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Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 The Quarrel

The next day the air was bright and the sun shone warm. We were all in the remains of Dianle's house. We were going to begin our second fire bending lesson. I had to admit it felt good. Yesterday we learned the basic arts, history, and breathing exercises. I woke up very early to start. I wore a red robe and brown pants under. I even borrowed a top-knot from Dianle. I looked officially Fire Nation. We were going to get on a move soon enough so today we were going to begin. Dianle woke up a little later than the rest of us. I helped Kyalin get into her new Fire Nation robe. Even Kaino wore one.

"Good morning, Kai Leu are you ready for your first real lesson?" Dianle asked me smiling. She had her hair in a braid winded up crissed crossed and tucked beneath her head out of the way.

"I was born ready!" I told her.

We both walked to the edge of the house. Kyalin was busy carving out her comb while Kaino rearranged the camp. There was a wide open space on the back of the house. Most of the garden grass was burned. We continued to the middle.

"Now," Dianle began. "Fire bending isn't destruction, but more of a light or a heart beat extension to your own being. You need to make sure you have your breathing stances ordered correctly so you can have complete focus."

I breathed in and out slowly. Dianle nodded, "Since this isn't exactly your opposite element this should come easily. I'm going to show you a little game I learned how to play when I was younger. The object of the game is to dance around with the fire in and out in the air and all around. If it lands on the ground then you have to extinguish the fire. I also learned this game to bend lightning, but we'll learn that later."

Dianle created a glow of fire and threw in from one arm to the other and then upside down. I took the beam from her and threw it in the air and breathed heavenly. The flame grew bigger and flipped around suddenly it fell to the ground and the grass started to burn. Dianle went up to it and put her hands together the fire went out.

"Great going Kai Leu, in a while you'll soon be as great as me!" Dianle said.

"What does that mean?"

"I'll I'm saying is that-" Dianle started but I cut her off.

"You think I'm not as good, but I'm the Avatar," I announced.

"You're the one who dropped the fire on the ground. All you know is earth so why don't you just listen to my instructions!" Dianle shouted angrily.

"If I wasn't here yesterday that lightning probably would have destroyed the whole town! That was a very considerate thank you!" I began yelling.

Dianle soon walked away. It was like that the whole afternoon. We wouldn't talk to each other or anyone else. Kaino left to the markets to go some supplies with Dianle. Most of the stores were deserted so finding clothes wasn't that hard. When they came back I heard Dianle laughing with Kaino and they started to chat. They then went on a walk around town together. I sat down by the edge of a rock further from the back of the house. Kyalin came over to me.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing much, it's just that today my fire bending lesson didn't turn out well!" I told her imagining how much fun Dianle and Kaino were probably having.

"If you love something let it free..." Kyalin said then she left to go find more weapons in the woods.

I thought for a second what that was supposed to mean. The sky grew bluer and bluer and was prettier and prettier by the second. I knew it would soon get dark, but Dianle and Kaino weren't back yet. I took out my diary and sat on the rock. I started to write:

I don't care if Dianle and Kaino are out together. I'm having enough fun out here by myself. I'm wondering what Kyalin knows about all this. Anyways I have any eye out on Dianle. When I found my book which was hidden under this rock it was wet. I always dry my hands before touching my diary so my first guess was it was Dianle. I have to go confront her when she gets back.

-the girl who only knows earth

I put my diary away and stared at Dianle. She and Kaino had finally came back. Kaino started a fire while Dianle walked behind the house. I stared at her for a full second then I finally began to speak, "You know, I know that actions speak louder than words but keeping this argument on a word basis would be a lot more pleasant."

Dianle stood looking at me shocked, "If you mean that I accidentally fire bended you I apologize."

I laughed at her sarcasm, "I forgive you, but I mean you verbally reading my diary!"

Dianle stood frozen, "I had nothing to do with your diary of yours! How could you even dare blame me?"

"I have the proof, don't try to deny it!" I told her smiling. "You went on an evening walk with Kaino only because you knew it would annoy me!"

"Why? What? I have no idea what you are talking about, but you'll be glad to know I apologize for doing that!"

"Good, apology accepted," I say.

"Good," Dianle says back as she goes to the campfire.

Dianle and I didn't talk during dinner. It was a full moon and the sky was pure black. We ate leachy berries and papaya fruit. Kyalin had collected water from the creek so we drank that as well. Kyalin made jokes and Kaino laughed along only Dianle and I didn't speak.

"What did the moon spirit say to the Water Tribe chief?" Kyalin asked. Before she could answer her riddle she was interrupted by a strange crackling sound.

"What was that?" I asked which the first thing I said at the campfire was.

"I'm going to go check it out," Kaino said.

"I can come with you," I announced.

"I don't know?" Kaino said.

Dianle smiled softly. "Here, I can hold out some light for you."

Dianle held her hand and showed Kaino a beam of fire in his face. It glowed up and down in and out.

"Okay, but Kai Leu I think you should stay here and watch Kyalin," Kaino said softly. He and Dianle walked away into the woods further and further away. I looked at Dianle angrily, but I suddenly took three big breaths and moved on.

"Okay, let's get you in bed," I told Kyalin. I covered a huge robe over her and she lay down on her mat. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't.

"Kai Leu?" Kyalin said softly from under the covers.

"Yeah," I said back.

"I think we should go check on them," she said to me.

"I think so too."

We both headed further into the woods. I held out fire in my hands so we could see. I covered my arms over Kyalin so she could stay warm. Suddenly we bumped into the others. The were shody figures in the mist laying down on the ground.

"Guys, what happened?" I asked looking up at them.

Dianle didn't answer to me.

"There were traps set up in the forest. Sadly Dianle tripped and fell. Her hand is badly injured and we lost all light," Kaino answered for me.

"Well let's get out of here!" I said speaking to soon.

Nets were falling out of the trees. We were all running and screaming in the dark. The more I ran the faster the fire blew out. I was sad to say, but there was only one thing I could do. Set the forest on fire. All the trees started to burn. Dianle started to scream. I made a trail of earth in front of her away from the fire ahead of her. Dianle winked at me. We were back as friends. I saw a shadowy figure we kept running till we reached the camp fire. I extinguished the fire as Dianle showed me in her game that we played and we all hopped on Nauru. Leaving all our stuff behind Nauru started running. I stared back at the forest. The wildfire was all because of me. Kyalin smiled at me though.

"The old trees can grow new ones thanks to that fire," Kyalin told me.

I felt better. I then turned to Dianle, "I'm sorry for accusing you, Dianle."

"Actually now that I realize it I did touch your diary, but only to hide it away from the others. You used all my skills, staying calm and doing what you needed to do to keep control. I guess for now you'll be the fire bender around here till my hand heals!" Dianle told me.

We both hugged each other. I held on to my diary with the strongest grip I had.

"Guys?" Dianle said to us nervously. "When we were hiding I saw a man. A man with dark hair and glowing eyes."

Kaino stopped the eel hound, "Yu Song!"

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