"We can't keep thinking of how things could've of been or how things could've turned out, not matter how much we ask what if it won't change a thing...we must focus on the furture to make the choices that will now guide the matter of why not?" - Kyalin

Fire Nation sunrise
The Spirit Storm
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Chapter 4

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Fanon:The Story of Kai Leu Chapter 5 The Quarrel

Chapter 4 The Spirit Storm

The storm has just begun. I am awake now and we are all huddled on the red mat. Rain pours down and lighting crashes. I help seal the leak on the roof with earth bending. Thunder booms and crashes. We are eating some leftovers from Dianle's food. Kyalin doesn't speak.

"Are you okay?" I ask her as she sits by herself.

"Yes I am." She replies without saying her normal yeah.

Dianle brings us all close. Nauru sat in the other room, "I know! Let's talk about ourselves. I will go first! So let me begin. When I was born I was in the Fire Nation. My family traveled often so we came upon this town. My parents had made up their minds and stayed here. I lived here since. My brother was born a year after."

Lighting crashed outside. I prayed it wouldn't strike our shelter. Suddenly Kaino started to talk, "When I was five my father turned ill. My mother had passed away years before. The men of our tribe came to help him. They all turned ill too. Then he died."

Kaino pulled his knees up. Dianle patted his back. Rain continued pouring.

Kyalin didn't hide her fear at all, "I was a baby when mom died and I got sick too. I was just fine. People predicted I had lost my bending trying to fight the disease. Dad and I played in the snow all the time and it was the best years. It didn't always last. One day dad came home. It started as a cough. Then that cough turned into a high fever I think. People didn't know what had happened. I wasn't there when Dad died. He was in the igloo with his men. It was said he was later buried when I was five. The good old days were now gone."

I looked down at myself. "I don't know what to expect or to say. When I was five my life was the exact opposite. I was rich and I lived peacefully with Jane Lei. People from all over came to visit me and to touch me. I felt so loved."

The rain still poured. Dianle looked like she regretted this story idea, but she kept on anyways, "When my brother was born I got really jealous. Times were tough. Our family soon got very poor. My brother was very little and got all the attention. I was sent out to town to go help out with work. It was hard and bitter, but soon my brother grew and I think my jealously faded away."

We all stared at Kaino. He didn't look very well either. He continued, "It was a meeting being held the same day Dad died. Everyone involved came. Yu Song was included and when he figured out there were just a bunch of little children hanging around the South Pole he immediately wanted us. The people of our tribe were perfectly capable of being with us. I could take care of Kyalin and we could manage. Somehow Yu Song managed to persuade everyone that he would take care of us."

Thunder sounded again. Kyalin stood still, "Where there is thunder there is an absolute change of lightning.

Kyalin continued her story, "We got our official papers documented in Republic City. We then lived in Ba Sing Se. During the days I went to school. Finally I stopped going and I stayed with Kaino. We lived in the barn with his eel hound Nauru who he mistreated terribly. The next things we know there is a war meeting in Omashu. We are speeding to get there."

"I guess it's the same for me; next thing you know I meet you." I say.

"Me too." Dianle says.

Finally Kyalin starts to cry. Soon everyone starts to cry along. We are all hugging and crying with the rain when we suddenly hear a near strike of lightning.

"One Whale Tail Island, Two Whale Tail Island!" Kyalin counts.

The next strike we hear is two quick to count. Suddenly we smell smoke and see fire. Kyalin screams. I have never seen anyone scream so loud. Fire is surrounding the house completely. We are all running out of the house. Dianle is crying very loud and Kaino is trying to make sure everything is safe. Suddenly it's just too much for me. The next thing I know I am flying... and then I awake in Kaino's arms. "What happened?" I ask gently.

Kyalin pours me some water for me. I drink it all up.

"It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. You were in the... Avatar State! In a circling ball of air. You shot out water through your hands. The fire was going out when you finally grabbed all the fire out and soon it's entering into yourself. Dianle, Kaino, and I were all hiding behind Nauru further behind. I was now screaming louder than ever. Now we are in the remains of Dianle's house, I think. "

I smile. Kyalin said jumping up and down. "You extinguished that fire like it was never even there!"

I smiled and soon sat up.

"You've been out since last night. It must have been an affect off your first time," Dianle said.

"So are feeling better since last night?" I ask everyone.

Kaino smiled, "We are here and now is now. Our destinies are here and that's that."

Kyalin smiled as well, "We can't keep thinking of how things could've of been or how things could've turned out, not matter how much we ask what if it won't change a thing...we must focus on the furture to make the choices that will guide the matter of why not?"

"What about the house?" I ask everyone.

"We should leave soon. We might stay a little to rest then we will leave." Dianle says.

The roof of the house is completely blown off. Ashes remain from last night. I soon get out my diary as everyone else lies down.

Kaino is right. Here is here and now is now. I am here and I will do my best to live out my life. Love like you've never felt pain, work like you don't want money, dance like no ones watching and best of all I'm not alone. My friends got my back.

-proud enough to be called Avatar Kai Leu

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