The Snow Storm
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January 29th, 2017

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Plot bunny time! Can't help it, this just popped to mind as my country once again went on lockdown because we had three millimeters of snow.

Korra was slowly getting frustrated. Well, actually, forget the 'slowly'-part of that equation. And also the 'getting'-part, the longer she thought about it. And maybe even the 'frustrated'-part, because that felt like an understatement. She was pissed.

Having made it big in ice hockey had a lot of benefits, and normally, she wouldn't count this as a downside. She'd been asked to come back to her home state of Alaska, to play a game for a charity and do some more work for them. It was for an environmental issue, saving polar bears and seals and whatnot, but the important thing was, she was totally behind it. Expenses were paid, and Korra waived any fee they wanted to give in, on the condition that the charity put it to good use.

That was the good part. The bad part was that it was the middle of winter, she was in Anchorage, and a snow storm had picked up. Now the people here are tough, tough as a two-dollar steak, her father would say, but this was extraordinary. So much so that basically all flights in and out of Anchorage airport had been cancelled.

Now, given the date and the location, that wasn't entirely surprising. What was surprising, however, was how poorly it was managed.

Firstly, getting information about her flight back to Washington was nearly impossible. Korra had to physically go to the airport to get a solid answer, only when she got there, she found out her flight had been cancelled. This was extra bad because she hadn't booked another night in the hotel she'd been staying in, so now she had nowhere to go. Sure, her parents lived in Alaska, but they were in Nome, and the only real way to get there from Anchorage was by plane. She was alone here.

So, she went to the airline desk, and they promised her a room in a nearby hotel to stay the night in. Fair enough, one might think. But then the second problem became apparent as soon as she got in line of the reception area: every - fucking - person meant to fly out from here had the same idea.

Korra loudly sighed as she looked at her phone again for the time. She'd been standing in line here for nearly two hours now, and it felt like she wasn't getting any closer to the desk.

-"Tough day?" a woman's voice next to her asked.

She looked up, checking to see if it was actually aimed at her. This was where Korra was met with simply gorgeous green eyes and a warm smile on a beautiful woman in the line next to her. It was definitely aimed at her. "Yeah, you can say that again. You know, from now on, I'm all for charity work, just not in Alaska anymore."

This made the woman laugh. "No kidding. I was supposed to fly back to Tokyo, and my plane was meant to leave an hour ago." She held out her hand. "Asami Sato," she introduced.

"Korra Young."

-"Korra?" she said, a little surprised. "That's an unusual name."

"I know, my parents are traditionalists. They insisted on giving me a 'traditional' name."

Asami chuckled at how Korra was making air quotations as she said that. "Well, I like it. It's a perfectly good name."

"So what brings you here in the middle of a blizzard?" Korra asked, as she was starting to enjoy talking to Asami.

-"Oh, business. It was dull and tedious, and it's debatable how worthwhile it was for me to fly down here, even before every flight back home was cancelled. We have a research vessel under construction here, and there were a few problems the company decided I should sort out."

"Sounds complicated."

Asami groaned. "It wasn't. My dad, who is running the company, doesn't think I'm capable of handling more important tasks. He still thinks I'm six years old and shouldn't be trusted with anything sharper than a chopstick."

Korra chuckled. She knew she shouldn't be laughing at someone else's misery, but the way Asami was bringing it was just working on her laughing muscles. "Maybe you should talk to him about it if you actually get a flight back."

This made her sigh. "I appreciate the sentiment, Korra, but it's not that simple."

She looked like she was about to explain that, but they were interrupted by the clerk of Asami's line. "Next!" he called out.

-"That's me. Nice meeting you."


Korra watched as Asami went to check into a room and saw that her own line was nearly done as well. She was almost up. Just one person left, and then she could get a room, flop down on the bed, and watch some bad television until the airport opened again.

"Alright, front of the line, be polite, not their fault," Korra muttered to herself.

And then her good intentions were slammed into the ground as someone from the hotel stood on the counter. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very sorry, but we are officially full now. There are no more rooms left in this hotel, but we will try to help you in any way that we can."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" Korra yelled out loud. "I've been waiting in your line for two fucking hours and now you tell me there are no rooms left!"

The clerk hopped off the counter and walked up to her, as she was yelling the loudest. "Miss, please calm down, it's an unfortunate situation, but we can't help it either. I'm very sorry it has come to this, but I promise you that we'll help you in any way that we can."

"Yeah, yeah, you said that in your little speech, but do you really think there is even a single room left in Anchorage for tonight?"

-"Miss, if you just stay calm, we can work towards a solution."

Korra took a deep breath, trying to remember what her coach had told her. 'Getting angry won't solve anything,' Tenzin's calm voice resonated through her. "Alright, fine. But I don't have anywhere else to go. I'll be fine with a sofa and a blanket, if you have something like that."

This actually seemed to relieve the clerk as well. "I am sure we can arrange something like that."

-"Korra," another voice interrupted them. She looked up, surprised to see Asami. The businesswoman seemed a little hesitant but did continue. "I have a room. If you're up to it, we can share."

"Wait, what?" Korra said, raising an eyebrow. "We met five minutes ago, and you're offering me to stay with you?"

-"Necessity is the mother of invention," Asami smiled. "Besides, a good friend once told me that sharing with a fascinating stranger is one of life's true delights. I have a room with a king-sized bed, just to warn you."

She thought about this for a moment, but really, there wasn't much to think about. It was either staying in a warm bed with a gorgeous woman, or spend the night on a miserable couch in the hotel lobby. "That's very gracious of you, Asami, thanks."

-"One condition though," Asami warned with a stern expression, which had Korra a little worried, but she soon lightened up. "You're buying us dinner."

The athlete chuckled. "You got a deal." She immediately turned back to the hotel clerk. "Buddy, makes us a reservation for two in the restaurant in twenty minutes, I think you owe us that much."

Even though there was a brief moment of him looking a little annoyed, he was quick enough to smile. "Certainly, Miss."

Korra smiled as she turned back to Asami. "Well, I think we have to unpack. Lead the way."

Their room was high up in the hotel, which would have provided them a nice view over the city, were it not for the massive amounts of snow coming down and the general darkness caused by the late hour.

The room itself was nothing special, just a bed, a television, and a little bathroom in the corner. Still, Asami sat down on the foot of the bed and turned on the news, trying to see if that could tell them anything useful, but it quickly turned out that it couldn't.

It was all just more doom and gloom about how flights were cancelled and people were stuck in terrible traffic and all such things, every news station trying to outdo the other by finding the most spectacular wreck to film from the best angle. After a grand total of five minutes, she turned it off again. "Well, that's not going to help us."

"No, it's not," Korra bitterly remarked. She tried to call Tenzin, her coach, but there was no signal. Obviously, really. Instead, she just wrote him a quick email to let him know she couldn't make the training tomorrow and hoped for the best. "Alright, this is all an exercise in futility. How about we just go down and get that dinner I owe you?"

Asami chuckled again. "Sounds good to me."

The restaurant was packed, obviously, so Korra already figured that they should order quickly if they wanted any kind of choice. Asami looked like she was struggling to choose, though Korra couldn't fully figure out why. "You know you don't have to worry about prices, right? Even if I didn't have the money, and I do, I'm just gonna claim this back from United for sticking me in a full hotel."

-"I'm pretty sure that's not how it works. You get your hotel reimbursed, but you'd have to pay for the meal yourself."

"We'll see about that," Korra smugly replied. "I'm gonna bleed them dry for every fucking penny I have to spend here. Couldn't care less about the money, but I do care that I have to rely on the kindness of strangers to get me out of their mess."

-"What is it that you do for a living to make you so care-free?"

Korra smiled. "Professional ice hockey. I live with my dog Naga, don't have any kids, I have a nice apartment in Washington and a motorcycle to get around on, what more do I really need?"

Asami smiled. "That's one way to look at it. Though a car for when it's raining would be nice."

"DC traffic is terrible, I'd rather take the subway."

-"Sounds reasonable enough."

Korra turned back to her menu, because she was hungry. "Hmm, the Black Angus looks good, wouldn't you say?"

The dinner itself was pretty good, and they made pleasant small talk. Well, not that small, really. They agreed that the US was basically fucked with Trump at the helm, that Asami's job could have been a lot more interesting if her father let her have more responsibilities, and that Naga was very cute, even when she was just a small picture on Korra's phone.

Soon though, they were getting some funny looks from other people, and they decided that since the hotel was so busy, it would probably be best to skip dessert, or maybe just order it for room service so that other people could have their table.

But just as Korra opened the door to their room again, the lights suddenly went out. "What was that?" she asked, not sure what to make of it.

-"Must be a power failure of sorts," Asami remarked. "Not surprising, given the weather outside. Just give it a minute, it'll come back on."

But it didn't. After five minutes, Korra started getting impatient. She spent most of her day waiting for people to tell her to fuck off, and now she ended up in a room that didn't even have light.

After ten minutes, Asami started getting a little twitchy as well. "Alright, this is taking them quite long, and I don't know how long the battery of my phone will last. I'll go ask someone from the hotel."

Another ten minutes later, she came back with a sour expression. "Which do you want to hear first, the good news or the bad news?"

Not good. "I'll take the good first, thanks."

-"Well, the good news is that they have a diesel generator in the basement for cases like this. The bad news is that they forgot to fill it up with diesel after the last power outage."

"You've got to be kidding me."

Asami shook her head. "I promise you, I'm not. But I'm starting to get cold now, so this looks like a good time to break out the hoodies. Not like anyone can see me anyway."

Korra chuckled, and she helped Asami find her suitcase by holding the flashlight they had. She was fine for now, Korra was used to this weather, but getting power going again was kind of necessary. "So what now?" she ultimately asked.

-"Do you have any games that don't require light?"

"A few, but those all require drinks, and I don't have any on me." Then a thought appeared in her head. "Although..." She walked over to the minibar and, upon opening it, smiled when she saw that it was full of small bottles of alcohol. "All these poor bottles," she smiled. "We should really save them before they go bad."

Asami laughed. "Korra, those are 30 percent alcohol. Do you really think there's even a small chance something happens to them?"

"Well, can't be too careful. How about a game of Never Have I Ever?"

-"Fine," Asami continued to chuckle. "Guess it's as good a way as any to kill a boring evening."

"It's an even better way to kill your liver." Korra grabbed all of the bottles and threw them down on the bed, before sitting across from Asami. "One swig for everything you have done?"

-"Hmm..." Asami hummed. "How's your alcohol tolerance?"

"Pretty good. I grew up here in Alaska, we don't drink for fun, we drink to stay warm!"

This got both of them laughing, though Asami seemed to have her doubts. "Not sure that's really fair, I don't have any tolerance at all. Then again, my life has been pretty boring. Bring it on."

Oh boy. You're probably gonna get hammered again. "Alright, since you're the challenger, you can begin."

-"Okay..." she mumbled. "Never have I ever... played a drinking game before tonight."

Korra could practically hear her grin through the darkness. "That's hardly fair but okay." She took a quick swig and tried to think of something that Asami would have done. Surprisingly difficult, given how they didn't know each other. Then she realized that the question she should ask was obvious. "Never have I ever... not taken a swig in 'Never Have I Ever'."

Asami took a drink at that one, but when she spoke up, she sounded surprised. "Really?"

"Yeah, mostly because our games turned into matches who could get the rest drunkest the fastest, and since I did a lot of things, I was an easy target." There was something weird about talking to someone she knew was there but couldn't see. It really was pitch black in the room, and even though Asami couldn't be more than three feet away, Korra couldn't see her. "Come on, next one."

-"Alright, let's see... Never have I ever been to Washington D.C."

"Oh for the love of..." Korra quickly took a swig. "Never have I been to Tokyo."

Asami chuckled as she took a gentle sip of her small bottle. "Yeah, I guess I had that one coming, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did."

-"Okay, time to spice things up a little." Korra seemed to hear a little bit of a slur in her voice. "Never have I ever had sex in a car."

Korra took another swig of her bottle and smiled. "So we're already touching on sex. Kinky."

-"What's it actually like, sex in a car? Kind of wanted to try it, but it just feels a bit wrong."

The athlete chuckled. "It's a bit awkward and cramped, but then again, if you do it with someone you genuinely care about, it'll be a good story to tell. Plus, there's something exciting about stealing your dad's car to do it."

Asami laughed. "You didn't..."

"We did! Actually, she did. She was pissed at her dad, and he really loved his car, so she got her revenge by having sex with me on the driver's seat."

-"Wait, you're a lesbian?"

Korra suddenly felt a hint of fear go through her. What if Asami felt uncomfortable with that? They were in the dark and were about to share a bed for the night. It felt intimate, and she couldn't deny that Asami was attractive to start with. She probably knew that herself, so that just left the question of whether or not she had a problem with it. Best course of action was probably just to gently probe. "Yes... Are you... okay with that?"

-"Sure I am," Asami laughed. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well... We are gonna share a bed soon, and you know, not everyone is equally open-minded about it."

Korra was a little surprised when she felt Asami reach for her hand across the bed, but it was a nice sensation. "Hey, I don't have any problems with it. You haven't done anything inappropriate, so I don't have anything to worry about."

This relieved Korra immensely. They continued to play their game for a little while longer, but it wasn't long before they were starting to feel the cold seeping in because of the broken heater.

Now that both of them were slightly tipsy, they quickly brushed their teeth and put on an extra layer before climbing under as many blankets as they had. It was close and intimate, mostly because of the darkness, but Asami somehow found a way to make that a little more apparent.

-"Korra?" she asked with a small voice.


She hesitated for a moment. "I'm cold... Do you mind...? I mean, is it okay if we..."

Korra smiled. "You mean you want to cuddle?" For once, she wished she had light, because it was impossible for Asami not to be red as a tomato now.

-"Yes..." she admitted very softly.

It just made the athlete laugh. "Now who's being inappropriate?" she smirked. "It's okay though, sharing is caring, after all. Come here." Korra felt Asami scoot closer towards the center of the bed and wrapped an arm around her waist, making her the little spoon. "That better?"

-"Yes," she replied on a whisper. "You're nice and warm, you know that?"

Korra chuckled. "I was born in this neck of the woods, yes, I know." She let out a content sigh and relaxed into their new position. Asami was a little on the cold side, but they fit together nicely, and Korra wasn't too bothered about the cold in the first place. On top of that, Asami smelled nice.

That thought may have been a little creepy, but it was also true. Besides, she was spooning her, it was pretty hard not to notice how she smelled, so she might as well enjoy that it was a pleasant smell, right?

Even though that was a pretty weak justification, Korra decided not to dwell on it. Instead, she relaxed into the body of the woman that she had an amazing night with, a woman that she hadn't even known before a few hours ago. Asami's words from earlier sprung to mind again, and it made her smile.

Asami was nothing if not fascinating.

Some of you may have picked up on it, but Korra's last name is a little nod to John Green's Looking for Alaska. I've become a big fan of vlogbrothers recently. And of course, Asami's line of sharing is something that Iroh said to Toph in "The Chase" of ATLA. Love that line, and I thought it fitted surprisingly well here.

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