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The Spirits are a notorious mercenary company known for their deceitful ways and eye for profits. They will take to the highest bidder even if they are already contracted. The Spirits are formed by non-benders and have replaced this with technology and skilled weaponmasters.


The Spirits were formed in the aftermath of defeat; the Equalist Revolution. Many Equalists were left disgraced upon the revelation that their leader was himself a bloodbender. They fled to Ba Sing Se, a massive city they could disappear into. Deciding they would sell their services to pay for their new way of life, they looked for new inspiration. The myths of the Blue Spirit had existed since the Hundred Year War but his successful fighting without bending called to them.

Aang rescued by the Blue Spirit

The Blue Spirit was incredibly important to the style of the company.

The Spirits were formed from this and grew from the population of the great city. They started with hunting down criminals in the city, often earthbenders gangs. The Chi Blocking Spirits soon saw that other varieties in their fighting would benefit them. Soon the Spirits began using both old and new weapons that made each warrior unique to each other. They began adorning masks like the Blue Spirit in order to be all the more intimidating.

The Spirits are notorious for working for the highest bidder even if that means breaking contract. As such, the Spirits are infamous in elite circles. With their profit-centered method they are the second-largest company after the Seasons.

Weapons, Gear, and Training

The Spirits have a variety of training and weaponry for their fighters. They use many styles of fighting and weapons.

Equalist chi blockers

Chi Blocking is the base of training among the Spirits.

  • Chi Blocking: This is the basis of all spirits' training and their fighting, giving them an ability to combat benders.
  • Electrical weapons: a common upgrade amongst members is to use electrical improvements to their weapons.
  • Swords and other weapons have been used in a similar fashion to the Blue Spirit.
  • Stealth: The Spirits are highly trained in the art of stealth, deception, and sabotage. Ambushes and assassination are some of the most common tactics. The Spirits are equipped with devices either for disabling or protection from devices. Smoke, gas, and flash grenades. They use devices in masks to breath even in smoke and gas.

Full-fledged and trained members don masks reflective of their personality. This is important to the Spirits because they don't usually speak while active. Masks are dramatic and intimidating. They often have two contrasting colors such as red and gold.


When a member of the company reaches a certain level of mastery, they may take a name as a 'Spirit'. Some are given based on their personality or chosen by the member in question. A clear example is the Night Spirit, she is self-named for her stealthy activity and quiet nature. Masks often have a look that makes them related to their name, such as the Spirit of Metal's mask, which is black and silver. Mask often retain the black eyes and some taunting or sreaming face.
Night Spirit Mask

A quick sketch of the Night Spirit's mask.

Some examples of names are:

  • The Spirit of Revenge
  • The Spirit of Metal
  • The Night Spirit
  • The Spirit of Rivers

Head Quarters

The Spirits are centered in the massive city of Ba Sing Se. In such a large city, they can disappear but still remain a feared presence in the Lower and Middle Ring. Many of the later members of the company are from Ba Sing Se unlike the founders. As such, many of their cultural views have blended into the company.

This means that the anti-bending of the founders was amplified by the Dai Li-fearing denizens, creating an even more fanatical cult within the Spirits. However, they still take contracts from both benders and non-benders, if only for the purpose of profits.

Several leaders of the Spirits are within Ba Sing Se. The leader of the internal city operations, the Spirit of Metal operates here. The leader of the entire company, The Spirit of Revenge, also resides in the city though it is unknown where.


  • The Spirits are based off Zuko as the Blue Spirit.
  • Like the Blue Spirit and the Lieutenant, almost every 'Spirit' uses dual weapons. The only known exception so far was the Night Spirit, whose single weapon was a backup to her primary dual weapons.
  • One of the forthcoming mebers, the Bat Spirit is partially inspired by CrimsonShogun's Wolf-Batman from his fanon, The Dark Knight of Republic City

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