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February 5th, 2012

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The Southern Water Tribe is the fifth chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter was released on February 5, 2012. It is about Team Avatar eventually arriving at the Southern Water Tribe where they receive disturbing news.

The Story so Far

Team Avatar picked up Suki on Kysohi Island but due to Appa getting tired, they crash landed on Whale Tail Island. There, they met a rebellious girl, Ulti, and her brother, Ken Yi. They also fought with the Bounty Hunters, Dai Nero, Arena, and Mago. The team are now heading to the South Pole.

The Southern Water Tribe

~~ The South Pole ~~

Aang smiled as he recognized the area where Katara found him. A lot has change since he was freed from his icy prison.

"That's where Katara and Sokka found me in the iceberg, Toph." Aang smiled and pointed at the water. Aang's smile faded as he turned and blushed. "Oops."

"Yeah." Toph stated. "I can't see anything here. Maybe you should just set me down at Omashu with King Bumi."

"Oh, come on, Toph, lighten up." Suki said. "Sure, it's negative 100 degrees down here but that can't dampen your mood.'

"Yeah, it can't." Toph flatly said.

Team Avatar watched the sea go by as they made their way to the Southern Water Tribe. Katara and Sokka smiled as they neared the shore of the village. A misty fog was blocking the view. Aang smiled and shot a small tornado at the fog. The tornado spun, spinning all of the fog into it and vanished. Katara and Sokka's jaws dropped. The Southern Water Tribe was an exact replica of the Northern Water Tribe just not that big.

"Waterbenders work fast." Sokka said.

Appa roared as he landed in the outskirts of an entrance gate. Aang jumped off and shivered. Suki and Zuko stood behind Katara and Sokka. Momo peered over Appa's head, shivered, and went under a blanket.

"Katara, Sokka, you're back." An old woman said.

"Gran-Gran!" Katara shouted and ran to her grandmother with tears in her eyes. Sokka walked up to them. Katara grabbed her brother and forced her into a hug with Gran-Gran.

"Katara, Sokka, why are you back so soon?" Hakoda asked.

"We found something and we need to ask Master Pakku about it." Katara informed after breaking free from Gran-Gran. Sokka struggled to leave but his grandma had an iron grip.

"Master Pakku is in that tent over there." Hakoda said.

Aang bowed as he took front. Katara, Sokka, Zuko, and Suki followed. Toph turned in the opposite direction.

"Wrong way." Sokka said.

Toph grunted. "I'll just stay with Appa."

"Suit yourself." Zuko said.

Team Avatar walked past the igloos and huts. Everything was so different. Pakku's tent was far from the others with a lake near it. Katara opened the tent.

"Master!" Katara shouted.

Pakku turned to see Katara rushing up to him. She hugged him, realized her mistake, and bowed instead.

"No, no, it's okay." Pakku said and embraced his granddaughter.

"Gran-Pakku!" Sokka shouted and hugged his grandfather.

"Still no." Pakku said. "So, why are you back here? I thought you kids were going to stay in Ba Sing Se for a few months."

"Yes, but Aang found this." Katara walked up to Aang and took the Water Scroll. "Hey!" Aang shouted. Katara turned and showed the Lost Scroll to Pakku. Pakku gasped but quickly changed his expression. "Where did you get that?"

"Aang found it at the Southern Air Temple." Katara said. "Do you know anything about it?"

"The Lost Scrolls were one of the reasons the Order of the White Lotus was formed." Pakku said. "As you probably already know, the Lost Scrolls contained everything about that one nation. That particular scroll is the Water Tribe's."

"Yeah, only a master can open it." Suki said.

"Would you?" Katara asked.

"I may be a Waterbending Master but I swore to someone not to look into that scroll. I'm sorry you came all this way for nothing." Pakku said.

"What do you mean you can't open it?" Katara asked, her voice building up to a scream. "I didn't come all this way for you to say no!"

"No." Pakku calmly said.

Katara screamed and shot frozen water at Pakku. The master swiftly dodged and said, "I'm sorry Katara but it's best that you leave."

"We are not leaving until you tell me why you can't open this scroll!" Katara yelled.

Sokka and Aang nodded. They grabbed Katara's hands and dragged her out, kicking and screaming. "Katara, we can't concern ourselves with these stupid scrolls. I think it's best if we hid the scroll." Zuko said.

"No!" Katara screamed. "And we're not leaving until I get an answer."

She turned and walked toward Toph and Appa. "So, how'd it go?" Toph asked. "I don't want to talk about it!" Katara screamed.

~~ Whale Tail Island ~~

Dai Nero, Arena, and Mago rode their mongoose dragons toward the Rebels' Cave.

"What do you want?" Ulti asked as she walked out of the cave with Ken Yi.

"We have orders to take you with us unless you want to do something for us." Dai Nero smiled evilly.

"No." Ulti said.

"It comes with revenge on the Water Tribe." Arena said.

"I'm in." Ulti smiled.

~~ The South Pole: Zen Berg ~~

Katara walked furiously to a large iceberg known as Zen Berg. She practiced her Waterbending but it wasn't as strong as it used to be.

"Katara." Aang said, walking up behind her.

"What do you want, Aang?" Katara said in a tone neither mad or happy.

"It's okay about the Water Scroll." Aang said. "It's not that important. We should leave before you destroy another iceberg. Hey, that's not a bad idea. Why don't you summon more icebergs and maybe there are other Airbenders in them!"

"Keep dreaming, Aang." Katara said and laughed.

~~ The South Pole: Outside Pakku's Tent ~~

Sokka looked around for Momo. The lemur had stolen his new supply of blubber seal jerky. He poked outside Pakku's tent when he heard a voice.

"I kept the promise." Pakku said. "You don't need to be angry."

"Good Pakku." Another voice said. "If you told the Avatar that I knew, well, you wouldn't have much of a face, now, would you? The Order of the White Lotus are forbidden to talk about it. That's how you repaid me for helping you get out of the Spirit World." The voice stopped talking. Sokka squealed and went behind the tent. He climbed to the top of it. A caterpillar-like creature exited the tent and looked around. Sokka grunted and hid. The creature turned but saw nothing. He returned to the tent. "I must be going now. Remember, nothing." A flash of light shone brightly. Sokka jumped down from the tent and ran. Suddenly, his legs froze. Sokka fell with a thump and turned. Pakku was standing there.

"What were you doing sneaking around my tent?" Pakku asked.

~~ Outskirts of Whale Tail Island ~~

"The Fire Nation princess has outdone herself." Arena said. She turned to see many rebels and Fire Nation soldiers.

"Southern Water Tribe, here we come!" Dai Nero shouted.

The Bounty Hunters snapped the reins of the Mongoose Dragons. They jumped on top of the water. Many ships took off into the South Sea.

"I'm coming Sokka." Ulti smiled. "Whether you like it or not!"


  1. This chapter was heavily tweaked to fit with the plot in Book 2.
  2. Aang was originally supposed to hold a penguin sledding contest but the author thought it will be too childish.

Series Continuity

  1. Aang mentions how Katara found him in the iceberg, a reference to The Boy in the Iceberg.
  2. Sokka said Gran Pakku like he suggested in Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters.

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