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The Sky Terrains
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Qing, Miya

Notable members



Republic City


To reduce the amount of Waterbenders and Firebenders.

The Sky Terrains are the main antagonists in Skies and Airbending.



Due to the decrease of spirituality in the world, the amount of benders are decreasing. TheEarthbenders are suffering the most from this. The amount of them was the same as Airbenders. Although the amount of Airbenders was at the highest since the Genocide it had actually stayed the same for the last fifty years. The status of the two groups had declined socially and are considered the minority, even below nonbenders. Many from both groups were upset from the social changes and joined together. They have named their group The Sky Terrains.

Assassination of the Avatar

On the night Kumo was born, Avatar Yuri was murdered by a lone member of the group. It was the first major accomplishment for the group. However, the assassin was arrested a couple days after and was sentenced to death.


Their goals are still the same: take down Firebenders and Waterbenders numbers. However, Avatar Kumo arrived in Republic City to help bring them down.


The organization has two separate districts: one for Earthbenders and another for the Airbenders. Each district have their own meetings weekly with monthly ones together. They have one leader for each district: Qing is currently the head of the Airbenders and Miya is the leader of the Earthbenders.


  • The group name comes from their elements: "Sky" is for Air and "Terrains" is for Earth.

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