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By Dr.Doom23 See other fanon and fan fiction works from Dr.Doom23.

Servants of The Criminal known as Dengen, They serve him in hope that he will end conflict and bring peace

The Sons of The Emperor
Biographical information



Republic City

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Whatever they can use

Bending style(s)

all types


all kinds


Dengen, Sairento, Yorokobi


Equalist, the Avatar

Chronological and political information

Army under Dengen






54 years after the founding of Repbulic City a group was formed under the helm of a warlord calling himself Dengen. They believe that this man will lead them to a long lasting peace.


They recently have been protecting others from Equalists and guiding the Avatar at times and other times they help The Equalist and fight against The Avatar making them a group with purely unknown objectives. They only seem to answer to their master Dengen.


All of this faction are split into sepreate groups like the black colored Shibito to the powerful and swift Sabogado to the extremely powerful Pawa on doragon.


PSP 300 Immortals 0001


armored clad warriors known as Shibito clad in black outfit and gray armor and wear silver masks they serve as the ground forces that fight against The Equalists and The Metalbending police force. They are led by Sairento and have been a force of great terror


The FOOT by gloooscap


Sābogādo that are clad in purple robes and gray armor they are swift assassins, they are seen as more dangerous then any force in the Republic City and as such are filled with legend as meeting one will end in a very painful death and as such is a fate most want to avoid. They are led by the mysterious Yorokobi

Pawā no doragon


Pawā no doragon

The Pawā no doragon personally protect Dengen and dressed similar to their master will speaking almost in prefect synchronization. They will protect their Emperor with all there might and have been shown to decimate all that have tried to harm Dengen. What is under their masks are unknown

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