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The Spirit of Metal
Biographical information

Ba Sing Se, Zhang

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Middle Ring


321 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Personal information

Dai Li

Chronological and political information

Assassin, Mercenary


The Spirits


The Spirit of Revenge

The Spirit of Metal is a high-ranking member of the mercenary company, The Spirits. In charge of the forces in Ba Sing Se, he is a lethal master swordsman.


Descended from the Zhang refugees in Ba Sing Se, this young non-bender was recruited by the Spirits. He showed an aptitude for swordsmanship and took on a pair of his ancestral weapons, though refined.

The Spirit of Metal has remained in Ba Sing Se where he trains new recruits while also continuing out the duties of the Spirits. Along with his leader, he oversees the infiltration of the government of the Earth Kingdom.

After the defection of the Spirits to Omashu in the Fifth Nation War, their biggest payment would be to kill the Avatar or Rishu. With the revelation that Avatar Tala is descended from the Dai Li, many of the Spirits, this master assassin included, have made this hit personal.


As a non-bender, this assassin has to rely on physical traits in order to challenge his foes. He has incredible strength, agility and speed. His training in unarmed combat is to a very high degree, including Chi Blocking.

As one of the best swordsmen in the Spirits, and possibly the world, the Spirit of Metal is deadly with a sword. While he has mastered many weapons, he prefers his unique pair of curved swords whose designs comes from his Zhang Tribe origins.


  • The Spirit of Metal's swords best resemble the Arakh's of A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • The Mask used in the profile is Ichigo's Hollow mask from Bleach.

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