Roku bending the four elements
"Those who bend death itself
shall surely die."

The Stone Isle
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It was a quiet night for the tavern, if such a place could ever one of those. Eyes darted across the room. A door had been slammed shut, and someone stomped to the bar. He wore clothes that probably had been nice once, but now the rich clothes looked old and worn. This man had tan skin, as if he had been in the May sun for too long. His pants came down a little pass his knees. If you looked closely, he had a scar that began near the cuff of his pants, and it probably went must further up his leg. His shirt was a little small on him as he was very muscular. His shoulders were broad and sturdy. You could tell by his face he was obviously Earth Kingdom. Dust was under his eyes and on his forehead, so he did not look clean. His hair was cut in a military fashion. It was short in the back, and in the front, not a hair touched his forehead. He had a small beard at the bottom of his face. He walked as if he was marching; this was a proud man. He sat down at the bar and pounded his fist on the table to signify he wanted a drink. People resumed whatever they were doing: drinking, cheating at Pai Sho, or just being chicken-pigs. The man looked around the room. He was not used to such "social" settings. A lady came and asked him if he wanted a drink. So he looked at the lady as if he had not heard a voice that had talked to him in a long time.

A few people had resumed to stare at him as he conversed with the bartender. They had knives and swords strapped on their back. They stared particularly at his wallet in particularly as he paid the woman for his drinks. His wallet seemed deep and full of coins. These people were obviously paying close enough attention for people to notice. The man even began to take notice. With a straight face, he stared back at them. His eyes were dark and menacing. It was almost as if he was telling them, if they were going to dare attempt robbing him; he was going to take them head on. He sipped his juice slowly. Tension began to fill the air, people all across the place were watching. The regulars could easily tell there was going either going to be a mugging or at least a fight. Greed finally got the best of one of the thieves. He moved to the seat at the bar. The Earth Kingdom man made not a sound. The thief was tapped him on the shoulder. The Earth Kingdom man attempted to introduce himself as Brig, but the thief pointed under the table. Brig looked under the table and saw the man had a knife. The thief motioned his knife to hand over the cash. The Earth Kingdom man uncomfortably laughed, and the thief laughed to. When the laughing stopped, Brig literally punched the man in his face. The man fell to the floor with his face all bloody. Brig looked at the men who had been staring at him so intently. They yelled their curses and charged at him. The man stood up and stomped his feet. The floor came up and knocked two of them off their feet. The crowd watched with anticipation as they realized there was an earthbender in their midst. Brig put his fist through the floor and brought up to earth disks. He hurled them at one of the bigger guys. The thieves all bloody and bruised backed away from the earthbender. It was clear they were outmatched. Brig began to walk towards them again, this time on the offensive. A small hand grabbed his arm. It was the waitress. She told him that they did not serve neither earthbenders nor aggressors here. She also told him that he was lucky he did not call the troops on him. He was shocked, but he did not try to explain himself. Brig stormed out of there with dignity. This time when he stomped, however it actually left imprints.

As the night progressed, he found himself alone in the wilderness and hungry. His money did him no good in the middle of nowhere. The forest seemed peaceful enough. The frogs lulled him into a sleep.

"Sir, the Fire Nation is sending a battalion out as we speak," the words came out of the mouth of a small skinny boy, not even 18 years old. He had just ran into the crude war tent. He was out of breath but he was eager to tell them this news

"Good work, boy," said Brig with a much younger voice. "We now know that they are coming; they have lost the element of surprise."

"Captain, I think it is time to get to the front lines," a sergeant chimed in. "Perhaps, if we hurry we can supply road blocks, so they cannot move with ease to us."

"Excellent idea, Petro. We don't want them to overtake us."

The captain came out of his tent to his soldiers. They all looked at him with respect. After all, this was "The Stone Isle". He had been in countless battles, and had served the army ever since he was a teen, and his youth made him all the more favorable. His earthbending was beyond amazing, some would even say it was legendary. All the soldiers stood at attention from behind the barracks. They saluted him with utmost respect.

"Send out some of the scouts to earthbend some obstacles about the camp. We need to defend the town."

"Yes, sir!" they all yelled back. Brig watched proudly as the men did there duties. He had planned out his strategy and knew his men were strong enough to take on any Fire Nation troop. Sergeant Petro ran up to him. Brig could tell by his face that something was wrong.

"What is it, sergeant?" he asked with much confusion.

"Sir, the other scouts did not come back."

"So they are late then," Brig said as if to downplay the issue.

"No, sir. They are all dead-" Sergeant Petro was interrupted by the somber Captain.

"How? They are the finest scouts in all the Earth Kingdom. Are you sure? Surely you have not found any bodies," Captain Brig could not even look at Petro.

"I am afraid we have. Well what was left of them. They are all mangled and burnt," the sergeant managed to hold back tears as he said this. "We have no clue what has happen. All the second squad reported seeing were lines in the dirt. The lines literally just went over the bodies."

"What kind of horrible things has the enemy done?" Brig smashed the earth as he fell to his knees.

"Sir, do not let them see you like this," Petro advised. "It would not be wise to discourage them."

"I am sorry. I am passionate about my troops. About defending Rodar. About serving the Earth Kingdom. You are right. We must stay strong in these time. There is no time to mourn in such a war."

All of the sudden they heard it. The loud humming of a machine. It sounded like that an animal makes when it wants to scare off something, like hissing and roaring. The ground was being kicked up so all you could see was a thick cloud of dust and smoke.

"Men get to your post!" yelled Brig. "This town shall not fall!"

As the Fire Nation got closer they could see the vehicles closer. They had treads on the bottom that was like nothing they had seen before. The metal it was made of was a dark color and seemed to be either iron or steel. Some of the men on the front line fled and hid. One man, however, walked to the front. The hero whom they called "The Stone Isle" was unafraid to take his place on the front line with his fellow soldiers. He was quick to make a massive wall of earth that encased the barracks. The engines seemed to cut off for a second. For a second, they thought they had out smarted there foe. Suddenly with a loud roar, they watched as grappling hooks shot over the wall and latched on to their side of the wall. The machines literally had climbed over the wall like it was nothing.

"Hold your ground, men," ordered Captain Brig.

The tanks rolled into the camp fire shot out of them, powered by the savage firebenders. Soon the camp was overrun with them. Men were going down left and right. Brigs managed to flip a couple of the tanks over, but he knew it was a lost cause. He watched in horror as Petro fell on the battle field, burnt and mangled by the tank.

"Petro!" Brigs yelled as he rushed to his side. It was far too late. Petro had lost limbs and he had been wounded beyond repair. Brig unleashed his wrath on the Fire Nation platoon. He smashed the tanks with boulders, he impaled them with jagged stone, and he even managed to destroy several tanks. It was not soon before he had been out matched. Brig was surrounded by several tanks, and all of them had him in their sights.

"Hold your fire!" said some type of leader who rose out of one of the tanks. "This is the great "The Stone Isle". Let us treat him the same way he treated the soldiers at the Battles of the Red Mountains. Let us crush him under rocks and impale him on stones."

"A single tank shot a blast at Brig's leg. He fell onto the ground as the heat burned the legs. At this moment, he knew he could not fight any longer. When he fell, he allowed the earth to swallow him up and he made himself a cave where he could hide until the troops were gone. He had underestimated his opponent, and it had cost him dearly. The body of Petro haunted him.

Brig awoke from his dream to thick smoke and in a cold sweat. He knew what smoke meant. Fire Nation soldiers were probably to careless with their fire. He felt hungry, so he went to look for their camp. He had walked for a while, when he found the encampment. There was a couple dozen soldiers there. He knew they would be know problem to him. Brig saw they had food and he had not eaten anything in a long time, only a drink or two. Finally he made his move.

"Stop right there!" yelled a foot soldier as he enter their camp. He laughed at the foot soldier. He moved his foot and the ground swallowed up the soldier from the chest down. Brig immediately made the traditional earth disks appear from the ground. He launched it had two people and they were knocked down. Several firebenders came after him, he quickly made a wall of earth and slowly launched pieces of it at them. When the firebenders launched volleys of flames, he brought up another wall. He took a large boulder and through it at them with both his hands. Brig chunked it at them and they were squashed under its weight. The remaining troops all ran off as he totally wrecked their camps. He was now all alone again. Brig took a piece of komodo-chicken and tasted it. He proceeded to eat it. Brig was not proud of this act, but he rationalized it in his mind. One day he'd do something about this. A more permanent solution must be reached. The Fire Nation was going to pay for their acts of evil and cruelty. Brig would be glad to be their punisher.

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