By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.
The Snow Queen
Princess Yuki/The Snow Queen
Biographical information

Sorceress (By Blizzard)


Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribes



Physical description


Hair color


White (After turned to be the Snow Queen)

Skin color


Blue (After turned to be the Snow Queen)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water, Ice Staff


The Avengers, her father, Water Tribes


Blizzard, Mandarin, Green Goblin, Mr. Lemur

Chronological and political information

Princess of the Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

The Snow Queen (episode)

The Snow Queen is the current princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Her genetics was transformed by the cosmic energy from the comet that she had touched.


355 AG

During the night, the comet that fell from the outer space had crash in the field. Princess Yuki has already took down the barbarians that stolen foods of her people. Between the way back to the Royal Palace, she accidentally found a comet that is glowing. She's touched it and she was shock and start to get feel the headache and fall asleep. The snow storm had come and covered over her body. Next day, the soldiers drag her out from the snow and bring her back to the Royal Palace. When she's returned, she accident sneeze out as ice in front of her father, his soldiers and his servants.

360 AG

Escape from the Northern Water Tribe

Five years since she got the powers of ice, her powers are getting only stronger and stronger everyday. One day her skin start to change into blue, hair into white and temperature in her body was turn to be negative and now can't control herself and freeze everything and everyone she's touched. To save people that she loved and be called by vizier of her father as sorceress, she's escape from the Royal Palace to the mountain far away somewhere that no one will find her.

Meet Rakki

She accidentally met a spirit name Rakki who was really hungry like her. He felt sorry for her and decided to bring her back with him to his cave. He's gave her his remaining food that was not that much. After he fell asleep, she's surprised him by turning his cave into a giant palace that was made of ice. He came to ask her why she did this and she's said, "Reward for helping me." After getting the answer, Rakki's tears started falling because no one had been friendly to him like this when he leaves the Spirit World. She now lives with Rakki and the Ice Creatures.


She is a sweet, lovely, caring and a very good girl. Her father was proud of her for her courage and sacrifice to people of the both, North and Southern Water Tribe.




As princess of the Northern Water Tribe, she can use waterbending. She's even can give waterbending to the people who don't have it.

Ice Powers

After she touched the comet that was filled with cosmic energy, she can use powers of ice as she wanted. She can fly, turn everything into ice with her touch and shoot ice ray with her powers.


  • She is the most beautiful girl in the Northern Water Tribe.
  • She is based from the German fairytale The Snow Queen.
  • After her escape from her home, her only friend is Rakki.
  • Because the Ice Creatures are mindless, she's not count them as her friends.
  • In Japanese, Yuki means "snow".
  • Her life is inspired from the life of Queen Elsa from a Disney Movie named Frozen.

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