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The Standoff
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After Avatar Korra has arrived in Republic City, the council decides to end me once and for all, but we won't defy. We will stand till the bitter end.


After Avatar Korra arrived in Republic City, I had to play the next card, so my men and I organized the next gathering: The Revelation.

"So, here we are the red mark on the map. We are going to strike the building, with the firebender mark on it. That is the Agni Kai Triad's base. Lieutenant here will give you further orders when we get there, but make sure no one gets away. Next, it will be the Triple Threat Triad," I told my men.

"Yes sir," they all stood and saluted.

"You are dismissed," I told my men. "Lieutenant, are you ready to take down the Agni Kai Triad?" I asked him firmly.

"Of course," he replied.

The Lieutenant and his men travelled to the Agni Kai Triad's headquarters, down in the Dragon Flats Borough, while my left hand man travelled to the Triple Threat Triad's base. So they came back with the news to share, sitting around the flat table in my office.

"So, when my men and I ambushed the Agni Kai triad, they were swiftly taken out by the chi blockers, and were thrown into the truck. After that, a police truck came after us, attempting to take our truck down. My chi blockers, however, did an excellent job of taking the truck down, especially Lo, he took the courage to go head on against that metalbender," the Lieutenant told us.

"Wing man, how did the ambush go?" I asked my wingman.

"Well ... The Triple Threat Triad, hired some extra muscle. I even heard one of them was a famous pro-bender. As we ambushed, Lightning Bolt Zolt managed to resist our attacks for awhile, but as soon as I threatened to kill all his men on the spot, he surrendered himself to us. As we got them all on the truck, Avatar Korra and her friend arrived at the scene, attempting to take us down. We nearly captured the Avatar and her friend, but her beast would have nearly crushed us," the Wingman told me.

"Good thing you didn't capture her, because I will receive the Avatar myself," I told my Wingman. "Both of you did the Equalists proud tonight," I told them both.

"Yes sir," the Lieutenant, and wingman said before they left.

"You'll need your strength tomorrow at the gathering," I told the two of them.

The next day passed quickly as the dawn of a new Revolution unraveled itself at night. My wingman then announced.

"Please welcome your hero, your savior, Amon!"

As I continued to state my intentions, it was about time the public knew what I was capable of, so the triad members captured were the perfect test subject.

"Now, for a demonstration. Please welcome, Lightning Bolt Zolt. Leader of the Triple Threat Triad, and one of the most notorious criminals in Republic City."

"Boo!" The crowd screamed.

"You're going to regret that pal!" Lightning Bolt Zolt told me.

The Triple Threat Triad leader attacked me with his firebending, and lightning, to my surprise. I had to make that move, but yet I still couldn't believe he could resist against it so well.

"Wha ... What did you do to me?" The leader asked.

"Your firebending is gone forever," I told him.

The rest of the Triple Threat Triad members were too intimidated to face me at all, so they whimpered in their biggest nightmare. All except for one earthbender, who told me it was a 'misunderstanding', before the Avatar and her friend showed up to save him. They escaped, but this was the perfect opportunity to tell the Council.

"As soon as we found out about your 'Revelation', I knew I had to be the city's savior. I thought what I did was right, but I was wrong, all along," My brother told me.

After hearing about the attack at our training centre, and the Avatar's announcement to duel me on Avatar Aang's Memorial Island, the Lieutenant questioned me: "Can you take on the Avatar?" He asked me.

"Not yet, because I want to save her for last. Taking her down now would spark a bigger hatred against our cause, and benders from every nation would rally behind her to take us down at any cost," I replied sternly to the Lieutenant.

"I'll gather the men, and we will head to Avatar Aang's Memorial Island," the Lieutenant stated.

As we got there, we were ready to ambush Korra, who thought we were a 'no show'. This then led to the growth of Tarrlok's Task Force intent on taking us down. So we decided to screw up the finals of the Pro-Bending match after Tahno came to see one of the Chi Blockers, who later told me his intentions of rigging the match, by using a chi blocker to disguise as the referee. I knew his intentions were bad, and we just simply decided to ambush the Pro-Bending Arena that night, after their victory.

"Wait, please don't do this! I'll give you the championship pot, I'll-I'll give you everything just please don't take my bending!" Tahno pleaded with his life.

It was nothing more than just a walk out of the park for him. He didn't even care about his friend's welfare at all. He truly deserved that.

After the Avatar, figured out Hiroshi's involvement with the Equalists, we decided to get that Warehouse worker to slip the note, as we waited patiently down there to ambush the search party. Mecha tanks were stationed around the workshop, and the Lieutenant overlook the capture of the group. We nearly got everyone until Hiroshi's daughter came in and took out Hiroshi and the Lieutenant. For causing so much pain over the whole operation, we stripped the metalbenders of their bending.

Three days later, an urgent news broadcasted across all the radio stations, interrupting their regular schedule.

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this special report. Late last night, Equalists attacked City Hall, subduing Councilman Tarrlok and capturing Avatar Korra," the radio broadcaster announced.

"Amon, you need to hear about this. Councilman Tarrlok blames us for the kidnapping of the Avatar at City Hall last night," the Lieutenant told me.

"So, he decided to shift the blame to us. It looks like the search for the Avatar could lead us to Tarrlok," I told the Lieutenant.

I then headed to the intercom room and made my public announcement.

"Good morning, fellow Equalists. As you heard, Councilman Tarrlok has put us in the ditch for capturing the Avatar, an act we haven't done. I need some of you to come with me on the search for the Avatar, but I need all of you remaining here to keep your eyes peeled, and make sure no one infiltrates our base. When I'm gone, the Lieutenant is in charge. Keep up the good work," I told my men seriously.

So a few chi blockers and I drove down to Hiroshi's mansion to begin Operation: Revival.

"Hiroshi, could you help us locate Tarrlok?" I asked the Captain of Industry.

"Well, you've come to the right man. I can track any car, created by Future Industries. I just need the number plate," Hiroshi told me.

"Have you guys arrived behind City Hall?" I asked a few of my men.

"Yes sir. There appears to be a Republic City Police Department automobile," he copied.

"What is the plate on the automobile?" I asked them again.

"734207," a man replied.

"Excellent work," I told them.

"Now, Hiroshi, I need you to track this number down: 734207. Got it?" I asked Hiroshi.

"Right on it. It appears he travelled to the mountainside last night, and returned earlier this morning. Now, he's at City Hall with the rest of the Council," Hiroshi said.

"We'll lay low 'till then. Keep an eye on the vehicle. When it leaves, we'll follow it," I told Hiroshi.

It was seven at night, when Tarrlok left City Hall, and headed for his hideout in the mountainside. My men and I followed his truck, and snuck into his hideout.

"You'll never get away with this!" Korra shouted to my brother.

"Amon," my brother surprisingly said.

My brother then decided to take all of us on, using his bloodbending. He got all my men, but the training our father put us through got me used to Tarrlok's grip.

"I am the solution," I told my brother.

I was hesitant to take his bending away, but I had to do it with all my men being there. Next, we targeted the rest of the Council. The Lieutenant electrocuted the Fire Nation Councilwoman, the Earth Kingdom Councilman was toxicated, the Southern Water Tribe Councilman was assaulted, and Tenzin somehow got away. Meanwhile in my airship...

"I can't stand to see Asami fighting alongside... those benders!" Hiroshi told me.

"We'll capture them before long and you will have your daughter back," I assured Hiroshi.

Then we decided to assault Air Temple Island. Again, Tenzin got away with his family, however, we got Chief Beifong under our custody.

After Lin's futile attempt to save the airbenders, she was brought over to Air Temple Island to meet her fate. As the day has passed, the night skies came, where Lin met her fate, before the bloodbending execution began.

"I won't tell you anything, you monster!" The Chief of Police declared.

"Very well," I told the Chief of Police.

Then I proceeded to take her bending away. Some of my men then went after the airbenders.

"Oogi, yip yip!" Tenzin commanded.

As they flew out of Republic City, towards the Eastern United Republic, where some of my men who were stationed there, surrounded the airbenders.

"You are coming with us," a chi blocker said.

"Why?" Pema questioned.

"Because our leader wants you," another chi blocker said.

"Never!" Tenzin exclaimed.

The chi blockers then attacked the airbenders. For a decent amount of time, they were able to hold off my men, until their darling, Ikki, was held captive by one of my men. The family surrendered, and were brought over to the bending arena. However, the Avatar came and ruined everything.

"That was some story, after you left," ,y brother said.

"The two of us together again, there's nothing we can't do!" I told my brother.

"Yes, Noatak," my brother replied.

"Noatak. Hmph, I had almost forgotten the sound of my own name," I told my brother.

My brother notices the electrified gloves and looks over to his brother. He takes one, without me seeing him, however, I knew what he was doing. He unscrews the lid of the fuel tank, placing the electric glove above it.

"It will be just like the good old days," my brother told me his last words, before the speedboat blew up.


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