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The Sound of the Waves
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We March

The Sound of the Waves

"All this chaos in my mind, I can't hep to recall that which I miss. A beautiful sundown, with the light streaming through the tree branches and the sound of the waves." Tonekai walking home, towards a small but well built house with red rooftops and golden coverings. As he gets closer he notices his mother; a middle aged women with black hair a red robe and a golden medallion in her neck; standing, waiting for him at the entrance. Exhausted after a long day at the bread shop he passes by, not noticing the tears in his mothers face.

"So mum, how was your day? Mine was awesome, Old Baker Zhang almost fell into the oven"- He turns chuckling – "You... you should have seen his face when he saw himself in the mirror, I mean"- laughs again – "He had no eyebrows! Funny isn't it mum?" – He said turning to his mother, but she didn't show any expression, she was still, looking out the window. "What's ..."- takes a bite of bread – "What's wrong mum?"

The mother then turned and extended her hand holding an envelope with the Fire Nation seal. "It's for you" - she said in a quite like voice. He took it with a bit of shyness; he didn't know what to feel. Took the letter out and read: "To who corresponds, the Fire Nation army calls upon your son. By order of Fire Lord Sozin in the act of compromise signed by when born, where we are free to call up in dangerous sit.... What! What's this crap?!!" – turning to his mother with disgust.

"You must go, it's your duty and my responsibility, you bag is made, you must leave first thing in the morning".

"But what about you, I can't leave you".

"Don't worry, when one goes another comes, your sisters coming home soon and we'll be waiting for you"- she smiled – "Now go to sleep"

In the morning, the sun is raising, in the entrance to the house the boy and his mother bid farewell. "Leave with your head up high, and come back the same way, for you're a citizen of a Fire Nation and will and power is in your vanes. Don't forget the sound of the waves the beautiful forests and the absorbing sunsets because they will guide you back, my son" She hands him the golden medallion, the Dragon of Amber, a gold dragon immersed in tree amber, the seal of an honoured family. Then he walks away in the horizon with the sun in his back with his beloved mother looking at him over his shoulder.

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