The Storm
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February 4th, 2013

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The South Pole

Chapter 1

Aang struggled against the strong wind gusts over the ocean. Appa growled in frustration but continued to push on, determined to keep himself and his master out of danger. A large bolt of lightning struck so close the bison's hair stood on end and blinded him. Unable to see, he was thrown horribly off course.

In the darkness they tumbled, the sky and ocean blending in a confusing array of colors, water and flashes of lightning. Aang frantically yanked at the reins but Appa could not right himself and the two crashed into the icy waters.

Deeper and deeper they sunk but Appa had no strength. Aang was quickly losing air and would soon be unable to breathe. Just at that time his tattoos glowed brightly, a massive cocoon of air billowing around him and Appa. The icy grip of the water combined with the air slowly began to freeze the water surrounding the two. Aang felt a calming sensation as a bright light swallowed his vision, but suddenly a huge dense of doom gripped him. This sensation was so powerful that Aang snapped out of his trance and found immense power flowing through him.

"Appa! Yip-yip!" he commanded, his voice booming.

The power flowed through him into his bison and they crashed above the waters surface. The storm barely phased them now and they tore through it, unstoppable. A blue column of light shot into the night sky, breaking up the storm in an instant. It was the last thing Aang would recall.

A warm, wet sensation tickled Aang's feet and he opened his eyes, his head heavy.

"Appa?" he half laughed as the animal continued licking his feet.

They were somewhere cold, Aang saw some sort of village not too far away. It appeared that a group of people were rushing towards them. Aang shakily rose to his feet to greet them. He took a step and realize the ground was very cold and covered in a snowy ice mixture. The group of people soon reached them, all dressed in heavy blue furs and had deep brown skin. One stepped forward and introduced himself as the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.

"An Airbender in these parts?!"

"Please excuse my intrusion....I've had a rough couple of days. I did not end up here on purpose."

"Well tell us child. Why are you here?"

"I was running away from home. They tried to separate me from Gyatso."

The Chief spoke up, "I have heard this name before, his legendary abilities are spoke of around the world. Why did they try to split you two up?"

"Well..." Aang hesitated, "Because I had to go to another Temple for extra training and they said he was too attached to me emotionally."

"But you already have the Master such a young age. What more could you need?"

Aang swallowed hard, it was still tough to say, "It's because I am the..."

The Chief raised an eyebrow as Aang hesitated, "The what?"


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