The Southern Raiders of a different dimension
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Katara and Sokka were playing that morning in their snowy backyard. Sokka peeked his head out from behind the snow fortress, just in time to receive a snowball to his face by his sister. Katara laughed innocently at her brother. Just then, soot mixed with snow began to fall down from the sky - the Fire Nation had closed in on the South Pole.

Katara told her brother "I'm going to find Mum."

Katara took off for her house and entered, calling her mother. To Katara's horror, her mother was cowering inside at the feet of a helmeted Fire Nation soldier.

The soldier's sinister eyes met the frightened little girl's, which started to fill up with tears of fear.

Kya pleaded "Just let her go and I'll give you the information you want."

The soldier whose name was Yon Rha told Katara "You heard your mother. Get out of here!"

Katara timidly told her mother "Mum, I'm scared."

Kya said kindly "Go find your Dad, sweetie. I'll handle this."

The terrified Katara looked once again into Yon Rha's ruthless eyes. Katara exited her house, leaving her mother to the mercy of Yon Rha.

Yon Rha said, "Now, tell me. Who is it? Who's the waterbender?"

Kya said, "There are no waterbenders here. The Fire Nation took them all away a long time ago."

Just then, someone else entered the house. The newcomer was a stranger wearing a characteristic Fire Nation cloak whose hood overshadowed his face.

Yon Rha said, "Who are you? What do you want?"

The stranger unhooded himself.

Yon Rha bowed before him.

He said, "Prince Ozai, it is an honour to stand before you."

He turned around to face Kya.

Yon Rha said, "You're lying. My source tells me there's one waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe."

Ozai said, "And we're not leaving till we find the waterbender."

Kya said, "If I tell you, do you promise to leave this village alone."

Ozai said, "I'll leave the decision to you."

Yon Rha nodded his head.

Kya said, "It's me."

She held out her hands, defeated.

"Take me as your prisoner," said she.

Yon Rha smiled evilly as he said, "No. I'm afraid I'm not taking any prisoners today."

Ozai grabbed Yon Rha's hand and smiled evilly too.

Ozai looked into a confused Yon Rha's eyes as he said, "No. You are not."

Yon Rha's expression turned form confusion to terror as Ozai swung him straight out of the house. The fight between the Southern Raiders and the Water Tribe warriors stopped as both sides turned to look on Ozai and Yon Rha.

Ozai shouted "How dare you? I quite clearly informed you that the Southern Water Tribe is not threat to the Fire Nation? You were wholeheartedly prepared to execute this woman, when I gave you clear orders to cease all future raids on the Water Tribes. For that you will pay."

He smiled sadistically as he launched a fire blast that vaporized Yon Rha, killing him instantly. As the smoke of Ozai's attack cleared away, the Southern Raiders and the Water Tribe warriors looked in awe at Ozai.

The soldier who would one day become the Southern Raiders commander that Ozai's son and Kya's daughter encounter during their teens in a different dimension that was exposed to the real universe through Nickelodeon said, "Prince Ozai, to what do we owe the honor of being in your presence."

Ozai said, "The honour of being alive."

Meanwhile, Hakoda returned with Katara to their house. Kya was crouching where she was, shocked by the unexpected heroism of Prince Ozai.

Hakoda said, "Kya."

They embraced and kissed romantically. Katara cuddles her parents as high as she could reach, hugging them and crying with fear.

Hakoda shouted "Where is the soldier who was interrogating you?"

Kya said, "The Fire Lord's son came with them. And you won't believe it, Hakoda. He saved me."

Hakoda said, "What?"

The terrified Katara looked from her mother to her father, tears of fright pouring down her innocent face.

Hakoda broke free of his wife and daughter's grasp.

Hakoda said, "Both of you stay in here. I'm going outside to find out what happened."

And so he did. Ozai turned to look at Hakoda.

Ozai said, "My name is Ozai. Son of Illah and Fire Lord Azulon. Prince of the Fire Nation and second in line to the throne. And I see you're that woman's husband."

Hakoda said, "Why did you save my wife?"

Ozai said, "Because your battered tribe is no longer a threat to my plans. The Southern Raiders are here attacking your village against my wishes."

Hakoda said, "What happened to the man who attacked my wife?"

Ozai said, "He dared to disobey my orders. So, I killed him."

Hakoda's expression did not change, but his tone softened when he spoke again.

Hakoda said, "Thank you for saving my wife. My entire village is in your debt."

Ozai's sinister grin lingered as he said, "Yes, it is."

He addressed all the Water Tribe warriors.

He said, "Bring your wives and sons outside, so I can meet them. I promise not to hurt any of them. Leave your daughters inside. I have no wish to see them and will mind if I do."

Hakoda and the other Water Tribe men went to fetch their wives and returned to face Ozai.

Sokka joined his parents and their fellows, crying "Mum! Dad!"

Ozai turned his gaze at Sokka. The prince's sinister eyes met the frightened little boy's, which like his sister's began to fill up with tears of fear.

Ozai addressed Hakoda.

He asked, "You're the Southern Water Chief, aren't you?"

Hakoda said, "Yes, I am."

Ozai said, "We have much in common. I have a wife and two kids. A son and a daughter."

Hakoda said, "So do I."

Ozai turned away. He addressed the Southern Raiders.

"Let's go."

The soldiers followed their prince away from the Water Tribe peasants.

Hakoda said, "What about the War? The Fire Nation took all our waterbenders away a long time ago. You have no idea what this war had put us through, us especially."

Kya told him "You seem to be different from your forefathers. So, does that mean the War's going to stop? Are you going to call it quits and restore peace to the world?"

Ozai laughed sadistically.

He said, "No, the War goes on. Not a long time ago my father passed away. What will be different now that I have claimed the throne is that your diminished culture will no longer be under attack."

Hakoda said, "So, where are you going now?"

Ozai said, "I'm going home, for my coronation."

And so he did.

That night...

Ozai, his wife, and their two kids stood dressed in white at Azulon's funeral.

The High Sage said, "Azulon, Fire Lord to our Nation for twenty-three years. You were our fearless leader in the Battle of Garsai. Our matchless conqueror of the Hu Xin Provinces. You were father of Iroh, father of Ozai, husband of Illah, now passed, grandfather of Lu Ten, now passed, grandfather of Zuko and Azula."

He concluded "We lay you to rest."

The other Fire Sages set Azulon's coffin on fire. The coffin and the corpse it held burned.

The High Sage continued "As was your dying wish, you are now succeeded by your second son."

And so he was, as his second son knelt down and was crowned as the new Fire Lord.

The High Sage said, "Hail, Fire Lord Ozai."

Fire Lord Ozai rose to his feet. His wife held his hand and they kissed merrily. Their children and all their subjects bowed before them. Their daughter was smiling wickedly. Their son turned to his sister and looked ahead, both times with absolute fear in his eyes.

His mother noticed the absolute fear in his eyes and turned to his father.

Ursa said, "Ozai, Zuko's scared."

Ozai turned to his son, approached him, picked him up, and hugged him.

Ozai asked, "What's wrong, son?"

Zuko's eyes were still full of fear as he told his father "I know that impostor's ruthless nature and power-hungry ways. I was often subject to his more cruel behavior."

Ozai said, "And you're scared I'm like that. You're aware of my wrath which could increase ten-fold should I become someone as powerful as the Fire Lord."

Zuko said, "Yes, Dad."

Ozai said, "Look, son. That's wasn't me."

Zuko said, "I know. I'm sorry."

Ozai said, "It's okay. I promise as soon I've restored peace and order to the Fire Nation, that I'll spend time with you."

Zuko smiled. Ozai kissed his face and put him down.

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