would she lie?"

Ever since Dianle has been taking walks with Kaino, Kaino has been acting differently. I think maybe he should take a session with the healer. Maybe a mental one, "This healing session might take a while. Want to go see what's outside?"

"Sure," Kaino answers and we both leave strolling around town. We both point out things that we see. It was really enjoyable. From the red tents to the gravel road we never had so much fun. Finally Kaino said we should head back to the tent so we walk back peacefully. I look deep into Kaino's blue eyes. They were just like the sky today. There was not a single cloud in sight.

"That walk was really fun," I said as we enter back into the house. "Maybe we should take bright day strolls again sometime."

"Yeah..." Kaino replies uneasily. "Dianle and I were supposed to check out the awesome views tonight, but since the whole injury and all we might just hang out here and look at the stars."

"Good for you," I say a little upset that Dianle already planned times to hang out with Kaino before me. "Who knows when our fire bending stuff will start up?"

The Healer comes out of the patient tent with no emotion on her face, "Your friends hand is very badly hurt."

"Well, is there a solution?" Kaino asks demanding.

"Yes, but one," the healer says back to Kaino. "The only way to heal your friend is to travel to the big lake by the end of the town and take off the skinny hairs of the serpents back. But if you do that you're as good as dead."

Dianle stared back at us, "It's not worth it, guys. Don't do it!"

"There's no argument we are going to do this! That's what friends are for," Kaino said angrily with a determined look on his face. Only his determined look didn't look so determined anymore when he caught face to face with the serpent.

"Guys this might not have been such a good idea," I yelled staring to run back. But the next thing I know I am getting picked up into the serpent's mouth. I start to scream. "Help!"

Dianle grabs Kyalin and they start running toward the back of the lake. Kaino runs up to the serpents pushing and pulling the water so the serpent gets dizzy.

"Kai Leu," Kaino yells floating on the water. The water starts to rise and Kaino is holding on to the serpent's back now. "The hairs are too small! I can't get them off!"

"It's not worth it Kaino, run!" Dianle is now crying and Kyalin is at the back of the rocks. Kyalin is now smiling. She runs over to Nauru and opens her bag. Then she hops on Nauru and is swimming in the water.

Even though I am dangling from a beast's mouth I still have enough energy to scream at Kyalin to get out of the water, "Get out of the water!"

Kyalin then throws a bladed pointed stick with jagged rock ends at Kaino. It skins off part of the serpent's skin. The rest falls in the water and Kyalin and Nauru deliver it over to Dianle. Dianle and Kyalin start running back to town. Now that the serpent is in deep pain it gets out of control and flings me to the water. Luckily Kaino catches me and we both land on Nauru.

"Are you okay, Kai Leu?" he asks.

I can't even answer to in shock. We were all soaking wet when Nauru brought us back to shore. We walked back to the healer's house where we meet Kyalin and Dianle already there. Dianle's hand stopped swelling, "In about a week I'll be able to bring my hand back to normal!"

I smile and the healer stares at me, "Well done Avatar!"

"How did you know who I am?" I ask the healer who answers me back with the most simple of logic.

"How many times do you think I see a bunch of kids traveling by themselves?" the healer asks us.

"You will keep that a secret right?" I ask.

She nods and smiles and even though Kaino and Dianle are going on a walk together tonight and even though I'll probably be left alone with Nauru and Kyalin I decided to enjoy my alone time. Dianle and Kaino can have fun together for now. Suddenly as Kaino and Dianle start to leave and even though Kyalin is still sleeping, I laugh hard. I laugh really, really hard uncontrollably, so hard that it hurts. I don't know why but I laugh hard. Really, really hard.

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