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The Stone Soldiers
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 5

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20 December, 2010

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A New Way to Train

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Stone Soldiers Versus Omashu

This page is about the chapter. For the group, see Stone Soldiers


Zaru and Erus leave the Western Air Temple, and sneak into the Earth Kingdom. They meet a secret group of teenage rebels.


Zaru was in the Western Air Temple. There were dummies on little stands. He blasted each one with a gust of air. Two blew off their stands, the other hadn't budged.

An old man called Erus walked into the training room.

"Now Zaru, how do you expect to defeat the Earth Kingdom if you can't even knock three dummies off their poles?" he said, though he seemed to be joking more than asking.

"Shut up, Erus," he said.

"You must master Airbending Zaru. Now blow. Blow with all of your might!"

Zaru inhaled as much air as his lungs could hold, then blew out. But instead of air, fire came out.

"Zaru, Zaru."

Zaru got a good night's sleep, and woke up early to train.

"Another day of training. I know you need to be the Avatar, but really? Are you going to eat?"

"I want to lead an attack."


"Every minute we don't attack, Boli gets stronger."


"THEY KILLED MY FATHER!" Zaru screamed.

"Zaru, I miss Greef just as much as you-"

"NO! YOU DON'T!" Zaru stuck his fist through the wall. "IF YOU CARED AT ALL, YOU WOULD HELP ME KILL BOLI!"

Without thinking, Zaru shot large amounts of fire at Erus. If Erus was anyone else, he would have been fried instantly. But Erus was Erus. And Erus took control over Zaru's fire, and extinguished it.

"Okay. We will leave immediately."

And at that, they got on their boat, and left. It turned out, that was a good move. There were multiple Earth Kingdom ships on the other end of the island, waiting to ambush them. They were able to sneak onto their boat, and sailed off. They sailed for days, until they got off at the shore of the southwestern Earth Kingdom. (The farther they're from Boli's palace, the better.) Fortunately, they made it to the Earth Kingdom without any problems. Unfortunately, once they were in the Earth Kingdom for five minutes, they were attacked by Earthbenders.

Erus shot a lightning bolt at the Earthbenders, but a rock shield came out of the ground.

"WHO ARE YOU?" the Earthbender asked.

"We're earth soldiers. We just came back from a top secret mission at the Fire Nation," Erus said.

But that wasn't the right thing to say. On the words earth soldiers, he shot a giant boulder at them. Erus shot it with another lightning bolt that caused it to shatter.

"I am the Avatar!" Zaru said, "We have come to defeat the Earth Kingdom!"

"I am Heesu! Proud member of the Stone Soldiers!"

"I don't believe I'm familiar with the stone soldiers," said Zaru.

"We are a team of rebels. Our goal is to defeat the Earth King, and liberate the Earth Kingdom!" He said it as if he was talking to a crowd. "I'll take you back to the Stone Cave," and he led them to a mountain. They climbed up about half way, and he knocked on the rock.

"It's Heesu!" When he said that, a portion of the mountain opened.

"Umm... can't any Earthbender bend the door off?" Erus asked.

"Sure," he said, "But I'd like to see them bend this sheet of metal off!" and with that, they walked inside.

They crawled for a moment, but then it opened up to a big cave-like room.

"I! Heesu Saro, have found the Avatar!"

There were about twenty people in the room, and all of them cheered.

A teenage girl walked toward him.

"My name is Stroe Vintrel. I am the leader of the Stone Soldiers," she said, "We are going to defeat Boli."

Zaru said nothing.

"You've got that right!" Erus said.

"There is one problem though," Stroe said, "the Earth Kingdom stole our sacred scroll. Retrieve it, and you're a member of the team."

"I'll-I'll do it!" Zaru said.

Everyone cheered again. Zaru walked back out the way he came. He walked all the way to Omashu, where the scroll was being kept. He eventually entered the boundaries of the city. He wished Omashu was still under control of a separate king, but when Boli took over, he took full control over it. He was disguised as an earth soldier.

"You! Why aren't you guarding the castle?" a general asked. Zaru couldn't believe his luck! He was being led straight to the scroll! The soldier escorted him right up to the castle door with two other guards.

"I'm going to be... talking with the citizens," and on talking, he put an evil smile on his face.

Zaru stood by the door with the other two guards for about five minutes. Then, he swung his arm, and hit the first guard in the face, then he swirled around, blasted the oncoming boulder with an air blast, and then turned the air on the other guard. He ran inside the castle, and met a general. They only got that rank when they showed they were very powerful Earthbenders. He blasted fire at the general. He raised a column of earth to block the attack, then gave himself rock armor and charged Zaru. Zaru tried to blow him away with a blast of air, but it deflected off of the armor. The general shot a rock at the ground so hard, it caused a concussive blast. Zaru blasted a combo of air and fire at the ground to propel himself up, and landed on the armored general, knocking him into the ground. Zaru then blasted a sheet of air under the general to levitate him into the air.

"Urrrgghha!" Zaru grunted as he tried to lift the Earthbender. He couldn't hold him much longer, not with his inexperience with Airbending, so he slapped the general with a whip of fire right when he dropped him. He hit the wall, and Zaru finished him off with a stream of fire so hot, he melted the armor off.

He ran up the stairs, and found the scroll. He grabbed it, but twenty more soldiers charged into the room.

"You're under arrest for theft of the scroll!" one of them yelled. "Good thing they don't know I'm the Avatar," he though to himself, "or they would kill me right away!"

He shot a wave of fire at them, then jumped out the five story window with the scroll. Halfway down, he gathered enough air to slow his landing. It still hurt though. A lot. He grunted when he hit the ground, and limped back to the Stone Soldiers Cave. He eventually got back.

"Good job!" Heesu said, "You got it!"

Stroe walked up. "Congratulations. You are the newest member of the Stone Soldiers."

Zaru gave her the scroll, and she locked it up. To him, that had been enough of an adventure. He had no idea what was coming.

Behind the Scenes

The first paragraph is very similar to the first paragraph in The First Chapter. It is used to show how far he has moved forward in so little time.

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