Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Star Wars-Avatar Crossover in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Star Wars Avatar crossover part 1.
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General Grievous's ship came out of hyperspace. "General sir we have arrived in a unknown system," a control droid said to him. "Look for a planet that can support life and me and Boba Fett will go down in a shuttle to look for fuel!" Grievous howled.

"Roger Roger." the droid said. Meanwhile, back on Earth Aang and Katara were looking at the sunset in Ba Sing Se. They were now both 20 and their marriage was tomorrow. "Oh Aang it's so beautiful!" Katara said romantically. "It's a shooting star; Make a wish." Aang said. "Oh come on Aang, you don't believe that kid stuff," Katara said playfully. They shared a passionate kiss before making a wish. "I wish that we were together forever," Katara said. "Wait that isn't a shooting star, it's a object! A flying object! Let's go and check it out!" Aang said.

Chapter 2

"What a primitive planet. Archaic technology pathetic!" Grievous shouted as he shoved his way past scared people. An earthbender cop stopped him. "What are you! You're coming with me!" He motioned to 3 other officers who surrounded Grievous. They shot their Earthbending cuffs and Grievous, Grievous pulled out a lightsaber and cut them all in half. He then growled and let his cloak drop revealing all the lightsabers he had stolen from jedi he killed. He extended his 2 arms into 4 with a lightsaber in each hand as the cops looked on in absolute terror. Grievous moved forward cutting the first 2 officers heads off. He then motioned to the silent Bounty hunter Boba Fett who pulled out his flamethrower and ignited 1 of the 2 remaining officers. He then shot the last. "Too easy" Grievous laughed. "This better be worth my pay" Fett said. "It will boy just remember that I could kill if I wanted to!" Grievous shouted. A crowd had now gathered around them. Grievous shoved his way through the crowd while Fett uselessly said apologies for Grievous's behavior to the crowd as they walked through.

Chapter 3

By the time Team Avatar arrived at the scene Grievous was long gone but 1 Magnaguard's navigation systems had been damaged by the crash and now it was wandering aimlessly through the streets. Aang walked up to it. "Excuse me sir do you know where these criminals went?" Aang said as he showed the Magnaguard a photo of Grievous taken at the seen by a witness. "That is my- General Grievous he will conquer th- thi- this pathetic world!" the damaged Droid said with error. He then turned his electrified staff on Aang and electrocuted him knocking him out. Team Avatar put a barrage of bending on the droid but to no effect. Even Toph's metalbending had no effect as the droid was made of the finest platinum durasteel. It wasn't until Sokka plunged his sword into the droid's photoreceptor(it's eye) on its chest that the droid was defeated. Katara looked at Aang's wound. "It's bad but I can heal it" she told the rest of the group. "Good" Sokka said.


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