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February 5th, 2013

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Return to the Southern Temple

The Chief stood in shock for a moment before he and the rest of the greeting party bowed low to Aang.

"Umm, don't have to bow to me..."

"Of course we do Avatar"

Aang shuffled his feet anxiously before the Chief spoke again.

"You are in luck Avatar, if you have already mastered Airbending, that must mean you are ready for the next part of the cycle. We have several powerful Waterbenders in the city. A young girl not much older than you could train you, she has an exceptional gift for Waterbending. But it must be blessed from our village Elders, only they can approve the next stage of Avatar training."

"I don't really think I am the Avatar though. I mean I've been around the world to learn discipline as part of my monk teachings but...I never felt connected to other elements."

"That's perfectly normal. Avatar Kyoshi was famous for never bending even Earth before her Avatar training began and she turned out to be quite powerful according to legend. Now let us return to the Village and see what the Elders say, hm?"

And so Aang offered them a ride on Appa to reach the village faster. But the alarming sight of a giant flying beast set off alarms in the Southern Tribe and shards of ice began to fly at them but the Waterbenders aboard Appa quickly dispatched them. Appa landed just inside the walls, only to be immediately surrounded by guards.

"Stand down men. He and his Bison are with us," the Chief ordered.

"Our apologies sir. Ever since we heard what the Fire Nation is rumored to be plotting...and then that crazy story of an Airbender going rogue..."

"Rogue Airbender?" Aang questioned.

"Yes. We have heard some questionable things but no one can prove any of them. Apparently quite a few people from the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom were harmed and all witnesses say it was an Airbender. "

"Well it couldn't be, we are a peace loving kind. It must be an imposter..."

"I'm sure you are right Avatar, for now let us get you to the Elders quickly."

A few of the guards had to double take at Aang to make sure they had heard correctly. One of them whispered into the ear of the Chief, who in turn nodded and mumbled something back.

"I can hear what you said you know." Aang blurted. "No need to be shy around me."

They all gaped in amazement which got a mischievous grin followed by a boyish laugh from Aang. The Chief regained his demeanor and lead Aang to a decent sized temple in the center of the city. They invited him to go in first, followed by only the Chief.

"Not many are allowed inside of here," he explained before knocking on a large wooden door that looked very old and very heavy.

"Enter." called a mystical voice. The door opened, creaking as it did, seemingly on its own, revealing a large chamber with about a dozen men and women sitting in a circle around a large pool of water.

"Avatar Aang. So nice to meet you. Please come in, you as well Chieftain."

Aang was surprised they knew his name and were so casual about it.

"Did you come alone young one?"

"I did..."

Aang was even more surprised to see they did not appear surprised.

"The Spirits tell us much about your journey here. The activation of the Avatar State at such a young age is quite impressive indeed, even if it was unintentional and used to save your life along with your Bison. We have already consulted with each other and received letters from other spiritual counsels across the nations. We agree it is in your best interest to begin Waterbending Training."

"You mean the monks agreed to this as well? How did you contact them so quickly?"

"Word travels fast young one. But yes, they took much persuading and we suspect the spirit of Avatar Yangchen had something to do with it as well, she works in mysterious ways."

Aang could hardly contain his joy and disappointment at the same time. This meant he was truly the Avatar and would never live the calm, peaceful life he was used to. And at the same time the thought of bending another element was almost too much to take in.

"You will begin tomorrow young Avatar. Until then, familiarize yourself with our city, get some food and most important, rest yourself. Tomorrow will be a long day."

Once outside the Chief seemed over excited himself.

"A feast! In your honor!" he declared.

That night Aang ate like a King and soon stumbled into the Avatar Chambers that had been in the Southern Tribe for centuries. Once asleep, his mind wandered...

Images of horrifying war machines, shooting massive plumes of fire. The Air Temples burning against a crimson sky, the smoke black and the air acrid. Two men stood watching the scene unfold, one in Fire Nation royal clothing and the other in Air Nomad robes...the worst part is both men were laughing...the laughing got louder...and louder...

Aang shot up in his bed, the images of his dream slowly faded. He was immediately relieved it was all a dream but at the same time it felt very real. Before now he had never had such intense, violent dreams. Was this all part of becoming the Avatar? Confusion overwhelmed the young boy. He never asked to be the Avatar! He couldn't do the things expected of him! Angry tears forming in his eyes, Aang laid back down, staring at the moon outside before slowly drifting back into an uneasy sleep.

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