Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Story of Chen in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Story of Chen
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Chen, a young guy grew up on the beaches of Amber Island. Quickly, it was discovered that Chen was a firebender. He didn't had the attitude of the other firebenders. Chen was patient and developed some defense techniques. No one was interested in him. Only his mother Alanie and his best friend Nouly. He never knew who his father was, that coward left Alanie on the moment he knew she was pregnant. However on the moment Chen was born the golden dragon egg hatched and a golden spiral of light shot in the air. The last dragon was born. Now the 14 year old Chen begins his journey to find the truth about his father and meet the dragon to see if it really belongs to him.



Book One: Chapter One: Inside the walls

Chen sits with his back against the wall of a train. The train goes to Ba Sing Se. He had received a note with this inscription: Go to Ba Sing Se, then go to the the third ring. You will meet me there, come please. The third ring of Ba Sing Se is full of dangers. He could easily walk in to a trap. But still...

(The train stops)

The captain says: We arrived in the second ring of Ba Sing Se.. The doors are opening, slowly. Chen finally stepped off that smelly train. Sweat, the only thing he could smell was sweat. Probably from the fat women next to him. The smart kid did not bring very much, just some food, a green kimono, and a brown pants just like everyone in the Earth Kingdom and a sleeping bag.

It is fall so the days are windy. At 3 pm Chen arrived in the third ring. His heart throbbed. Chen tried to act like a normal kid. Luckily he had no burn wounds or scars. Just a normal kid.

He looked around to see if there was some one notable. Nope just dirty men. Meanwhile it was 6 pm it was almost dark so Chen had to hurry. He looked and looked and looked but it was no use.

So he walked back. And then suddenly a hand grabbed him. Chen responded with a fire punch but just before the flames hit that man's face Chen's hand stopped. He looked down and saw the palm of the mysterious man's hand. It was open... Why? A second later Chen knew why, the men is a firebender. Come, we have no time to play. said the voice. And then Chen was pulled intro the shadows not knowing how the man was or where they were gonna go...

Chapter 2

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