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The Sky Bison Polo Championships is the sixth chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender. It was released on February 12, 2012. Note: The author doesn't know anything about polo and this is made up from his imagination.

1 BG

~~Journey to the Northern Air Temple~~

Aang sighed, forcing his eyes to stay open. The visit at the Fire Nation has put him behind schedule. He blinked once. To make up the time he lost, he had to stay awake for two days straight. He was still nowhere near the Northern Air Temple and the championships were only a day away. The Airbender sighed. He was losing the battle to stay awake. Finally, he surrendered. The Airbender slept. Everything was peaceful. Everything was quiet. ROAR! Aang opened his eyes. "Appa, I was trying to sleep!" Aang shouted. Appa growled. "Sorry." Aang smiled and rubbed Appa's head.

It was clear that Appa didn't want Aang to rest if he couldn't. ROAR! "All right, let's find somewhere to camp." Aang said. Appa roared and descended into the Earth Kingdom. A small creek was nearby. "Nice place." Aang said. Appa roared and turned over, landing on his back. Night had fallen. There was no way he could make it to the Northern Air Temple. "Sorry, Southern Air Temple." Aang said, and curled into a ball on Appa's tail. He closed his eyes, drifting into a long deep slumber.

~~The Northern Air Temple: Night~~

"Where is Aang?" Mia asked. She walked into the room where her friend was supposed to be staying. Only the monk, Gyatso, was there.

"I don't know, Mia." Gyatso said. "He should have been here by now."

"Do you think he's okay?" Mia asked.

"I'm sure of it." Gyatso said. "Go get some rest. We have a big game tomorrow."

Gyatso led Mia out of the room, closing the door behind her. She looked up at the moon, looking for the silhouette of Appa. Nothing. "Where are you, Aang?"

~~The Northern Air Temple: Morning, Sky Bison Polo Rink~~

"Welcome!" A man named Monk Anaunsa said. "Airbenders from all four temples. It is my pleasure to announce that the first round of the four round Sky Bison Polo Championships is about to begin. First, we have No, and her bison, Seibu from the Western Air Temple."

A girl about age 14 walked into view. Her brown hair was over her shoulders. The sky bison, Seibu was a girl as well. Seibu was large but not as big as Appa. She was wearing the standard Sky Bison Polo clothes.

"Facing No and Seibu, hailing from our very own temple, two time, Sky Bison Polo Champion and still our champion is Aka and his sky bison, Kita!"

The side of the Northern Air Temple erupted into cheer. The Southern, Western, and Eastern watched in disgust but applauded as a sign of good sportsmanship. Aka and Kita walked out. Kita was twice as big as Seibu. They were each wearing the standard Sky Bison Polo clothes. The arena was huge. The temples all sat in their own side. Mia frantically looked at the sky for any sign of Aang. It wasn't his match yet but Sky Bison Polo Games are only thirty minutes, many less.

"We shall start at the gong!" Anaunsa said. "Oh, and as a special treat we are playing on the No Restrictions Rule!"

The Western and Southern groaned. No Restrictions Rule was practiced by the Northern and Eastern Temple only. The gong was hit. Seibu and Kita flew five feet into the air. Anaunsa walked to the middle of the rink and Airbended a one-ton ball up. Aka swung his bat, knocking the ball over Seibu and flying toward the goal.

Kita flew under Seibu, chasing the ball. No Airbended a powerful blast of wind at Aka. His club flew out of his hand. Aka jumped into the air, kicking a powerful gust of wind at the ball. The ball flew into the middle goalpost, giving Aka ten points. He smiled, only ninety more points to go. No slammed her fist as she got the ball. She flew straight at Aka and Kita. Kita build up speed and charged at Seibu. At the last second, Seibu moved toward the left. Aka gasped as No hit the ball with the end of the stick. The ball spiraled into the top goalpost. The Western side exploded into cheer. No had gotten twenty points.

"Looks like the lead goes to No!" Anaunsa said.

~~Journey to the Northern Air Temple~~

"We're almost there Appa." Aang said. The Airbender smiled as the Northern Air Temple loomed into view.

~~The Northern Air Temple: Sky Bison Polo Rink~~

"And the winners are Aka and Kita!" Anaunsa shouted.

At the last second, Aka had gotten the ball into the top goalposts when it was ninety to eighty. No and Seibu landed. Aka and Kita followed suit. The two competitors exited the rink as Anaunsa continued to speak.

"Now, from the Eastern Air Temple we have, a wonderful young lady and her sky bison, teaming up under the name, Azuma!"

A sixteen-year-old woman and her sky bison walked onto the rink. The Eastern Air Temple cheered. "Now we have from the Southern Air Temple, Aang and Appa!"

The Southern Air Temple exploded into cheering. The Northern, Western, and Eastern side looked at the gates. No on was coming out.

"Well, it looks like Aang and Appa aren't here. The winners by default are - ROAR!"

Anaunsa stopped. He hadn't roared. The Southern Air Temple watched in delight as Aang and Appa landed in the rink. Aang jumped out, "What happened did I miss the match?" Aang asked.

"Nope, you got here just in time." Anaunsa said. "Ring the gong!"

Aang boarded Appa as Azuma took off in flight. In a matter of minutes, Aang had won the match. The Southern Air Temple exploded in cheers once more. They could win the championships. Something that hadn't happened in a long time.

~~Male Contestants Changing Room~~

Aang had just finished changing out of his monk clothes. For the championship, you have to have agility and a smart mind. The shirt was orange with a symbol of the Air Nomads on the back. The front had a symbol of the Southern Air Temple. The pants were red. Aang put the black gloves on.

"Aang!" Mia shouted. "Whoa, you look different."

"I know but it's standard issue." Aang said. "Right, Appa?"

Appa roared as he stuck his head into the window. He was wearing brown armor over his body to protect him fro wind blasts. Appa licked Aang, sniffed the air, turned around, and ran after food.

"You better win!" Mia ordered.

"As if." Aka said, coming into the room. "The Southern Air Nomads haven't won a single game in over a century. He'll be toast before the gong even rings."

"I remember you." Aang said. "We met outside the Chamber of the Councils in the Southern Air Temple." Aang held out his hand. "How you been, hotman?"

Aka looked at Aang as if he was a little weirdo. "Um...the match is starting, you better hurry up." Aka turned and ran away.

"Good to see you again." Aang shouted.

~~The Northern Air Temple: Passage~~

"Where were you Aka?" Afiko asked "I was changing, Dad but I have to tell you something." Aka said. "The southern boy. Isn't he the one that we met in front of the Chamber of the Councils when we went to the Southern Air Temple?"

"No." Afiko lied, hiding the fear in his eyes. "He isn't."

"But he told me himself." Aka shouted.

"Aka and Aang, please report to the rink for the match." Anaunsa shouted.

Aka walked toward the rink as Afiko followed. He stroked his beard in wonder. The Avatar has finally revealed himself.

~~The Northern Air Temple: Sky Bison Polo Rink

Azuma had won third place. No and Seibu had lost but they had gotten second last year. Aang and Appa flew five feet into the air. Aka and Kita flew five feet into the air. The gong rang. The ball was thrown up. Aang shot a blast of air at the ball, shooting it over Kita's head. Appa flew under Kita as Aang jumped over her. He opened his glider, flying over to the ball. With one simple kick, the ball entered the top goalposts. He landed back onto Appa. "That was close, I'm not allowed to touch the ground." Aang said.

Aka grabbed the ball and smacked it with the club. Appa flew in front of it and blew up. Aang smacked it as hard as he can. The ball barely missed Aka's head as it entered the top goalposts again. Aka smiled evilly. He grabbed the ball and threw it. Aang readied to hit it but Aka Airbended it over Aang. The ball entered the middle goalpost earning Aka a ten. Aang grabbed the ball and flew over to the goalposts. He smacked it with the club. Aka frowned and shot a small gust of wind. The ball moved to the last goalposts. Aang got five points. "Oh well." Aang smiled, laughing.

Aka closed his eyes. He had to beat the southern kid. He had too. The way he had too much fun. No one can have that much fun. The boys continued to play and soon it was Aang with a ninety five and Aka with a sixty. Aang laughed as he and Appa headed toward the last goalpost. Aka and Kita were close behind him. The game had gone over thirty minutes.

"I'm not going to win." Aka said to himself. "But neither is he!"

Aka lowered Kita to the ground. He brought her right under Appa. "Go!" Aka yelled. Kita slammed into Appa. Aang struggled to maintain the ball. It flew out of his hand. Aang shouted and jumped after it. Appa roared. Aka smiled, blocking Appa's path. As soon as Aang, touched the ground, he will be disqualified. Aang braced himself as he neared the ground. He noticed his tattoo.

"I know!" Aang shouted.

Aang created a ball of air from his hand and jumped on it. The Avatar was standing on one leg with his other one in a meditation form. The Southern Air Temple cheered. Aang air scooted toward the goalposts. He jumped and shot it with his club. The ball entered the top goalposts. The extra time had finished. The Southern Air Temple had won!

"No!" Aka shouted.

"The longest game ever in Air Nomad history!" Anaunsa shouted. "The Southern Air Temple has won with the whopping score of one hundred and fifteen. The world record of one hundred and ten has been broken!"

The Southern Air Temple ran up to Aang and threw him in the air, chanting his name. "Aang, Aang!" Aang laughed in happiness.


"What do you want?" A man answered.

"I have located the Avatar." Afiko said, smiling.

The man smiled evilly. His plan for world domination was about to stat. It was coming. The comet he had seen in his vision. The Fire Nation will soon rule the world!


-Anaunsa is Japanese for announcer. Azuma is derived from Azuma no, the Japanese word for eastern. Seibu No is the Japanese word for western.

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