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A Farewell to the Past
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Fanon:The Story of Kai Leu Chapter 2 The Weapon Hunt

The Story of Kai Leu: The Avatar After Korra

Chapter 1 A Farewell To The PastEdit

September 21, 263 AG I was born the same moment Korra died. She was 99 years old. My governess told me the stories of how she and all her past lives saved the world and done their duties as the Avatar. I wanted to be like the Avatar; maybe not be one. When I was at age of nine I soon realized my ability to fire bend. I haven't got to learn much of it of cause of my parents. They said I would start when I was sixteen. They brought me to an academy to start earth bending and metal bending. I never learned the other elements. I've always lived as a rich family in Omashu. My family was not king or queen though my father and mother were very important to the political basis. We lived like royalty. My mother got me a governess I was told to call Mam, but when I was alone I called her Jane Lei. We'd laugh and have fun .She gave me this diary to write in. She taught me proper etiquette and never expected anything of me as the Avatar. She has been on of my greatest friends in my eleven years. I had many other friends come over in Omashu. Most of them came from around the Earth Kingdom to visit. I did have a few that live here come though. I don't like to think about it, but I know that this is a world and like all things it isn't perfect. This is a world and it's my responsibility to save it.''

Today I started my day like anything else. I had a gigantic room. I slept in a gigantic bed. I used to have long black smooth hair that matched my light green eyes. Only now since I got it trimmed my hair is to my shoulder and I have shaggy ends. Today when I woke up I felt the sun shinning through my window on the side of my room. I smiled a lifted my blanket of my bed. My mother came through my door.

"Kai Leu? I'm off to town to get some food for the big meeting tonight. You have to remember to be on your absolute best behavior." My mother was always having random meetings were I had to behave really nice. People always complemented my behavior. It feels nice to be appreciated.

I nodded and my mother left the room. I stood in a white gown. I soon changed into my regular house attire. That was a short green gown with the Earth Kingdom insignia and white pants underneath. When I finished changing I went down for breakfast. My governess was already waiting for me.

"Good morning Kai Leu. Did you sleep well at night?"

"Yes I did."

Jane Lei finished eating and washed her bowl. I quickly ate my breakfast in the kitchen.

"Your mother said she told you about the meeting tonight," Jane Lei said to me as I finished up eating.

I sighed, "Well yeah she did. Another one of the legendary meetings."

"Don't say yeah, Kai Leu. You know it's not polite. Any who did she tell you about Kaino and his sister Kyalin?" Jane Lei asked smiling. Jane Lei had long skinny brown hair. She seemed to always have a smile. She then took a seat next to me at the table.

"Kaino and Kyalin?" I asked with a puzzling expression forming on my face.

"Your mother probably wanted to keep it a surprise. Kaino is about your age. Though he's 13 I'm still sure you'll get along. Kyalin is his little sister 8 I think. They're coming over to play with you in your room after dinner. Their guardian is in the meeting. Kaino is a talented water bender I hear. After you eat your dinner politely then you can play in your room."

I seemed to have only heard part of that, "Water benders!"

"Kai Leu you are not to say a single word to them about teaching you. No Avatar nonsense of anything. The world is clueless untill you are 16! Not one word young lady."

Jane Lei left up stairs on the right and I left up the stairs on the left to my room. No on really understands how it is to be me. My governess always tells me that being the Avatar is a grown up matter. How can I wait till I'm grown up? I start to cry on my bed. Tears start pouring out like a river over flowing. When I finally wipe up my eyes are red. I go to the bathroom to wipe off my face. I take out my diary and write:

I'm the Avatar. That is something no on can take from me. I have it in my blood. When the time comes to use my power I will use it. Jane Lei is right. It is a grown up matter. But what is she hiding?

I can't finish writing because I have to hide my diary. The sun is setting and the guests are finally here. I walk slowly down the stairs. My mother already has the table set and the grownups come pouring in. Behind them are Kaino and Kyalin. Kaino is wearing a puffy Water Tribe get up and it's the same for his sister. Kaino has brown hair. Kyalin has brown hair to her back. I welcome them in, "Hi I'm Kai Leu welcome to my house."

They both wave silently and follow to the huge table in the dining room. My mother lays out some rice in bowls with chicken and soup. Glasses of water are in the middle of the table. Jane Lei hands out bowls that are very hot to touch. She boils them in steaming water before handing them out. I wonder why. When everyone gets their plate the adults start to talk about Omashu. Jane Lei serves me giving a hint for Kaino and Kyalin to serve them now. When we finish the adults serve themselves. My father was now speaking to a man with an Earth Kingdom get up. He started talking about the huge attack. I sat confused. I had finished eating, but continued sitting to be polite.

"Why don't you go show the guest your room, Kai Leu?" Jane Lei suggested and I led them up the stairs.

"Well here it is," I announced to them. I showed them to my room. I had a window with a ledge to sit on. I had a big bed, a carpet rug before my bed, toys spread on the ground, a closet with two doors, and a bathroom beside my closet.

"Nice. You're real lucky you have such a nice place to live," Kyalin stated.

"Shush!" said her brother.

"I don't understand," I said sitting on my bed. Kyalin and Kaino sat down too. Kaino looked down and then began to talk.

"Well my guardian isn't our real parents. They died eight years ago when Kyalin was born. I was only five. Kyalin got very ill too, but she managed back to health. Kyalin was predicted a water bender, but sadly she hasn't managed since. Yu Song had been visiting the South Pole because of the meeting being held their. You're parents probably went too." Kaino stated.

"Yeah that's how I met my governess." I smiled then frowned letting him continue.

"So when he figured we were orphans he took us and became our legal guardian and we lived in Ba Sing Se. He turned out to not be the parental type. He was rude to us and forced us to do all his dirty work. We slept in the barn with is eel hound. It was one of the only ones I ever seen trained. I've been thinking of running away, but I don't know where. Ever since the spirit attacks."

"Spirit attacks?" I asked Kaino like he was crazy.

"Ya you haven't heard? The Earth Kingdom was the first under an attack. The Fire Nation was a huge suspect till they got attacked too. No one knows for sure, but our clear suspects are spirits." Kaino told me a then stared at me for a while.

I stared down for a long time, "Where are you going to go?"

"I don't know, but if we do leave we'll have to go tonight with the eel hound." Kaino told me.

"I'm going to tell you something the whole world doesn't know," I said with my head facing down for a long time. "I'm the Avatar."

"You're kidding!" Kyalin shouted laughing.

"I'm not I really am." I said. "I could prove it. My whole life it's been hidden, but it's true."

Kaino looked down. After a long moment of silence he began, "Well if you really want to for fill your duties I guess you could come with us. You obviously need to learn fire bending so we could travel to the Fire Nation some how. Our eel hound, Nauru can't swim very long, but we could find a way through. Once you finish air and fire I'll teach you all I know in water." Kaino said.

"Kaino's a real master!" Kyalin said in the background. I could tell she was taking this all easy like nothing happened.

"I don't know! I can't leave this place. What about my parents. I guess they always seem to be gone, but they love me and my governess. She was my favorite." I said so confused. I put my head up. "You've felt loss more than I have and I know that. You've lost your mother and father and fell upon a horrid man. I want to go with you. I really do! It's my destiny to save the world and I won't be gone forever. But how will fire bending help. It won't teach me about spirits? How could I abandon my family?"

"Maybe once you know all elements you'll find a way," Kyalin suggested playing with puppets on the floor. She didn't mention anything I said about my family. I never have seen anyone so easy going.

"I guess you're right," I said tears falling down my eyes. Kaino gave me a quick hug. I got down some special paper and started to write down my letter.

Dear family,

I love you more than anything but I heard of the attacks. I am the Avatar and it's my responsibility. Please do not go after me. I will be leaving with Kaino and Kyalin. I trust you enough to understand. Please don't come after me. When the world is saved I will come back. Don't worry I'm fine. You do not understand Yu Song like we do. Kaino and Kyalin have a story. But this is my story... There is a world and like all things it's not perfect. It's the Avatar's destiny. It's my destiny. It's the Avatar's story. It's my story. Our story.

Kai Leu

Shed with a tear sent with bliss'

I wiped off my face. We were ready to go. I got lot of bags and packed lots of clothes. I mixed-matched some of my own into boy clothes for Kaino and my clothes that didn't fit me for Kyalin. I got weapons and useful tools. Maybe Kyalin could learn something with them. I took my diary along too. Every time my mother and father left for meetings they would give me 20 silver pieces. I brought all my left over money along too. I opened my window and sent down a rope. We all slid down it. My window was left open. I spread a green blanket against Nauru's back. I attached string to our bags and leaned them over her back. I looked back at my house. I whispered good bye and Nauru started running.

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