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The Weapon Hunt
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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 The Weapon Hunt

The next day was bright and warm. We had been traveling into a forest when I woke up with a crick in my back. This was nothing like how I woke up yesterday. It turns out even Kyalin was up before me. We had set up a campfire and had blankets set up around. Kyalin was tossing sticks around our campfire. The fire was big enough to keep us warm and small enough to not attract attention. The sun was very bright. Kyalin must have found the bag for her and put on the clothes. It was a little big, but it worked. It was sewed up of thick olive green blanket into the shape of a dress with sleeves. Underneath she wore pants made of the same material. I had once done a sewing class, but failed to do so. Jane Lei said it was because I had no patience. Jane Lei. Kyalin had dirt on her face and leaves in her hair. Kaino was looking just fine and had been wearing an Earth Kingdom gown with green normal pants under. I wore the same thing only my gown had a green silk belt. I got up.

"Looks like you woke up," Kaino said smiling. "Must be a change to wake up in the dirt outside."

Kaino handed me a cup full of berries. Below the berries was a brown mixture of mashed acorn. I used to have them once though it was flavored. This tasted plain, but at least we had food.

"Thank you!" I said. Kyalin came running toward me.

"Kai Leu! Look at this! It's a stick in the shape of a comb!" Kyalin came running slowly. We had all been wearing my fathers camping boots which were even big for me.

I took a look at the comb stick. I think I've figured out what Kyalin may be helpful for. She's good with inventing things with gear. She's the really optimist in the group, "Great job! I'll got wash that in the lake and maybe we can clean up your hair and face."

We left Kaino at the campfire and I brought Kyalin to the lake. I washed up her face and combed up her hair. I even used it for me.

"We should make one for Kaino." She said.

"How? How often to you run into nature made combs?" I asked.

"How often do you run into someone who could make one?" she replied. "It's simple all I will do is find some really strong leaves then I will tie the sticks together to form it."

"Wow!" I replied wading my feet in the water. I took of those big old boots and so did Kyalin. "How can you stay so optimistic all the time?"

"I don't now really. I never saw my mother and crying won't save anything. I guess I've seen my father. He died when I was 4. A couple years later. I don't like to think about it. We are going to the Fire Nation and that's all we can do for now. I think though we might need to make weapons." Kyalin said.

"Oh my Avatar I think I see a weapon in the water!" I shouted and Kyalin jumped right into it. Suddenly I started to laugh. "I didn't expect you to jump!"

Kyalin laughed along and I pulled her out of the water. She was completely soaked. I held both pairs of boots; we both cracked up and started to walk back to camp, "Kaino!" I said to him. "Before we go I think we should go on a weapon hunt."

"A what?" he asked rolling back up all the blankets into the bags. "What happened to you?"

"A weapon hunt! We are going into the forest to try to find something to work with." Kyalin said. "This morning I heard people there. There could be a town and if there is a town there is a map. We have no idea where we are going!"

Kaino sighed, "Okay! Let's first put all the stuff on Nauru and we will go walking into the woods."

We got everything settled. Kyalin took all the sticks around the campfire and put it in her bag. Everything was taken care off. Kaino put all the burnt sticks from the fire into the lake. Soon there was no trace of them. Kaino got on Nauru and Kyalin and I walked beside deep into the forest. We so far passed only trees.

"Look!" Kyalin shouted looking toward the ground.

"I don't see anything!" I said.

"Yeah! Maybe we should pay attention to why we are here. Come on Kyalin this is the fourth time you stopped us for nothing next time you stop us you are going onto Nauru with me." Kaino said.

We all stopped for a little so Nauru could rest. Kyalin ventured further off. I finally reached her by another small pond filled with small little Kuang Ducks.

"Are you okay?" I asked resting my arm against her.

"Yeah I guess so. Well ever since I was really small I could feel things. Like the pile of leaves over there I can feel the heat. I can tell someone stepped there and it walked over to the right. Just no one understands." Kyalin stated looking down at the pond.

"I guess I don't either. But if you say you feel someone I believe you and I demand we travel right!" I announce.

Kyalin smiled. I took some of the cups we had and filled them up in the pond.

"Kuang Ducks never go to the bathroom in water so I'm positive that water is pure," Kyalin said.

"Thank you for the knowledge Kyalin," I wrapped cloth around the cups so the water wouldn't come out. We both walked back to Kaino.

"Did you find anything?" Kaino asked.

We both shook our heads.

"Well this was a total wild goose chase and I'm glad to know this trip was a complete waste of time for everyone!" Kaino yelled.

"Look here Kaino! Maybe we didn't find what we want, but we did find some things we may have not been looking for that ended up nice. I brought us water and cups and supplies. Kyalin has been trying to help this whole time and she's had this positive attitude that you've never had! At least she tried. You've been on Nauru this whole time and you haven't helped one bit now I am going to the right to find the town and finish this as soon as possible!" I yelled out of control and started to walk very fast ahead of the group. When I got as far right as I could go I sat down and got out my diary.

Today has been the first day since I left. Let's just say it hasn't been the best. I'm in the woods alone. But if this means I will get things back to normal I will sit in the woods anytime.

Suddenly I heard a noise. A big noise. It has passed a long while since I stormed off. I never had been alone at anytime anywhere. I started to get really scared. Suddenly it came closer and closer and... "Ahhhhh!" I shouted.

Soon I realized it was only Kaino. He came up from behind me. I looked down.

"Listen, Kai Leu. I'm sorry I was being really rude. Times have been really tough with everything going on. You've really helped me take care of Kyalin."

"It's a girl's touch!" I said. "I'm sorry too. It must be really hard and I know things are confusing for me too, but you're not on your own. I will be here to help you. I always will."

"Thanks," he said slowly. He lowered his hand down to help me up. I smiled. Kyalin came running from behind.

"I'm sorry you had to see me that way, Kyalin. Being out in the wild let me out so harsh." I told Kyalin.

We all smiled and continued out to the direction right. All our faces lit up when we saw across the road was a town.

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