Restored Southern Air Temple
The Southern Air Temple
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The Great Walk



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October 30, 2013

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The Patola Mountains

~~The Patola Mountains~~

As I was falling into, what seemed, like my impending doom I could feel the sheer power of the wind, that was holding me slightly afloat on my body. I finally had enough courage to open my eyes and for a second or two, the view I saw was magnificent.

All around me I saw the mountains, the sun,... and then I realized it. I was falling. The Glider closed itself, and I desperately grabbed the now closed staff, as it would help me. I finally looked down and saw for the first time, the ground that seemed to be my grave. And then everything went dark.

"Is he alive?" Said an unfamiliar voice. I slowly regained conscience and looked around. I finally saw the people from my visions.

"Are you all right?" Asked a man with a beard. "You are lucky, that you landed directly on Oogi, otherwise I don't know what would have happened."

Before even thanking them, because they saved me, I immediately asked: "A sky bison?" Finally I realised where I was and who these peoples were. "You're Air Acolytes, aren't you?" I asked.

"No," one of the three children replied. "Don't you know who we are? We are Airbenders."

I looked at the boy, even more startled than before. He took a Glider Staff and threw himself from the Sky Bison, and so did the other two children. A few seconds passed and I saw them again. They were flying side by side, As majestic as one can. They were real Airbenders. "And who are you?" A woman asked me.

"My name is Doshin." I replied. "I'm travelling to the Southern Air Temple." As I continued talking and explaining my story and my "little" adventure, the two Air Nomads were looking ever more surprised and before they could ask me anymore questions, the Southern Air Temple came to sight. I stood up, feeling the wind gusting directly on me and finally saw it. The Southern Air Temple in all its" glory.

~~The Southern Air Temple~~

The three children were all already there, waiting for us at a nearby park. As we landed and got off of the Sky Bison the Fire Airbenders were welcomed with honor and respect by the Air Acolytes. As the small welcome ceremony ended Tenzin introduced me to Shung, the Leader of the Southern Air Temple Acolytes.

~~The Southern Air Temple Council of Elders~~

He and Tenzin escorted me to a small plaza, where four members of the Air Acolytes were already sitting. Shung introduced me to the others and told them my story. Tenzin came to me and said that I should go outside and play with the other kids, and that he'll work out the rest. I bowed, showing him my respects and ran outside, back to the Park.

~~The Southern Air Temple Park~~

As I came back to the park I saw Jinora, Ikki and Meelo arguing about something. As I came closer to them I could see that Meelo was holding a special kind of ball. "Hey, is that and Airball?" I asked. I already knew what it was, since I read the Book about Air Nomad culture.

"Sure is!" replied Meelo. "We're going to play Airball Scooterball, would you like to come?"

"What's Airball Scooterball?" I asked, surprised, that I didn't know anything about an Air Nomad game.

"It's a crossover between Airball and Air Scooter racing," said Jinora. "Each team has to ride an Air Scooter and try to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal."

"Huh, I'm sorry Meelo, but I can't. I'm not an Airbender." I replied.

"Wait, so you've never ridden an Air Scooter?" Asked Jinora. "You've got to try." And as said that she Airbended a small scooter below me, lifting me into the Air.

"Hey, I wanna show Doshin the Air Scooter too!" Said Meelo as he Airbended more wind underneath me, causing me to fly into the air. I grabbed a tree branch, but sadly it didn't hold. As I fell down, Jinora, Ikki and Meelo ran towards me.

"Are you okay?!" Said Jinora, startled with what had happened.

Even though I both my head and bottom were sore, there was only one thing I could reply: "Never better." And I was telling the truth. Finally I was happy, here at my new home.


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